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20/07/2010, 10:11 AM
Annonsera din server här!

1. Skriv inget annat än server annonsering i denna tråden (all diskussion om servrar får hålla sig till andra trådar)
2. Skriv bara en server annonsering en gång i månaden.
3. Reklamera endast svensk och engelsk talande servrar.
4. Om din servers IP(Internet Protocol) adress börjar på någon av dessa siffror kommer posten att tas bort:

* 192.168
* 169.254
* 10.
* 127.0

Varför? För det här är interna IP adresser som vi andra utanför ditt lokala nätverk ej kan använda.
5. Något rasistisk, pornografiskt eller annat opassande material i reklamerna tolereras inte och kommer tas bort och anmälas till en global moderator.


16/08/2010, 04:48 PM
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7908/bdbm.png (http://newg-rp.tk)

17/10/2010, 12:34 PM
Jag tror ordet du söker är annonsera. Reklamera är när man t.ex. lämnar igen en trasig ipod. :D

28/10/2010, 07:07 PM

18/11/2010, 10:32 AM
Ändrade dena istället så alla ser de som är nu [2010-12-30]

HostName: ..::[SDE]Super-Drift-Elite[0.3c Under Construction]
Players: X / 250
Ping: X
Mode: Super Drift 2010
Map: San Andreas

Hemsida: http://www.gtasuperdriftelite.n.nu/

Kom gärna o spela alla är välkomna :) Mvh PyroRoX

28/11/2010, 07:30 PM

29/11/2010, 06:05 PM
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7908/bdbm.png (http://newg-rp.tk)

04/01/2011, 04:01 PM
Bone County: Roleplay

Unique and scratchmade script
Unique race script
Unique faction system
Vehicle ownership
Fully dynamic script
Dynamic housing
Dynamic businesses
Dynamic vehicles
Dynamic factions
Dynamic buildings
Fully developed script
Custom mappings
Fully and bug-free admin system
Friendly and helpful admins
RP Experience
Unique and dynamic trunk system
Unique and dynamic vehicle controll system
Unique and dynamic toll booths and gates around the cities.
Unique and dynamic "drop and pickup" weapon system from/to the ground
An unique player record system
ATM Machine system
Unique and dynamic CCTV system
Stable and active players. Around 15-25 players online all the time!
Unique impound system
Be able to create your own CCTV cameras (must be PD chief!)
Functions to help you with your roleplays
And much more that you can discover yourself on our server!


IP: (samp://
Forums: http://bonecounty.com/
Hosting location: Germany, Europe
Server provider: serverFFS.com


05/01/2011, 01:41 PM
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7908/bdbm.png (http://newg-rp.tk)

05/01/2011, 03:49 PM
An dynamical roleplay server for everyone to enjoy, stay, and become a part of the community

The server that has one of the most unique features that has never been seen before

Tierra Robada roleplay is as far as we know the only server that currently has the map around Tierra Robada, with main city Bayside (Where all the RP is mostly happening). Unique server script, with unique administrators assigned to many tasks , including mapping, moderating, administrating, scripting, advertising and more - where every admin has their professional job. The server offers many functions and features (as you may read some of them below) to make the server as DYNAMIC as possible. With just an couple of days the server has increased to a steady player limit to about 10 + on weekly basis. The server is still growing, as long with it's script and custom added objects. The server was previously located in Bone County, Fort Carson but has moved all the businesses, houses, added more functions and commands to improve the RP.

* Achievement system

* Phone applications - such as advertisements with the WAPads function

* Dynamic Houses, Vehicles, and groups - Groups can be made easily by administrators ingame with loads of functions

*Fishing system - Earn money by fishing at the pier, or take a boat !

*Houses, businesses, vehicles around every corner making the roleplay even better!

*Businesses types can be changed by a simple admin command (types such as : clothing, pharmacy, 24/7, gym, restaurant, nude shop and MORE!)

*Custom mappings to improve the Tierra Robada zone

*An improved AFK system, if you write /Afk you will be set to "AFK" mode and you cannot receive paychecks - and if you're AFK for a time you will be automaticly set to AFK to avoid any power leveling/afking in public.

*Improved licensing system for EVERY categorized vehicle (Truck, boat, plane, motorcycle, car) and no long test is required.

*Unique taxi system job for everyone to choose

*Vehicles may be added with simple commands, assigned to any group.

*An drug system that has never seen, smuggle your drugs to the pharmacy store or sell them right on the streets

*Become a lawyer, trucker, cop, medic, detective, gun dealer, drug dealer, taxi driver, mechanic, coastguard member, smuggler, fisher or ANYTHING You want - If you want to create a faction it can be easilly done by some simple commands( You have to discuss it of course :) )
Regarding Factions

There's many types of different factions , with functions scripted and easily added In-game!

Some types of factions are

S.A Coastguard

Bayside Police Department

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Bayside Emergency Services((Including the FD!))

And many many more !

Advanced but SIMPLE command menu to get redirected to the commands you need without reading and reading through small texts in the chatbox!


As stated before, custom objects along Bayside and the map

VIP donating system
Donate and you will receive multiple benefits, everything from in-game cash, a free business, a house, a car, 10.000 grams of cocaine / weed. When you speak in the official OOC channel your name, aswell with the text will be complete yellow with a tag [VIP]. By donating you don't only help yourself, but you also help the server.
There's multiple VIP packages to choose between, from 5 euro to 20 euro donations.

Please, atleast take a visit at our server at our IP:

And our current forum: www.bonecountyrp.com

Best Regards from

Tierra Robada

09/01/2011, 06:37 AM
The City of Lost Heaven

Server Information
HostName: [ENG] The City of Lost Heaven
Mode: Freeroam/RealLife
Map: Los Santos
Forum Information
Forum: www.californiarpg.smfnew.com

About the server

Houses & Business
There are currently 100 buyable houses
and 25 buyable business.

Vehicle Ownership
You can buy unlimited vehicles and save them where you want. Every
4 levels you can buy 1 vehicle
If your level 4 = 1 vehicle
If your level 8 = 2 Vehciles
If you reached level 40 = 10 vehicles

Engine & Hotwire System
If it's your car you can start your engine by pressing SHIFT
If not you can /hotwire the cars wich takes a bit longer

Trunk System
You can save your guns/armour to your car trunk.
It will stay there also after server restart.

Duel System
You can challange players and choose your own gun + duel bet price

Level Info
To get level in this server you need to get EXP, and you can earn EXP from Paydays, race and cashbox.

Paydays coming every hour. You get 1Exp and Some Cash from the Payday.

There are currenty 3 different missions.
1. Race
2. Cashbox
2. Deathmatch

Race coming as mission and you need to go to a red checkpoint and wait 60sec (1min) before you start the race. When you win the race you going to be Most Wanted.

CashBox is a mission to steal the CashBox and don't die, when you steal it you need to take it to a other safe place. When you steal the cashbox you going to be Most Wanted.

Most Wanted
You getting Most Wanted by doing missions, and when you get Most Wanted do you need to evade from everyone in 6min and don't die!

We haven't works yet, going to get later. But the missions works like jobs, you can earn money on they.

Your welcome to join our server :)

10/01/2011, 12:06 AM
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7908/bdbm.png (http://newg-rp.tk)

06/03/2011, 01:02 PM
..::Sveriges första och största stunt server har kommigt::..



SES ingame!!!

10/03/2011, 04:35 PM
HostName: ••••••---===.Drift.::.Forza.::.Swedish:.™===---••
Players: 1 / 100
Mode: |||Drift Forza|||
Map: San Andreas

06/04/2011, 07:19 AM
GTA roleplay realife


07/04/2011, 05:43 PM
Hej alla, det här kommer vara den sista server jag gör..har tagit mig i kragen och lärt mig att scripta bättre..för att jag pallade inte göra om alla gm's..iaf..jag har gjort ett script som nu är i 0.1c verisionen..gjorde den på engelska men har translerat den till svenska och det är uppe just nu..ska hosta den i en månad ungefär..om inte det funkar så skiter jag i SA-MP och lämnar allt.

- Man kan råna en 24/7.IP hittas på hemsidan.

Streetz of Los Santos känsla.

Var med och hjälp till nu!



Varför den sista :/ Eller helts skita i Sa-mp om du misslyckas??

19/06/2011, 08:23 AM stunt/dm/rp

19/06/2011, 10:29 AM

Här kommer lite information om servern

http://monitor.sacnr.com/sig-4-306606 (http://monitor.sacnr.com/server-306606.html)


Hostad i Europa (Sverige)
Admins inne 18/7
Egen dm map
Sa-mp 0.3c R2
Clans tillåtna
Online 24/7
Hosted list
Anti fusk
Irc kannal (irc://udcs-tss.com/udcs)
Hemsida (http://www.udcs-tss.com)
Forum (http://www.udcs-tss.com/forum)

General info:

Vi har många duel och tdm platser.
Servern har ett stort bomb skript du kan köpa bomber och planta dom nästan var du vill och om en spelare är nära bomben så kommer den automatiskt detonera.
Alla mataffärer och vapenaffärer är server styrda för att få kontroll över fuskare:)
Server har även ett stort affärs system och hus system. Helt eget gjort som allt annat på servern.
Det finns en klubb för regulars där man kan köpa vapen helt ostört och leka med alla coola sakerna inne på klubben.
Servern sparar alltid ner din stats så du kan alltid komma tillbaka till server efter några dagar och allt kommer att vara som när du lämnade.

Några kommandon:

/settings /bombhelp /tunehelp /change /drop /givecash /kill /rank /brblist /boatlist /regularlist
/boaton /boatoff /tune /allow /allowlist /tips /rules /animlist /settings /getid /help
/whisper /me /donate /park /replacepark /report /bank /bankbalance /whitdraw /deposit /skilllevel
/lock /unlock /startrc /joinrc /endrc /ramp 0-5 /rampoff /eb /bombhelp /givebombs /stats

Ip: (http://samp://


www.udcs-tss.com (http://www.udcs-tss.com)

19/06/2011, 12:25 PM
http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/6908/headersi.png (samp://

General Connecting Information
Our 24/7 server: (samp://
Our website: http://www.phoenix-rp.com/forum/
Ventrillo Server: Information Within (http://www.phoenix-rp.com/forum/index.php?topic=6057.0)

Who are we?
Phoenix Roleplay is a server based in Los Santos accompanied by its community and administration team. Based as a SAMP server, we are a developing community, currently lacking players; which is where you come in! Development has been completed, and frequent updates are made. We're willing to take in suggestions, moral support and anything beneficial towards vastly improving the server.

We can guarantee respect and moral gratitude from all members of this community, of which if anyone is out of line, we're willing to take action. Voiced opinion is also respected, with the availability to submit suggestions and discuss them thoroughly with the community and developers. The community and its members are what matter to us the most.

Persistence is one of our goals, as we know just giving up won't do it. We're planning on sticking around for as long as possible, keeping our server, site, and Ventrillo server running. We're not going to give up after 6 months if something goes wrong, or we're afraid we cannot handle it emotionally, psychically, mentally, or even financially. This is one project that will be sticking around until nothing is left on SA:MP itself. We're trying everyday to make sure everything is flowing smoothly. We have had a few occurrences which were host related, and were resolved as soon as possible. Our team is ready to make that extra phone call if something goes wrong.

What can our script bring to you?
Our script has surpassed the edits and has made a few other owners of claimed unique scripts simply weep in terror. We know a good role-play server cannot live off pumping money directly into the economy; money has to be circulating within the server. We also know players cannot be bothered switching servers if it's going to be the same thing elsewhere: the same redundant task over and over. Therefor, I'd like to introduce what our script can truly do for a large community.

Automatically crack, DNA, and fingerprints?
Media: Automatically crack & bloodstains (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/crDsamp009sft.png), Crawling (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/Y41samp01038T.png), DNA Information 1 (http://www.picturestack.com/80/151/bXWfilezilla3ElX.png), DNA Information 2 (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/Zh0samp004K50.png)

Have you ever been in a shoot-out and it always ends with a violent and argumentative "Our team won!" battle? Ever think about tracing who shot who with fingerprints that were located on dropped weapons? Maybe you pondered the thought about tracing bloodstains to see who was shot? And if you're thinking names are applied to DNA and fingerprints - you're wrong. Sampled have to be taken first; it's like the LSPD has a CSI investigation lab awaiting its use.

Weapons dealing 20 damage or less will make the one being shot auto-crack in three (3) shots. Weapons dealing more than 20 will auto-crack in one (1) shot. Once you're in the cracked position you can attempt to crawl away. If shot at to the point you're heavily wounded you will respawn and in the feeble position.

DNA Information can be obtained from police offers who happen to find the stains and dropped weapons. The LSPD currently has an in-game criminal data-base system that is completely dynamic that can be accessed at anytime they feel free they need to alter data within it.

Business, Dealership information, & Delivery System

You will be able to apply at the forums to open a new business. There are a few types of business, such as: Dealership, General Store, Legal Weapon Store, Illegal Weapon Store (This business is special and needs to be placed well hidden; it can be closed down by the police), Gas Station and Restaurant / Clubs. If your business application gets accepted you would have to pay a fee for the interior and exterior you've chosen and then you're ready to go! Before starting a business you would have to have some cash, because you need to order all your products yourself using our nice import system. When importing, you'll place an order at the factory and the truckers will later accept your order and deliver it! The nice thing about this is the orders will save, so you never need to make the same order twice. This business system would create competition between businesses: that's something no-one has never truly had before.

There will be three factory and therefore three jobs, the salary will be regulated by the admins. We will also make sure the salary fits the current economy and make sure it doesn't drain the factories till.

General Factory - This factory will deliver most of the products ordered (24/7 products, food, clothes, bandannas etc) the payment will probably be a bit low but there will be a lot more orders than at the vehicle factory.

General Factory - This factory will deliver gas and vehicles. The salary will probably be pretty high as the factory will earn a lot of money from the deliveries: you might have to wait longer between each order though and take another job meanwhile.

Illegal Weapon (Factory) - This factory will deliver Illegal weapons and explosives to the Illegal weapon shops. The payment will probably be higher than the general factory.

If there's no orders in the factories, you're poor and desperately need money for food, there is the Street Sweeper job: the salary will be very low and payed by the state as a last resort when you're out of cash!

Right now there's only jobs for delivering the vehicles with trucks to the businesses with a nice delivery system that saves the orders. Later on when, and if, we grow we might include the actual jobs in the factory. Vehicles will be bought in dealerships and spawn when you buy them, so there wont be a big pile with cars anymore causing FPS drops to some people. You can't simply /v sell your car anymore; if you want to get rid of your vehicle you got two choices: either you can sell it to another player, or trash it. If your vehicle explodes 5 times it will be too damaged to repair and vanish. This system also adds a lot of realism when it comes to selling the car, since the car would be worth less the more it has exploded. Therefor, vehicle prices can't get way out of control, as the owners can choose what to sell. Seeing as there will be multiple owners, competition can take place and prices can drop or rise depending on who wants to make the quick buck.

Media: Hunger (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/p3usamp006C6e.png)
Yes, you need to eat. You may be a bit skeptical upon seeing this system, but it will not get you killed. Instead your character will become disoriented and the drunk shaking effect will be applied. You can eat at restaurants, clubs, and anywhere else that sells food products.

Collection of media
Automatically crack & bloodstains (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/crDsamp009sft.png), Crawling (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/Y41samp01038T.png), DNA Information 1 (http://www.picturestack.com/80/151/bXWfilezilla3ElX.png), DNA Information 2 (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/Zh0samp004K50.png), Separate bank file saving (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/m3cfilezilla1Yzq.png), In-game bank accounts expanded (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/R3tsamp007rmf.png), Weapons mounted on back (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/h3wsamp005q0s.png), Logs administrators check routinely (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/bMKfilezilla2lUW.png), Hunger (http://www.picturestack.com/79/942/p3usamp006C6e.png), Expanded prison

10/07/2011, 02:23 PM
HostName: [Public Roleplay] Stat Refund!!
Players: 8 / 500
Ping: 40
Mode: INT-GAMING v. 2.7.4
Map: San Andreas

Gick upp public igår kväll.

27/07/2011, 02:55 PM
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7908/bdbm.png (http://newg-rp.tk)

31/07/2011, 07:10 PM
http://sa-mp.im/~woot/imadv.PNG (http://sa-mp.im)
server.sa-mp.im:7777 (samp://server.sa-mp.im:7777)

Italy Mafia(IM) was launched in May 2007 by ReD-ZerO. The server became very populated in a short amount of time. Ever since the launch 2007 the server has experienced some difficulties but has always managed to get back on track. There's still plenty of old players playing on Italy Mafia.

Italy Mafia is not the average RP gamemode. It's unique in its own way. It's not heavy RP, it's not medium RP, it's RPG, bordering on light RP. There is always a new player being taught, that's what's so special about IM-RPG. We don't reject new players, instead we teach them so they can become relaxed and settled, and a respected member of the community later on. In short, we don't waste potentially good players!

There are plenty of factions to choose from on IM. There's a couple of different Italian mafias you can join. There's usually a pretty big difference between every mafia because they focus on different things. Some mafias' goal is to be the best RP faction on the server, while other mafias' goal may be to be the richest or most feared mafia. If that's not what you're looking for, there's also a faction which mission is to restock businesses all around Los Santos. There's not only mafias & delivery companies on IM – there's also two different law enforcement agencies, plus a government with a mayor as leader!
Here's a short description of all law related factions:

Los Santos Police Department(LSPD): Enforces all the basic laws, performs traffic stops & takes care of both small time thieves and more feared criminals.
San Andreas Special Forces(SASF): This faction focuses more on robberies and other dangerous situations, they care of the most wanted criminals of Los Santos. They have access to heavier vehicles to make sure things don't go out of control.
Los Santos Government: The government is led by a Mayor and his staff. There's a new Mayor election every month which anyone can participate in! The Mayor's job is to make sure the LSPD does their job as well as handling smaller problems, such as taxes.

There's not only factions, we also have lots of interesting jobs. If you for example roleplay a criminal, you can become e.g. A thief, arms dealer or car jacker.. If you want your character to obey the law and be a good citizen, you can become a taxi driver or lawyer! That was just a few examples of the jobs we offer, there's more to choose from!
There's not only full time jobs, even if you work as e.g. An arms dealer you can earn money by e.g. fishing or selling drugs.

The IM staff is professional, dedicated and always willing to help. They will always do their best to get your questions answered. The server rules are being updated regulary and are kept as clear as possible to make the gameplay for players as fun as possible.

The forums are a key part of the IM-RPG community as they're frequently used. For player reports, admin reports, suggestions (although that's actually on the website, not the forums), updates and general information. That's why you should always check the forums! There's also a guides section on the forums which could prove very helpful to players who are new to the server such as yourself!

Like you probably have already figured out, factions are given a lot of attention in this server. There's a turf system for illegal factions which keeps the factions busy. Turfs give mafias both respect and money – whenever someone loads money from their businesses in a mafia turf, the turf owner receives the tax money from the business. If that's not enough, to keep mafias busy wars can be declared by mafia bosses when they're experiencing serious problems with other mafias.

Once you've made some money by doing what you're good at, there's many different things to spend it on. Why walk around when you can use your own vehicle? There's a couple of cheap vehicles you can afford after you have worked only a few hours.
It's up to you whether you want to live in your faction's headquarter, rent a room in a stranger's or friend's house or even buy your own house. We use a dynamic house & business system which means we can do pretty much everything with houses and businesses without even having to leave the game. There's lots of customly made maps by very skilled mappers. If you own a house or business, we even have a special forum section for you to use if you want anything added to your property.

What are you waiting for, why not start working your way up to the top right now (samp://server.sa-mp.im:7777)?

04/08/2011, 02:31 AM
Server Namn: SweMonstere's Cops-Robbers
Address: om inte de funkar skriv bara (
Players: X / 250
Ping: X
Mode: Cops n Robbers 2011
Map: San Andreas (San Fierro)

06/08/2011, 07:48 PM

07/08/2011, 06:53 AM
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7908/bdbm.png (http://newg-rp.tk)

The first and the best Swedish server that has a gamemode created from scratch.
There's some things you can do and most important, communicate in your own language.
Please visit the forums, press the banner to get there.
It's an deathmatch server, but there's four gangs and one Police.
All the gangs are based on swedish reallife gangs.
We have a unique enviroment.
We have an friendly and mature Adminstration team, there to help you anytime.

Chosen Ones, Fucked For Life, Original Gangstas, Tigrarna & Polisen.
Server will be up soon when the script is done, 1 day or more.
Please register at the forums to get more information about the server.



22/08/2011, 11:38 PM
Stunt Gods - Pure Stunting.

Uppe 24/7
Hemsida kommer att komma upp när ja fått tillräckligt med ideer från andra, samt folk som vill hjälpa till och vi kommer överens om något vi ska göra.
Gamemodet är bara temporärt än så länge. Säg gärna va du tycker. Det är taget härifrån. Mer som en rolig grej.

01/09/2011, 04:32 PM
HostName: Straz Roleplay
Players: X / 60
Ping: X
Mode: NG:rp / SRP
Map: San Andreas

05/09/2011, 09:59 AM


*The server is running on an old NG:RP script. I have updated it a bit and added small stuffs, i also renamed the script so dont get confused.

*The server is not 100% Done but its 100% playable ATM. We want all suggestions you have, if you have one please post it at www.straz.se/samp (forum is not 100% done)

*The server is hosted on Volt-Host and is running version R5

*I Already have my own scripter, but we are still looking for a GOOD admin and helpers.

*Faction Leaders is still needed for all factions for ex: EMS, LSPD etc..

*Please give the server a try, you wont be let down!

* One more thing Only English IG



Straz Admin team

06/09/2011, 09:22 PM
Språk: Engelska endast

HostName: Open Beta - [CRP] Coyote Role Play Server [0.3]
Players: 1 / 38
Ping: 70
Mode: Roleplay/Realife/Freeroam
Map: Coyote City

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JEwWZE1Mhw&feature=channel_video_title gammal trailer

Hemsida : http://crp-clan.forumb.biz/

15/09/2011, 02:48 PM
Språket vi talar är engelska, man får prata svenska i /pm
PRototype Roleplay
HOSTNAME:PRototype Roleplay

Forum www.PRototype-rp.com




06/10/2011, 09:18 PM

JustRoleplay is a community with a script from the scratch. The community got an experienced and a well-treated staff team. The server got four admins and a few more opened assistant/helper positions left.

Port: 7777

Teamspeak 3:
Port: 9987

At JRP (JustRoleplay) we have a lot to offer and even more than other communities due the fact that the script is homemade, from the scratch. Here are some features:

UCP (User Control Panel):
- User Control Panel for your ingame account. You can join the server with your forum name if you so want and then you have the option to create three different characters on that name you chose. The username of IG can always be changed through ucp.justrp.net there is also where you can register.
- You can change the skin through the UCP.
- You can attend to IC events such as president voting.
- You are able to view your businesses, houses and vehicles. Also information about your character as how much money you have.
- Ingame when you talk in global chat (/o) your username you register with will be shown and not your character’s name.

[Faction information, I don’t know how faction system works so please fill in here.]

The jobs are variable of your level and job level. The more you have worked, the more paid you will get.
- Garbage Driver. Realistic driving as you has to actually collect the garbage by picking it up.
- Arms dealer is more of a hidden job.
- Drugs dealer is also a bit of a hidden job.
- Taxi driver, you can drive around people and charge them.
- Truckers.
- Deliverymen as in mail delivery.
- Mechanic employees.
- Fishing is also an optional secondary job if you need to make more money.
- Some other jobs as well!

Dynamic Vehicle System:
- You are able to own up to ten vehicles.
- Simple and normal lock command.
- Insurance, locks, alarms and so on can be bought to the vehicle.
- All vehicles are spawned at same time, if you are not online and your vehicle gets destroyed somehow by someone, it is not valid and the insurance won’t go down.
- Aircrafts, cars, trucks and so on can be bought at different dealerships.

- You are able to own and buy houses.
- You are able to own and buy businesses.
- You are able to lock and do normal things to the properties you own.

Health and death:
- You need to eat to not make your health point decrease each minute. If you don’t eat on a while, it will automatically go down. You can also cook your own food and then eat it by buying eggs and such from a normal local store.
- When driving and crashing, you will lose health points as in real life you would get injured.
- If you die, you have to wait an amount of time until you can /giveup. If you do the command, you lose all your money you have on you and all your guns. If a medics saves you, you will keep all your money.

Audio Plugin:
- We also have the audio plugin scripted in the script which is from the scratch. You are able to listen to many sorts of irl stations and able to suggest more if you feel for doing so!

Recent news:
Jag kan säga er att det finns mycket mer att ge i den här serven. Allting som står ovan finns i scriptet men det finns mycket mer att se och göra. Lönerna har också stigit drastiskt nu eftersom det ska bli lättare för de som är nyare att få en bra start! Se mer om vad som finns här (http://justrp.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=3) eller besök serven efter att ha registrerat dig på våran UCP! För vår officiella annonsering tryck här (http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=288214).

Vi har även våra egna stats signaturen, som min:

Som ni ser har vi mycket att erbjuda så kom och joina! Språket är engelska men man kan förstås fortfarande prata på önskat språk i PMs.

21/12/2011, 04:44 PM


En vän till mig, Norsk förövrigt, har tillsammans med en kunnig scriptare skapat denna servern. På servern talas för det mesta Engelska, men Norska och Svenska är också tillåtet i vissa fall! Om någon av er har spelat på SkR, uG, eLg eller SkG så vet ni precis hur det går till! Riktigt kul sätt att lira på faktiskt. Det är roleplay, men inte alls "heavy". Det är hittils bara 14 slots på servern, men det kommer att bli betydligt fler inom kort. Ungefär 30-40. Det sköna med så "få" slots är att man får en grym gemenskap med alla spelarna, speciellt om man flitigt använder serverns forum. Alla casinon är öppna och det finns massvis med jobb för att tjäna pengar. Det finns även organisationer att gå med i, såsom Polis, kriminella verksamheter (maffiafamiljer, gäng etc), etc. Man ansöker att gå med organisationer på forumet (Broken-Memoriez.info). För pengarna man tjänar kan man köpa bilar, hus och "affärer" (Casinon, butiker, etc).

Own made prison
Dynamic faction/organization
MySQL based(We won't get hacked, Never)
Running on volt-host
Dynamic houses,business
A good dealer system(Car owning system)
Dynamic Clothe shops ! Which means theres more choices.
Ability to change name fast & easy!
Good cellphone system
Good banking system
You can tune YOUR owned car!
You can even use walkie talkie

And... many others to be discovered

Förövrigt finns det BETYDLIGT mer att göra än det som står ovan. Bara de saker jag spontant kom på.
[email protected]

19/01/2012, 06:16 PM
Nah, my server have run into ruin, remove my reply, sorry.

28/03/2012, 12:44 PM
Los Angeles RolePlay

I started this server by myself for having a bit fun and now i'm really seriously. I'm currently looking for faction leaders and a great staff team.

Server Information
Port: 7778
Slots: 25 (will be raised)
Location: UK, Kent
Website: Execute-Gaming.se
Forum: Execute-Gaming.se/forum

Script Features
Dynamic House System.
Use /helpme to ask questions.
Cellphone System.
Report System.
Vehicle Shop.
Business System.

More to see!

Faction Leaders
We have currently 18 factions. To be a leader you have to know how to RolePlay.

Use /helpme ingame if you're wanna be leader of any faction.

Police Department - Leader
FBI Agent - Not Needed Yet
National Guard - Not Needed Yet
Firemen/Paramedic - Leader
Katana Family - No leader
La Cosa Nostra - No leader
Government - Leader
Hitman - Leader
News Reporter - leader
Taxi - No leader
The Unforgiven - No leader
Wiggin Village - No leader
East Side Cripz - Leader
Los Santos Sheriff - No leader
Hombres Mexicana - No leader

See you Ingame!

06/04/2012, 09:08 AM

About Us

- We are a hard working Community.
- We have an 24/7 server that is hosted on Volt Host.
- We have a forum available:http://www.aquaroleplay.tk/
- Our server is based in Los Santos, extending to the whole San Andreas soon.
- We have an majority of 5 people per 3 hours so far but we wish to grow.
- We have an unique backpack system.
- We have Unique maps added.
- We have an dynamic dealership
- We're currently searching for faction leaders.
- We're currently searching for administrators.
- We're currently searching for mappers.
- We're currently searching for scripters.
- We are an very kind and generous community.
- More cmd's will be added when the updates arrives.
- We have an unique SpeedoMeter.
- We have an unique /AFK system.
- We have an qnique /mask system
- And we got much more to offer.
- And most of all, we are proud of our server and you are more then welcome to join us and feel the same.

Faction/Family Leaders

We have currently 14 factions available for you and we also got 14 family slot's for you to take over. To be a leader you have to know basic RolePlay.

Use /report Ingame if you're wanna be leader of any faction.

Police Department - Got an leader
FBI Agent - No leader
National Guard - No leader
Firefighter/Paramedic - No leader
CIA - Got an leader
Government - No leader
Hitman - No leader
News Reporter - No leader
Judical System - No leader
Tierra Robada - No leader
Taxi - No leader
Noose - Got an leader
San Fierro Police Department - No leader
San Andreas Sheriff Department - No leader
And we got 12 family slot's of 14 available.

See you Ingame!

Server Information

Our website: http://www.aquaroleplay.tk/
Teamspeak Server: (Coming soon)
Server Capacity: 20 player's.
Our Community started at 2012/04/04.

- We have switched our I.P because, we switched our location of the server to France, for a less laggy server/crashes.

We're based in Los Santos, and we hope you come and join our server, and help us grow our community and most of all, grow you interest and experience in roleplaying. The more players you invite, or come on, the more spaces there are for the admin roster. More information will be added soon.

Best regard's, The Aqua Roleplay administration team.

http://www.game-state.eu/ (http://www.game-state.eu)

24/04/2012, 03:53 PM
Super Stunting World! En stunt server med olika /dm /teles /cmds /animlist, Tryck H för Super Boost och 2 för repair. Och vi har nyss öppnat och vi är i stor väntan på spelare!


18/08/2012, 02:41 AM
Har en Grym server som jag spelat på i 4 månader, Jag tänker inte göra någon fancy advertise men jag kan ju iallafall berätta om vad det är för server.

Det är en unik Stunting server med endless stunts, Vi har precis lagt in en parkour map som jag har "mappat", Riktigt grym efter kritiken! Och alla talar engelska i denna server, Vi har VIP System som tillåter dig att köpa "the forbidden" vapnena, Och flyga/köra Hydra/Hunter/Rhino. Det som jag gillar med denna server är att det är GRYMT vänliga och roliga spelare/admins i den. Letar du efter en server som du vill spela länge på? Då är denna server just för dig.
Nämnde jag att en EXTREMT STOR update kommer snart? Inte? Då gör jag det nu, Det kommer en EXTREMT Stor update snart med MASSA nya maps. Inte nog med det! Det kommer nya kommandon och en helt ny Layout på hela servern. Det får du INTE missa! Jag tycker du ska joina servern nu, Det lär du inte ångra!

OBS! Servern är på 0.3c, alltså INTE den nyaste updateringen på 0.3e.

Här har du en banner som du ser om servern är online och hur många players som är i den just nu.


Om du är jävligt lat ( Som Jag ) Så har du IP'n här som du bara kan kopiera:

Players: 94/100
Ping: 60
Mode: Stunt/Race/Drift/Fun
Map: San Andreas
Version: 0.3c
Weburl: www.extreme-stunting.tk

26/09/2012, 08:00 AM
IP: (samp://
Forum: UniversialTrucking.com (http://universialtrucking.com/)

The server is to make different truck runs, but there is also a wide selection of second job to do too.
- trucking missions (385 routes)
- busdriver missions (12 routes for now)
- trucker's license and busdriver's license can be bought at driving school in Doherty (allows you to choose your own routes)
- speedometer with fuel-gauge (you can refuel at a gas station, just park your car over a refuel pickup and honk the horn)
- pilot missions (you need to transport passengers and cargo between the major airports with a shamal airplane), this class has 82 routes (also includes helicopter routes, these only transport passengers)
- alot of commands (use the /cmds command to list them all)
- police class
- mafia class (you can steal a trucker's trailer or truck when they have a load that's wanted by the mafia)
- housing system (2 houses per player by default, editable)
- car-ownership (maximum 5 vehicles per house, not editable)
* - house-level 1 or 2 supports 1 carslot
* - house-level 3 or 4 supports 2 carslots
* - house-level 5 or 6 supports 3 carslots
* - house-level 7 or 8 supports 4 carslots
* - house-level 9 or 10 supports 5 carslots
- rentable cars (Wang Cars), these disappear when you logout, you won't get it back when you login
- speedcamera's to catch speeders (the police will see speeders in red on the radar and need to fine them)
- business system (you can buy up to 2 businesses, these generate money every hour even when you're offline)
- roadworker class with 2 job-types: you can use a utility van with utility trailer to fix speedcamera's and you can use a towtruck to tow broken vehicles to the shredder
- several anti-hacking systems, such as anti-jetpack hack, anti-money hack, anti-score hack, speed hack (anyone driving a vehicle over 300kph is kicked), anti-weapons hack
- built-in bank system (deposit and withdraw money, transfer money to online or offline players and hourly intrest of 0.1% per hour, even when offline)

- Dynamic organization
- Dynamic gates
- V.I.P.
- Roleplay commands
- Seatbelt system (lose health if you crash if you dont use the /seatbelt)
- All commands added to /cmds
- Fixed housing
- New islands (big one)
- New truck/bus depot.
- New load/unload locations.
- API included, ban system.

Alot more, join the forum and our server and find out by yourself.

IP: (samp://
Forum: UniversialTrucking.com (http://universialtrucking.com/)

Our self standing client

UT-Client-Win (http://www.mediafire.com/?uugijdfgob98oef) Download (http://www.mediafire.com/?uugijdfgob98oef) 0.01