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02/08/2008, 07:38 PM
Dear Users,

Now we must all agree that the godfather gamemode created what SA-MP roleplay is today, and FeaR did an amazing thing to our community by releasing the script, and allowing others to build on it and create their own roleplay servers. Even I have based my server on the godfather, but what I did not do, is add 10 gangs, 10 mafias, 10 different government organisations and add 100 new businesses and houses from the start. I started off with just the police, the medics, the taxis, and one mafia. Why did I do this? Because I knew that it was not realistic that I was going to make good use of all the random factions I could add and allow good roleplay to develop. Roleplay is what the users of the server make it, and I allowed my members to create their own unofficial gangs and mafias, and slowly convert good, prosperous groups into official factions.

Atleast every day, a new godfather edit is released into the community, which adds 20 different random factions, and several businesses, which are not needed. If you really want to make a good roleplay server, do not take a random godfather edit from the forum and just open your server on your personal computer, hoping it will get popular. You need to learn to script yourself, and add unique features which you think of. Start off with only a few factions, houses and businesses available to buy, and allow active members to choose where they want their properties. This allows your server to be one of a kind, and people will respect that, and stick around for months or even years to come if you are that serious about it.

October 2007, I downloaded the godfather updated mode, and tried to run a server with it. The server kept restarting, and I did not understand. At this time I had no knowledge of scripting, and no knowledge of how to run a proper SA-MP server. However, to my advantage, I did know how to run and maintain linux servers, and I had my own dedicated server, so I was not forced to host it on my own PC. Anyway, it turned out that I had to download the core files and there was such thing as scriptfiles. Yes, I was so dumb that I had no knowledge of the existance of the scriptfiles folder. So, anyway, I found that out and ran the server. I opened the server as the godfather script with a changed name. A few people popped by, didn't like it, and went away. Now, I started off small by editing small things such as car spawns, house coordinates and stuff. Then slowly I could even add pickups and allow people to /enter, wow, well actually it was nothing at all.

August 2008, my scripting knowledge has grown so much, and I can script extraordinary features which not many servers seem capable of. My server gets around 30 people online from lunchtime to gone midnight most days. Now, I did not get this far by taking a random godfather edit and just throwing it on a home computer. What I did was, I spent months learning how to script small things, and slowly my progress started to speed up. Do not post on the forums asking for scripters, because if someone is able to make their own server, they will, they will not help out an 11 year old child who can just about download the SA-MP windows package. You must put yourself out there, as you truly can break the barrier and become successful.

Back to godfather edits, do not post silly edits on the forum which you have just compiled a few random filterscripts, because it pisses people who put alot of effort into making their own scripts off, because 10000 little children download your scripts, and then suddenly the forums are spammed with error reports which we have no idea how to fix, as you have screwed the 'edit' attempt up completely. I request that godfather edits are banned from these forums.

Now you have probably never even see me make a post here, and thats because I havn't made many. I HAVE used the search function, and I HAVE found what I have wanted. I have sat on these forums since mid 2006 and 99% of my questions have been answered without making a post. The answers are probably there, because there are only so many errors in SA-MP, and definately all of them have been experienced at least a few times before.

Do not hire someone to script a server for you, because when people see you can't do fuck all, they will leave knowing that you are a complete noob. But everybody has potential, you just have to put yourself out and you will make progress. Learning your self and making everything yourself or in a small group of trusted people is the best way to do it. Do not download silly filterscripts and put them together, as that is just other peoples work not yours. It is true that there are like 10000 servers on SA-MP now, and only like 500 of them with people on. That is because some people have got off their arses and learnt scripting etc. The 9500 that sit there are ones that have just got the same gamemode as 1000 other servers.

Free servers do not exist. If you get a free server, it won't last long or it will be on someones overloaded computer. If you really want it to work, either get commercial hosting or your own dedicated server. If you are serious, you will put money into it. If you are not serious, don't bother.

I admit, I was an utter frooblet when I first thought about scripting, and I did make some stupid posts for help, and I did create a server with someones gamemode, change my mind, make another, make another and advertise them every time. I am warning you that it is not the way to succeed.

I don't mean to sound arrogant, but most people expect to have help shoved up their arse. It really isn't the way to do it, you really need to put ALOT of your own effort in to make things work.

Ash, Limex.

(Btw sorry if you think this is all utter bullshit, I am tired, and wanted something to do. So here is what I did)
(This is really a jumble of a load of shit. I just want to post my opinions :P)

08/01/2009, 08:43 PM
got lost on Dear Users.. It was about godfather, So i stopped reading >.>

08/01/2009, 09:05 PM
VERY interesting post from one of few who have actually done something good with The Godfather. I often find it amazing that so many kids decide they want to run a server for whatever reason and proceed to set up a server on their home connection running LVDM or The Godfather and instantly expect it to hit 200/200 players before coming here to moan and bitch about scripting and how many "useless" servers there are in the masterlist, despite the fact that they are also contributing to the mess. What also shocks me is how many people continue to run servers with non-custom gamemodes that get absolutely no players what-so-ever, just making the masterlist load even slower for those who have something to offer to players.

got lost on Dear Users.. It was about godfather, So i stopped reading >.>

Perfect example of the useless trolls who plague SA:MP

08/01/2009, 09:17 PM
So true. I think that The godfather should be banned or at least unstickied! Who was so stupid to do that anyway? (No offence)
People should read this, then they would know that Godfather doesent get players!

08/01/2009, 09:34 PM
I don't know how could San Andreas Roleplay server became the most active server and became official in just a few months with godfather (they haven't even changed name of the gamemode).

Anyway, this post is really useful. I think that godfather is used just too much. Everyone who want to make SAMP server looks in gamemodes, sees godfather and bring up new RP server. If you look in advertisements forum, at least 80% of all servers are RP servers, but I'm sure that 50% of all those "RP" server owners even don't know how to RP.

09/01/2009, 07:41 AM
Bring back LYSE, Rivershell, CnG and Area 51!

01/05/2009, 01:10 PM
yep he is right ... i think more then 60% of the server owners have a GF edit or just GF and they expect to have players .. so nerdy...