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30/01/2010, 02:16 PM
Easy Local Chat
By Goudewup

What is it?
Easy Local Chat is a include that makes it easy to make a local chat like in most RP servers.
Feel free to use it, but don't remove the credits!
It ads the following functions:
GetDistanceBetweenPlayers(playerid, playerid2)
SendLocalMessage(playerid, color, radius ,string[]);


public OnPlayerText(playerid,text[])
new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], string[128];
GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));
format(string, sizeof(string), "%s: %s", name, text);
SendLocalMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, 7,string);// Send the message
return 0; // Makes sure the original message isn't send

This code will make all chat messages send local.

if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/me", true, 3) == 0)
if(!cmdtext[3])return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "USAGE: /me [text]");
new str[128];
GetPlayerName(playerid, str, sizeof(str));
format(str, sizeof(str), "*%s %s", str, cmdtext[4]);
SendLocalMessage(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, 7, str);
return 1;

This is a working /me command.

All you have to do is put this under #include <a_samp>:
#include <LocalChat>


Version 2
Added a paramater to declare the radius of the chat.

Pastebin (http://pawn.pastebin.com/f12af5060) (save as LocalChat.inc)
Updo (http://updo.nl/file/b54f68a0.inc) (Hotlink)

Pastebin (http://pawn.pastebin.com/f6ef1d6a3) (save as LocalChat.inc)
Updo (http://updo.nl/file/4ad3af40.inc) (Hotlink)
2Shared (http://www.2shared.com/file/11006681/a51f10af/LocalChat.html)

30/01/2010, 02:58 PM
Hmm, good idea for the next version. :)

25/03/2010, 07:56 PM
I get this error when I try to use your local snippet for my RP server.

C:\Users\Sarin\Desktop\GM From Scratch\gamemodes\GM.pwn(370) : error 035: argument type mismatch (argument 3)

SetPlayerChatBubble(playerid, text, WHITE, 10.0, 5000);
new lname[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], lstring[128];
GetPlayerName(playerid, lname, sizeof(lname));
format(lstring, sizeof(lstring), "%s says: %s", lname, text);
SendLocalMessage(playerid, WHITE, 7,lstring);
return 0;

This is fake. It doesn't have anything about a radius in the second version. I checked.

11/06/2013, 06:31 PM
Ty for this include :)

11/06/2013, 08:11 PM
You do not get the radius value using the Float: tag...

#include <a_samp>
#include <foreach>
stock HexToStr(color)
new colorstr[7];
for(new i = 5; i >= 0; i--)
new number = (color&(0xF<<(i*4+8)))>>>(i*4+8);
case 0..9: colorstr[5-i] = number+'0';
case 10..15: colorstr[5-i] = number+'A'-10;
default: printf("HexToStr: Unknown parameter %d at %d.", number, i);
return colorstr;

stock SendLocalMessage(playerid, color, Float:radius, msg[])
new Float:p_pos[3], p_name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], chatstr[256], count = 0;
GetPlayerPos(playerid, p_pos[0], p_pos[1], p_pos[2]);
GetPlayerName(playerid, p_name, sizeof p_name);
format(chatstr, sizeof chatstr, "{%s}[%d] %s: {FFFFFF}%s", HexToStr(GetPlayerColor(playerid)), playerid, p_name, msg);
foreach(Player, toplayerid)
if(!IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(toplayerid, radius, p_pos[0], p_pos[1], p_pos[2])) continue;
SendClientMessage(toplayerid, color, chatstr);
if(playerid != toplayerid) count++;
return count;

Take a look at this example above.