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12/04/2008, 01:15 AM
ill talk about it then ill explain :D

ok i have seen aloooooot off topics for locking player skins ok thats ok this will help with that,
plus there is a new thing i decided to add i dont know if people have used this but i have,
plus i added something else useful but i tryed a vclear command and it did not work so i
stuck with these its afew cmds probably a fs because i never put in all the things for the
gm part but know ill tell you what it is :D

i said i have saw aloooooooooooooooot of how can i lock skins and how can i spawn vehicles well in here there is a,

(its set to skin id 2) if you go skin id 2 (classid 1 on this script) then it will give you a 30 seconds warning to change caracter if you dont change you will be forced back to the select caracter screen (you can edit it to kick)

you can change skins with /ssel only the AddPlayerClass(bla,bla,bla's)(skins)

ok so it has like locked skins only admins can use

next is the random skins if you type:






and it will give you a random skin in that catagory (best to find out the skins when you get it)

plus as a kinda added bonus for the people who wanna be able to spawn vehicles goto the bottom there is a command called


basicly if you type nrg in game then it will creat a nrg and put you on it(i like this command)

so there are 7 commands,

plus there is a timer so you can learn how to use that :D (if you dont know how)

the kindof medium script so there not hard and not to easy to learn have fun!

the download link:

Dead - No file, sorry

12/04/2008, 02:34 AM
nice :D

12/04/2008, 03:14 AM
you think so ??? really ???

damn i wish i could of made that vclear :(

oh well :D

17/01/2010, 08:35 PM
download link is dead!
Sorry, the file you requested is not available.