View Full Version : Everything and Nothing Forum Rules.

06/06/2008, 08:30 PM
Please follow the following rules before posting on this forum. Not doing so will result in an immediate deletion of your thread(s)!

Use your brain! before you use your keyboard. "Sharing your thoughts" means that you need thoughts to share. If you're not adding something to the discussion, then don't post.
No slow chatting! If you have a specific question to ask somebody, use a PM. Don't fill other people's threads - even your own threads - with pointless babble. That's what IRC/AIM/MSN etc. are for.
No word games! Word games are counted as spam, don't do it! Your thread will be deleted, and if you continue to post it, you will be banned.
It's not a 'gang discussion' forum! That forum section was removed for a reason, so please dont post gang threads here.
Keep to the thread's topic! Even though this is an off-topic forum does not mean that you can post irrelevant information in people's threads.
No referral linking! Its fine to link to a website which contains something on-topic or something that interests you but not where you gain anything from the referral of people clicking it.
Do not advertise!