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17/09/2008, 07:24 PM
Write here your sa-mp stories ,how and where you started etc.. ;)

write dates when was what :)

here's mine as example:


//one day ~August 2007
My best friend IRL called me via phone and asked to get into MSN, where he gave me sa-mp link :D and asked to download its client.
He had an lvdm server (standard one).
we played on it for ~2-3 days ,then he downloaded some edited lvdm with some cash points etc.. :D - we played it for 2 days.

At second day he told me via microphone (MSN convoe):
"It would be cool to script one IRL based server with houses ,biz, jobs and ofc Mafia :D"
i answered:
"nah ,that's impossible for us ,its job for super coders/modders only !"
(that day we didn't even know about existance of RP servers XD)

The next day he found ItalyMafia server ,where at first day i got shocked with 'how cool it is!' (tbh atm it sucks ;P ).
We played there for ~month ,then he /q sa-mp for half a year
i played IM a lot till i got into best Family (Corleone).

Then i saw 'Get Help' section at www.sa-mp.com and clicked on it.
words 'pawn scripting' made me laugh a lot ,because pawn sounded like Get pwnd XD !
i pointed myself that one day i will try to read that :)

In ~week i missed my school at monday and read that 'scripting basic page'
i added hell a lot cars into lvdm and changed spawns etc..:D
that's how i started scripting pawn :D (i cant call that scripting atm, just copy/paste).
//that was ~October

At November i started playing LSRP (ql server!) and got banned from sa-mp forum because at registration i had Estonian IP (i am from Estonia) ,and this forum some why bans em :D (i was not the first! :D )
my i-net giver in ~2 months changed my core-IP.

Till the X-MAS (2007) holidays i only copy/pasted others stuff with not knowing what is what etc..
At holidays i downloaded some random Cops and Robbers script and started editing it (from 1.5k lines to ~5-6).
It was bugged as hell and i didn't know how to fix 2/3 of the bugs ,because that was my first try to do something myself.
Same holidays i stopped playing LSRP.

At The January 2008 (5th or 6th) i opened my first server to public, its name was [CnR] Cops and Robbers with website: http://cnr.servegame.com . Crazy Bobs CnR tried to close us once for my copy/paste of their rules :D (my fault ,i am sorry for that).
That friend who at first called me via phone was its Website coder and Server host. ;)
At February 2008 i got ~30-40 players online always ,but my that Best friend quit again (reason was that server was hell bugged and i didn't know how to fix most of them) ,and this time for ever (not sure).
So server want down.

Same month (February 2008) i started my second project ,where i started from new Pawn file only #define <a_samp> at top :)
(project still in active development!)
Same Month i got banned for 'distributing leaked files' ,i guess that was because of 0.2.5 getting leaked. (not source).
At April 2008 i stopped scripting that project ,and started new one ,that i paused at the end of May 2008.
Before the end of May i played DFSF v3 for ~week (nolife).
Summer 2008 i didn't script at all and first time even stopped playing sa-mp! :!:

At the end of August 2008 i played a bit LSRP (continued) but in less than 2 weeks i got bored and started scripting again ! :D
so ,till now i am scripting that 1st own-made project.
forgot to say ,that at August i got unbanned from 5 month ban :D .

To be continued...


17/09/2008, 07:27 PM
I started gaming it in August 2007. The first time I went on SA-MP, I just clicked and entered a server that looked nice to me, that brought me to (without knowing it then) Mount Chilliad Exposure, the official [M]afia Clan server. I played there a few times, under the nickname "Wolfman", a few days later, I couldnt find the server anymore, so I played on a random server called" Lalu's Stunt Server", at that time, I thought the server rocked :D, I even made a video about it^^.

After a while (our PC was broke and needed to be repaired :(... )I started up the PC because I wanted to play my favourite game, SA-MP again, I went to the SA-MP website and downloaded SA-MP again, after I installed it, and I wanted to play, I noticed that the start up from the game had changed, there were no longer those ingame pictures showed (I thought it had something to do with my PC then xD, but it was just a new SA-MP version :P) I again browsed in the internet list, and I found a server, Drive Fly Stunt Freeroam, I joined with my new nick (mave_man), and from that moment I kept playing on that server, it was an addiction to be honest :P, I reported cheaters, tried to help admins as good as possible, and one day they gave me adminship :), I felt like the luckiest person in SA-MP, I got to know all the nice [M] members, and I enjoyed the server several months :), I changed my nickname to Mave, and applied for being a [M]afia clan member, I got accepted and [M]Lazer became my mentor, I was a [M_Rec] for exactly 10 days, then I got my final name, [M]Mave. I met more and more [M] members, one of them is [M]Gam, in the beginning, I confused him with [M]Cam :P, back at that time, I would never thougt that Gam would change my whole SA-MP life.

Suddenly it was a black day for DFSF , [M]kc and all the other [M] members, tse, the server's host, went nuts, promoted random people to full adminship, and walked away with the gamemode... At a moment there I thought that this was it :(, but soon enough, [M] had its new server, "the official DFSF", to show to the players that tse's server was fake (later tse changed his servers' name to "the fake") I spent much time playing on the official DFSF. One day at the [M] forums, I saw a new server was in the making, called "Extreme Fun Server", the creator of that great server was [TG]Snipe, I met him ingame and I made my first map for the server, maveramp :), I enjoyed mapping very much. A bit later, I met Gam again in the Extreme Fun test server. We were talking about a lot, and I don't know why exactly but suddenly I asked him "want to make a server with me?", he decided and Stunters United was born, I enjoyed making the server very much with Gam, who had changed his name to Dragon, after a while, delux checked out our server and he let us host our server at him for free :)

Stunters United became a quite popular server, and after some time, Snipe joined in, from then on the server was called "Stunters United Xtreme". Unfortunatly there were a few incidents and the founder Snipe decided to leave. Though the server ran very well and one day I even bought official status for it, but didn't get it with the whole GamerX situation. XSU (Stunters United Xtreme) became very very popular, it was all over youtube, and we had a lot of players. A week later, Official status could be bought again, and I managed to buy it with a donation from an XSU admin, "Foxy". After that moment, SA-MP had some ups and downs, but the SA-MP community stayed alive, Dragon changed his name again, now to Zezombia, XSU became very big (over 12 000 objects) and I decided to close it and run SFSF on it, then it became SA-FE, and it has a large community ^^, I also started a big project with KC and Zez called XS, thats all for now ^^

17/09/2008, 07:35 PM
Long story short!

One day in March i think i was on google and i search gta san andreas online, and some sites showed up but i gave up. Then i went on youtube one day and searched gta sa online and samp and mta showed up, i was like WDF?! AMAZING! then i researched alittle on it, and now i somehow got samp and loved it, and still do.

17/09/2008, 07:53 PM
8)-#-It is date:Unknown....-#- 8)
I started to play SA-MP when i wanted to play something exciting..
First MTA:VC,then i got bored after a day or two and started playing other things and modding vice i guess..
Then after all i got SA-MP and started to play..
One day i went onto a little server and there was he,the sa-mp friend 4 life (,noez he posted too,beneath me!*greetz Leopard...*:p)xD
After all i joined him in all his servers and we made some fun..
My real-life friend was allready playing sa-mp so he joined the servers too..
And now i got another rl friend in sa-mp but then after a couple of months my sa-mp broke down..now just a couple of minutes ago i fixed it and started playing again...
The End..

(Now im playing in K4L server and scripting and making vice city mod,after all im very busy with everything becuz i go to school and im in love...
Its hard to be a sa-mp player..Really :P)

17/09/2008, 08:06 PM
Here is a short story.

I bought a laptop 1 day before GTA SA released. On next day i went to city and bought the game from pirates. it was so cool to play and my friend found a site for GTA:T. We both downloaded GTA:T and tryed to play GTA SA online but it was crashing after every 2/3/4/5 minutes so we couldn't play without big lags and crashes. Then i stopped playing GTA:T and then i found site for GTA Rumble, it was when 1.0a was released. It was really cool to play it and cooler when new versions came out. I was playing on my favourite "darkshadows" server. And i got invited to clan "[AA]". Now you may know this clan as "[UvH]". I didn't saw my mates UzI and Tdrtnlz for some time in server and then i joined "[db]" I played GTA Rumble very long time. And then in GTA Rumble forum someone told about SA-MP and i opened link and saw that the release is coming soon and waited for first public test. Everyone was happy when 0.1 came out, later we waited for 0.1a and then 0.1b. We "[db]" moved to GTA:T server and it was one of the official servers. After long time i found how to make own server/gamemodes. I made my own server and played with my friends. Then one of my friends told me about PENo1 server. I moved to pen1 server and played till owner changed and server got fucked up. Then i left "[db]" and made my own clan "[HFL]", recruited over 20 members, half of them were inactive and it died. I started to join some clans and play with them and then 0.2 released.

P.S. I played before VC/GTA3, but on my friends pc. And mta vc.

Sorry for bad english.

18/09/2008, 03:19 AM
Well, i was on youtube looking for san andreas PC gameplay vids before i got it, and found MTA race. So i got the game that day, played under i think Batcountry (can't remember). Well, i got bored of race, and looked for something new when i cam upon sa:mp 0.2. I downloaded it right away, and loved it. I eventually quit race, and stuck with sa:mp. After 0.2.2 came out, i started scripting for sa:mp, and well, here i am now.

18/09/2008, 07:38 AM
I came into Multiplayer through MTA. I played MTA a lot and always on the Crazy Cops and Robbers from Teamneo. When we were playing I read that someguy wanted to play 'samp' with some other guy. I really didn't know what that ment and I asked them. they said that it was another multiplayer mod. I was like 'yea right'.

So I googled for samp and found a lot of things but not a multiplayer mod. then I added GTA and San Andreas. that worked! I found another multiplayer mod. I downloaded it and started to play. I looked on the official tab and saw some servers I think I first went into some kind of LVDM and really hated it because it was too big, I didn't find any cars and got shot all the time.

I later on checked on the internet list and found a server called 'BartVegas' it was a freeroam server. Since then I only played on that server and I became admin. I met a lot of new friends and enemies and I eventually got banned for some stupid reason. The leadadmin/owner of the server had already have a fight with Nitro (from NitrosFreeroam yes) and later on it was my turn.

I was already learning a bit but I couldn't understand shit from the whole pawn scripting. Nitro had released the script from bartvegas and I downloaded it. I knew what every command did and looked how it was done. I learned a lot from that and continued to learn pawn. (this time I succeeded :) )

I found the SA-MP forums and I even was a little addicted to it. If it went down I was all panicked and thought "what do I do now?". The forums got back up again and I was happy :)

-This story was non-fiction and it happened about 3 years ago until the present-

Now I create my own gamemode and I am having fun :)

18/09/2008, 09:20 AM
cool idea for a thread by the way. wow,now this takes me back like it was 10 years ago or something.lol. i think it was when i was stumbling around on google looking up something related to the release date of san andreas and i already had gta 3 and vice city,and this was the first time i heard the word 'mod' and started very slowly learning how to change a small number of select vehicles in the game,then san andreas came out and it was like the gates of hell opened up and a wave of programmers,developers,and websites featuring tons of cars or ways to modify the game exploded on to the scene. i really dont remember sa-mp popping up out of the clear blue near the same time,it might of been a couple months later that i downloaded the first client and i was never happier.what a great idea and i was surprised that rockstar didnt take the time to go there.i was there for the early days of partyserver,Novocaine and littlewhiteys.man how the gamemodes gotten better over these last few years.now im building gamemodes and contributing to the project.ive used so many different names but i still recognize some of yours.we spent many hours playing together side by side or on the wrong side but its been fun! see ya on a server!!!!!

18/09/2008, 12:54 PM
10 years before you couldn't have vc or gta III, only gta london :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

18/09/2008, 01:18 PM
10 years before you couldn't have vc or gta III, only gta london :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i started with GTA 2 as my first game ever on my own PC :P
the first thing i tested when got my 1st pc was 'how games work' :D (i was 8 y/o :P and that was ~9 y/o) :D

p.s. Guys ,nice story's you have here! post more!

18/09/2008, 01:33 PM
July 2007
I liked modding my SA, one day i was searching for car mods at www.thegtaplace.com , and many times before had spotted "San Andreas Multiplayer v.0.2" then i decided to give it a try, i downloaded it and installed. I loved it at first sight, i believe the first server i ever joined was Godfather (Before it's release) and i fell in love with roleplaying, and kept on playing for months.

November 2007
I found out there was a website for sa-mp (LOL!) and i registered on the forums. At first i was just asking help in scripting and such, then at the end of 2007 i started posting in other boards also.

January 2008
I finally started scripting my first gamemode, crazymode. I've quit it multiple times, and then started over. But the most important thing is making my own roleplaying server with a friend, TTJJ. It was called Perfection roleplay. It then was shut down a month later, as we had no players, plus TTJJ left the scripting team, leaving no one worthy of scripting. (I sucked at that time)

March 2008
We started another roleplaying server with TTJJ and Just die spawn. It was called All Saints roleplay, i think the script is somewhere around sa-mp forums.
It was a huge success, we had 20+ daily players. And a few great supporters who donated us every month (20). Mark and Johan, i bet they both have left sa-mp by now, as Mark was over 20 and Johan over 30 with a few kids.
The players started fading away after 2 months of success and we decided to go separate ways.

July 2008
Once again we decided to start a server, altho it didn't happen. We gave up of the idea a few days later, and he started scripting for True Roleplay, which is a huge success by now.
I also joined South West Killaz (I think it was June, but anyway)
And am still in it.

September 2008
I'm still playing sa-mp, after a full year. ;)

18/09/2008, 09:17 PM
It was around June '07 when I started playing sa-mp. My first server was a racing one, mini-games or something, meh! Anyway, after about 2 weeks of playing on that one server without having a 5 minute break I decided to look for other servers.

I found RP servers! I quite liked them and after about 2 hours of learning I learnt how to RP. After a while of searching I found LS-RP, the most popular RP server out there(FACT). On LS-RP I got into the Police Force until I left which was about 9 months later.

I decided that I wanted to script for an RP server, so I went searching. I found Scarface Roleplay. I learnt to script as I went along to be honest, and found out that I liked scripting, kool! After awhile the host of the server decided he would rather host a WoW server instead of an sa-mp server, and that's how Scarface Roleplay ended.

I then came across Chillay Productions (http://www.z3.invisionfree.com/chillay_productions), a filming production which was the creator of the famous SaMp Series COPS (http://www.youtube.com/chillay14). It has got to be the most popular series filmed on sa-mp. After joining the productions I became a VIP member, then a Mod, and eventually an admin!

During my rise of ranks I scripted an RP server for the productions, based in Dillimore, Blueberry, and places around. It turned out to be a big hit, so I continued Development on it. The RP is still alive and known as Chillay Productions Roleplay (http://www.z10.invisionfree.com/CpRpVersion3). It is currently in its final stages of its latest development, Version 3, and looking for a host! Any host, really!

Well, that's the story of my (sa-mp) life all made in 4minutes and 37seconds!

19/09/2008, 07:22 AM
SpeedDevil ]...

Wow, I used to play on NeO's CnR too. Did you remember a faggot called 'Davey|UK' off that server? Because remembering, your nickname sounds really familiar.

I think I remember, but my nickname was 'supahman14'.

21/09/2008, 05:27 AM
Hm i was finding a mod to play gta online i found mta but wasn't good to me... so then i kept looking for a recent version then i suddenly found samp :D

Started to play samp on maybe February.

so yea i played on a server i liked for about 2-3 months with a friend, then the server closed down when samp got hacked then i didn;t ever find it again :(... But i knew that if i made my own server i would get many people.

And thats when decided to start scripting my own game modes :)

first of i started with the crappy script lvdm with many players -_- now i start from scratch to full game mode and fun :)

For 7 months now i own 7 game modes and a crew that supported me all the way a crew that holds 22 people :).
I chose the name (AF1 aka Air Force 1) cause me and my crew used to circle the server with hydras and that :) fun fun.

Well it came true i get many people a day now :)

09/12/2008, 07:17 AM
I started with SA-MP in September 2007. I is played ~~Italy Mafia~~RolePlay server and I found <==PRVI HRVATSKI RPG SERVER==> , in translation: <==FIRST CROATIAN RPG SERVER==>.
That server I have played 1 year and starts make my servers. RPG,Stunt,DM Server on Croatian
language. That is my fast story of SA-MP.

Maybe I have bad english because I`m from Croatia.

09/12/2008, 11:07 AM
A friend was annyoing me about leaving CS 1.6 and start play SA-MP..
I started to play before 8 month plus minus.
I played in an israeli server with the name "IsraelRP"
It had awesome RP, 40 players perday.
There I leanred to RP.

09/12/2008, 03:33 PM
A friend was annyoing me about leaving CS 1.6 and start play SA-MP..
I started to play before 8 month plus minus.
I played in an israeli server with the name "IsraelRP"
It had awesome RP, 40 players perday.
There I leanred to RP.

~ Summer 2007
Started to play some MTA, then finded a polish server, asked there for a mod there u were able to move with charakter and shit :P
And they said "SA-MP.com" and i come here, downloaded the 0.1B ( :D )
Played on a polish server, till august i think, Got banned there for "possible money hack" <_< i was the richest one on the server, cuz i owned every prop ^^

September 2006: Started to play some Crazy bobs cops and robbers :P funny as hell on that time ^^ i done a clan with a friend there, Agents Of San Anders (AOSA)

November 2006: Stopped to play on CnR, got boored =/, finded a Roleplay server, owned by a klan namned: SkG, Sweet killa Gansters or something like that, played there, got a job in the police, but got fired first day xD cuz a bastard lieyed that i started to dm and shit

Januar 2007: Started to script in pawn(My english got better in SkG server, so i understood more :) )

Summer 2007: SkG got splittred for some reason, i dont know why, then joined orther clan, namned The DeathRow.
(Really awsome clan), Played there alone, in some time i became a member. And for longer time i become Scripter and the one of head admins ^^

Januar 2008: TDR( The DeathRow) got splittred, Noone had time for playing anymore. School and shit like that.
I started to devolt my own server, Counter Strike(look at my sig for more info :P )
Soon it become pretty big, 15-30 people every day :P

Juni 2008: I got banned from sa-mp forums, For some reason, but i deserved it. Stopped to play.

August/September 2008: I got unbanned on sa-mp forums, I started to script again, Learned some new stuff ^^
Meet really nice people. Like Rafay, Leopard.

November/December 2008: Started to script my server( Counter strike :P ) again ^^ (More info at my sig.)
Yep, im devolting it ^^

09/12/2008, 07:08 PM
A lil shorty lil bit long story.

I started, accidentaly, watching SA videos, but, suddenly, i clicked wrongly, and what was it, about SA-MP
i started asking peoples, what is sa-mp, where can i download, and other infos.
Then i followed those informations, i started sa-mp, playied, was very funny, then after playing on servers, i started mapping, then, for maps u need scripting skillz, i decided to script a lil bit too, only to do maps..
I created my own server, then i decided to share my sv with rafay, a very great cool mate,called DDRS
maximum players reached was 22,(i think, not remembering), a pretty nice succes for a new borned server.
after that..i decided to leave sa-mp, cause, study, it was getting boring, but some days ago, i feeld that sensation of mapping,i decided to leave my others games on the past, i started sa-mp again, for maps, for fun, FOR FUUN, and for my mate rafay that i left him kinda alone^^


[b][size=13pt][color=red]Anyway...seems borring reading all this story, grats to all of u writing them ^^

09/12/2008, 07:20 PM
I joined SA-MP exactly on June 1st 2008 lol :). I joined the most populated server which was UIF, i stunted there and stuff, met and made new friends, got level 5/6 admin there, found out the stories, accused Glo and got banned the day before my birthday lol! Kinda funny but whatever, I joined other server CL, but recently banned there 4 days ago, oh well. Now I like to play at SA-FE, MM and sometimes TF and Novo. great servers :] I should try out a RP server one day which really I been at FreeRoam and Mini-Missions.

How I found out about SA-MP: Well I found out at January 2007, registered on forums, tried to DLed SA-MP but it won't work because my old computer was crappy, received warnings on forums for spamming, sigh... Lol I was kind of a noob then :} (Probably still am now lol!) Since I got new computer, I quit this game I used to play and I used to host a channel but anyway I got a new computer and I went crazy because SA-MP actually worked

Hehe the first day is always the best day :)

09/12/2008, 07:27 PM
0.2.2: Partyserver was getting bored, me and my friend Reloaded went to [M] Chilliad Exposure.
My friend was being an asshole to the coolio [M] admins.
He got banned for that, I had good relationships with the [M] Members ([M]Mode, [M]Kaner, [M]CaM and the recruit [M_Rec]kc.
I became [M_Rec]Snickers.
Me and kc got promoted.
I mentored the guy called Lazer.
He mentored the guy called Mave.
One of the 4 leaders turned psycho and closed [M] Chilliad Exposure.
Kc decided to make a new server, with me and the other M guys as high admins.
Tse offered free hosting.
Tse took the gamemode.
We were left with shit.
Kc made DFSFv2, which wasn't as good as 'tse's'/'kc's' gamemode DKFS.
Kc made LVmadness, 0/52 always.
Kc made DFSFv3, we got official. DFSFv3 got kicked out of official since the SA:MP crash (Ddos)
Netherlands banned, big crisis.
KC made XS2.
XS2 closed.
And now I'm here doing nothing playing on no server :(

ye my whole story is with kc he used to be like a brother to me, just like mave <3 u all bai

10/12/2008, 12:07 AM
To add to snix's story:

XS2 got official
XS2 changed IP
XS2 Lost official

= No players = Closed = :(

My Story:

The first time I heard of SA:MP was on a modsite, I think Gtagarage that had a link to www.sa-mp.com. I clicked on it and read the website etc and went out the next week and bought GTA SA for PC and downloaded SA:MP.

At first I didn't know what to do, so I clicked "Internet" and went on this movieserver owned by a person called "Nat". nat taught me a little bit how to script, then I left his server as it got boring. I then found Vetles movieserver and started playing there everyday. I got admin there after around a month and this is when i met one of my best SA:MP friends, Vetle:

I was on the server, and Vetle joined and made me level 3, I ask for level 4 (greedy fucker I know) so I could use /setgravity, and he let me have level 4, then we were friends and still are a year later.

Then I met the co-owner, blewert:

Ah blewert, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways...

Blewert taught me to script, he is a good friend and always will be. I love him.

I then got promoted and promoted and worked myself up right to co-owner (blew left).

I also found Crazybobs cops and robbers was a great, GREAT server, and I played on that everyday, until my account got reset >.<

My Server(s):

On MovieServer (Vetles) I made a map, which you can find in my sig called "Sky Drop" with makabos medit filterscript, and I then realised I wanted to map, so I made maps, then I decided I wanted a server.

I made a server using Tapes MovieMakerMod (MMM) and called it Mikes Movie Maker, it was hosted for free by Vetle. I then created Mikes Freeroam, also hosted by Vetle. Then came FRSDM, one of my better servers. FRSDM stood for Freeroam Stunt Deathmatch, and after a while I added races andcalled it Freeroam Race Stunt Deathmatch, it was hosted by deLUX. I also bought a website (www.frsdm.com) which was a right mess. I then changed hosts to serverFFS after not being satisfied with deLUX, but soon after (2 weeks) of changing, with nothing working, i changed back to the good old deLUX.

FRSDM wasnt really active, and had lots of bugs, so I decided to close it down. Im currently running a gamemode I am scripting on my server (Why pay for a server ad not use it?).

Also along the line I found DFSFv3, as mentioned by snickers. There I found blewert again, I got admin but the day after I got admin the server spazzed out. A few weeks later KC announced a new server, XS2, I got admin there as I was admin on DFSF and donated $20 and got promoted to level 3. XS2 Lost official after the "3 month warning" and just after an IP change, so we lost players fom official and people who added us to faviourites. KC kinda left XS2, and never looked back, don't know why. I found him on gmod a few times and talked to him.

Thanks for reading.

Gotto go to bed now and rest my fingers. I still love blewert!!

10/12/2008, 12:36 AM
July 06

I installed MTA and it didn't work, so I cursed at it and went around to try and find more multiplayer mods. I found SA:MP via gtagarage and there it started. Although I have been playing long before I registered at the forums.

10/12/2008, 12:58 AM
January 06

I installed MTA and it didn't work, so I cursed at it and went around to try and find more multiplayer mods. I found SA:MP via gtagarage and there it started. Although I have been playing long before I registered at the forums.

Wait what.. are you saying your played SA-MP in January 2006? SA-MP got released 10th of may 2006, and some beta test's in april, but it wasn't avaible in January >.>

I register on July 20, 2006, 05:47:02 am, searched for a multiplayer mod for GTA:SA on google, simply typed in "San Andreas Multiplayer" and there it was.. SA-MP.. ..and more I'm not gonna tell cause I would probarly exceed the 20.000 character limit :<


10/12/2008, 01:16 AM
Fixed the date. :-[

10/12/2008, 01:39 AM

10/12/2008, 04:26 PM
Back in Oct' 06 i played alot of PS2 GTA:SA and i was looking at random videos on youtube and came across a SA-MP One. I thought it looked amazing so I begged my parents for the cash to buy it and i went to the shops 2 days later and got it. It took me ages weeks to work out how to work it (Got it working Jan 07') and once I got it working i logged onto a Los Santos Death match style server. I kept dying loads... after about 6 weeks of playing I started scripting. Since i was a slow learner I really wanted to make a good script and it took me ages to add cars and player spawns.
I kept at it and wanted to know how i could host it (I was on a router and still is) and I asked so much questions I got shouted at by Y_Less Loads. After a bit i got my mate into playing it and we loved RPs. We was always on the LoC Server and made many friends and got pretty good in that server, and my mate quit saying that he was too laggy. I continued playing the server and quit for about 4 months. when i came back on nobody played the LoC server and I felt pretty sad since it had a great community. I played random servers still scripting for quite awhile until recently My mate started playign again and he found the StreetLife Server.
I've played the Streetlife server for ages making many friends and stuff. My mate quite again because he couldn't load SA onto his computer anymore. I've played The SL server ever since scripting alot. I was scripting the OCRP (Outter City Roleplay) at the time and it turned out to be pretty good but i gave up on that to script other things. I bought my first hosted server from Delux-Host (12 slot) 5 weeks ago and then that Kinda brign me to teh point im at now.

10/12/2008, 04:57 PM
I found sa-mp about 1.5 years before i started playing, after coming across it while making my 1st website (publisher lul)

a year later I got GTASA on pc. played a bit but didnt like playing with keyboard + mouse after playing with controller on PS2. then got bored of it.

In the summer of 2007 I got a controller for PC, and found my GTASA disk, installed and started SA-MP for the 1st time.

The 1st server I played on was Las Venturas Playground, and after trying to kill this cheater for about 10 minutes, I left and joined [M]ount Chilliad Exposure. After spending probably a month on that server, I started scripting and made "Drive/Kill/Fly/Stunt" which was later renamed into Drive+Fly+Stunt+Freeroam.

I first met tse in a... ahem colourful manner on [M]ount Chilliad Exposure and one day he came onto my home hosted Drive+Fly+Stunt+Freeroam and offered to host it.

After a while, Drive+Fly+Stunt+Freeroam became pretty popular, with its 50 playerslots almost always full.

Me and tse then had a... fight and went separate ways. He carried on with Drive+Fly+Stunt+Freeroam - renaming it to Drive+Fly+Stunt+Freeroam [The Fake] as a side effect of this... fight, and I Started Drive+Fly+Stunt+Freeroam v2 (DFSFv2)

DFSFv2 was hosted by a [M] clan member called lazer on his (better than mine) home internet, but still this home internet was the limiting factor, with a max 30 playerslots.

I then started afresh with a server called Las Venturas Madness. This was mainly a failure and I quickly moved onto a new server called DFSFv3. This was very popular (the official status helped) reaching 152/152 often. Glo was head admin for a period of time on DFSFv3, and she was the reason behind my first influx into PHP. After a week or so I had made a MySql admin filterscript, and a PHP web based adminscript admin app. (the main file in it was called glo.php after who it was made for)

Glo then spawned another... fight, related to the previous... fight with tse, but me and my management didn't listen to tse and kept defending glo.

Then I realised glo was bat-shit insane and that tse was correct.

Glo left, and made her somehow popular UIF (the island server!!! Now with no islands.)

And I got bored with DFSFv3 and made a new project with mave one night on msn.

This project would merge his XSU and my DFSFv3 into one swell package. After a month or so, XS was ready, and the paid official status from DFSFv3 was used and XS was let off the leash at 150 slots. In the middle of the night, kye swapped the IP on the official listing and as a result this brought the xserverz server to its knees. (Streaming 11k objects for 150 players isnt exactly CPU friendly) And I woke up with 50 slots max. Over a few months XS was improved and optimised tonnes, getting the max players up to 80 on the same box (after promising to only use 50% of the CPU - sorry sneaky!!!) with less cpu usage as XS used first of all on 50 players max.

Then, the server XS was on was changed to allow it to use the 150 slots, on the very same day the official status runs out, leaving me with a new ip, so people cant find the server and no official status to tell them.

I keep working on XS for perhaps a week or so more, trying to get people on it when I realise - "what the fucks the point of updating this server for 2 people???"

I lose all interest in SA-MP and go AWOL.

And about last month I came back, but with no server, and hardly ever playing SA-MP.

I don't have any solid plans for a server, and I guess after a while of no buyers on samp market, I guess XS will live out its remaining days rotting in a folder on my pc.

10/12/2008, 05:01 PM
And about last month I came back, but with no server, and hardly ever playing SA-MP.

I don't have any solid plans for a server, and I guess after a while of no buyers on samp market, I guess XS will live out its remaining days rotting in a folder on my pc.


10/12/2008, 05:05 PM
And about last month I came back, but with no server, and hardly ever playing SA-MP.

I don't have any solid plans for a server, and I guess after a while of no buyers on samp market, I guess XS will live out its remaining days rotting in a folder on my pc.


im mainly on irc, you should come there sometime.

10/12/2008, 05:06 PM
And about last month I came back, but with no server, and hardly ever playing SA-MP.

I don't have any solid plans for a server, and I guess after a while of no buyers on samp market, I guess XS will live out its remaining days rotting in a folder on my pc.


im mainly on irc, you should come there sometime.

hmm i could do that right now, if I'm not still banned by our girl

EDIT: yeh im on

10/12/2008, 05:15 PM
April 07 - Found a YouTube video of this guy running around in a grove street outfit, Thought it was a mod so I left it at that.

May 07 - Found another video about "SA-MP" I went straight to the website and joined a Role-Play server.
5 minutes later: -"NewGuy" has been banned for consistent DeathMatching.
So I looked for a DeathMatch clan on these forums and joined [GoD]. (Some of you may know it).

October 07 - [GoD] Closes, Looking for a new server, And I joined a clan... Can't exactly remember what it was since i've been in so many. ^^. Could of been [X2G] as i've been in it a fair many times.

November 07 - Left whatever clan it was, Joined [MOB].

December 07 - Left [MOB] and started Role-Playing.

January 08 - Started playing on stunting servers, I cant remember when I did, But I got admin status on Stunters United Extreme by Mave.

March 08 - Sa-mp starting to get really boring, Get admin rights on... er... I can't remember but either way I hear about "XS2".

May 08 - Get admin rights on DFSFv3, Make friends with alot of people there, Including WeeDarr, and of course Snickers, and Blewert. "Yaaaargh" ;).

June 08 - DFSFv3 turns into XS2, At this time i've completely lost interest in Sa-mp.

December 08 - I always check the forums, like once every two days, But I dont play anymore...

Oh hi Snickers long time no see. ^^

12/12/2008, 05:18 PM
Ťōηψ.! ]
So I looked for a DeathMatch clan on these forums and joined [GoD]. (Some of you may know it).

The Good Ol' GoD Days. ;)

12/12/2008, 10:41 PM
Once upon a time in a land far, far away (also known as Scotland), a bored little Habboon went wandering through some retarded forum and came across a section for GTA: SA Multiplayer. Intrigued by what I saw I ventured into the section and found a thread with download links, but I hadn't a clue what it was about. One quick google search later and all was wonderful.

12/12/2008, 10:45 PM
I found SA-MP while trying to find out how to use cheats for 2 Player on PS2.
I self taught myself to script when running a clan. (Through Wiki ofc).
Started hosting my own servers.
Gradually made communities, which more or less failed.
And I'm still going since 2007. ;)

21/12/2008, 02:10 PM
I started playing SA-MP in June 2007. I started in [SAP] San Andreas Pilots server which i liked. I played there with my Real life best friend and had a lot of fun and pilot role play. Then i was searching for some PEN1 or RP servers and found [NL]Pandora RPG. I played there till August 2007 when my 2 best friends did quit and server was full of corruption, i moved to Rpg Streetlife, where i got many friends and joined clan [LT] which was my first clan of SAMP. I used to play in Banana Stunt island also. After v 0.2.2 i got admin in Rpg Streetlife server, but in 1 month it died due the hoster moved on with his life and quit. So Rpg Streetlife 2 started, where i began admin again, and this part of streetlife was most roleplaying part (RPG streetlife had like 5 different servers). Hundreds of players joined, in the end of march i got pissed off because of some reasons like: Noob and abusive admins, stupid players...
But i started to miss Streetlife. (Also i asked myself to get demoted from this server and never got promoted again)

I came back and new server began, with new hoster...Rpg Streetlife 3. It had like max players: 80 which was record, but the bad point of this was Dming cops and gang members. Hoster started to script stuntpark and sky road in rpg server and server went bullshit. So it died.
In July 2008, hoster of Streetlife 2 started to host server again, which was full of RP, but some known gangs ruined it and almost killed the server. Admins were corrupted as hell, and still are. Now in December 2008, soon 2009 i am still playing in Rpg Streetlife 4, which will have huge update in January 2009, so Streetlife 5 here i come. :)


22/12/2008, 02:49 PM
In 2006 I played MTA Race on an german stunt server. One day someone told me about sa-mp and he said that its very bugged. After some days playing MTA I wanted to try sa-mp out. I joined various servers until I found a great RP server. [SkG]RealLife/RolePlay
I loved the server and never played MTA Race again :)
In November some other german guys joined the server. We played a little bit together and opened a clan wich was called GermanGang with the clantag [gerG].
We were good at shooting and so some guys said that we were cheating. It was very annoying and so we left [SkG] and made our own RP server (wich was hosted by mabako).
It was great, we had most of the time 60 players online but in early March 2007 some people left the server after faking some [gerG] member. I left [gerG] in the end of March/beginning of April.

I joined some other ppl wich left the [gerG]Server with me and we formed [cR]. After some time [cR] and the partnerclan [WS] wich was lead by GangsterAllow joined together. We had a RP server wich was sometimes full, sometimes not. After some time we made an closed RP Server wich is more RP than a public one. The Clan split and I formed with some other [WS] member and their serverhoster an server called RealLifePro/RolePlayCentral. Some months later I joined [gerG] again.

End of March 2008 I joined a new RP Server/Community called NeoN RpG wich was lead by the former [WS] serverhoster. I loved the server from the first minute I joined to it. After some time I got admin on the server. In middle of summer 2008 I left NeoN with some people since there were some problems. We tried our own RP Server wich hadnt that much sucess. In fall 2008 I joined NeoN again. Now Im here and again admin on the NeoN Server. I am still [gerG] member and proud to be an sa-mp player :)

22/12/2008, 04:12 PM
This might sound very stupid
in august (summer vacations)
i finished gta sa 2 times and got bored i then started to find multi-player while googling online. i thought it was going to be cool. when i downloaded gta samp i was confused at first. i started to play a normal standard server lvdm for one day the next day (night) i found pakistani server i thought that i should meet some pakistani's. there were very lil people. i made a friend who's name was Tom. i flew at-400's and other jets with him until i got bored when we were talking i lost connection and he thought i went afk and didnt want him. when i logged into the server i didnt find him anywhere. that was the last i saw of him i then went into official servers and tried to play turf wars but i got kicked like a billion times because of the ping limit (now its low like 300 i think) i soon gave up that server. the server im about to mention meens alot to me! team neo's cops n robbers i started to play on that sever and played on it for weeks. i then found out we could make servers. i didnt know how i just went into favourites wrote a hostname in the favourite server ip ( i thought my server name ) i soon became confused and gave up that junk. i still played neo i was caught begging or spamming or i lost my rep on that server and got rangebanned. i then played on airpotrt stunt (cant remember the name) and i soon go banned for nothing a high level admin said "who wants to be admin" i said "ie tried i cant be" then i said "i changed my mind" then he rangebanned me! i soon became tired. i then found a very good and honest community SFSF and i played on it for iternal life on the 3rd day i was caught beggin to be admin they banned me for somethin like week-dunno. i then gave up being admin. i found many friends on sfsf and sone it became SA-FE an unforgetable server! friends: mave,sakiller,ivo,nick_porter and zezombia, nettle, knapek, usedcookie most of them were admins. i was having alot of fun in samp when i thought this is getting old and i also got rangebanned from sa-fe but im unbanned now.......... i met neo again i typed in !admins and i got banned again i then gave up gta samp. i thought from inside "im nothing but a sore loser!!!!" because "i couldnt increase my rep, adminship or anything. i soon became very angry and deleted gta sa. after a few months i started to remember my old friends i then tried to ask my friends for borrowing gta sa but all came with scratches. i then gave up looking for gta sa and had a long experience of playing other games. like 1-2months before i found out how to script i made a server but i was so stupid i didnt haveg gta sa!!!!! i looked and looked but all gta sa's were scratched and many errors,bugs but i still got the power in me im getting gta sa this thursday from the capitol of pakistan. and hopefully that will work. ill soon catch up with ya sfsf-safe!!!

look out ali is back on the road :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[b]to be continued..........

22/12/2008, 04:16 PM
my stories emotional makes me cry! and be :-[ by my record of being banned

22/12/2008, 06:18 PM
in august (summer vacations)
i finished gta sa 2 times and got bored i then started to find multi-player while googling online. i thought it was going to be cool. when i downloaded gta samp i was confused at first.
Funny but that same happened to me too xD

I played random servers still scripting for quite awhile until recently My mate started playign again and he found the StreetLife Server. I've played the Streetlife server for ages making many friends and stuff.

Hai server buddy :)

23/12/2008, 03:45 AM
i forgot to include some parts e.g. i found another cops n robbers. everyone on that server were hacking and i wanted revenge so i hacked them and got banned

23/12/2008, 05:15 AM
I was speaking with somebody in teamspeak and he told me to download sa-mp and check it out. He send me the client and i installed it(( never checked out www.sa-mp.com, didnt even knew about it )), so i installed it and told him i could script, even though i couldnt. Than, after a while of trying in a DM server, i moved onto a RP server called King OF Roleplay, the first ever made. I started scripting there and i was getting better. I did alot stupid stuff back there which i am not going to mention here but i regret them and i am sure i would never do such idiotic things again. Than after i left King OF Roleplay because i had became admin on valhalla. From there, i got promoted and such and banned for making my own server, which i gave up for valhallagaming, just because they haven't deleted my name in the staff list yet, they thought i am still an admin there.. Retarded story. Anyways, after i left Valhallagaming, i joined around 30 new communitys, scripting for them there and there and leaving them again. Than started a new project called Inevita RPG, dropped it after a while because nobody was helping me and i got bored of it. Joined after 4 month back in it and started developing with them and now we are almost about to release the server to public and i'll hope to be glad to announce it soon. I was a big ass nub at the start ;), Some people may know me from King Of Roleplay and think like: OH SHIT YOU? but consider myself as better now please ;)

23/12/2008, 08:07 AM
I was searching servers where i can take admin and i found a server like my origin [ Romania ] and he was solo. He was n00b , [ like now ] , in that time , i was nab too :D and he say me , if i make the Players to see on the map , he'll give me admin 1338 :| [ Was a GodFather GM ]

and after 1 mounth , i've made it .... but after 2 mounths , when that little kiddy guy , he saw he have 40-50 players constantly , he quit me ^^ [ now he have 60-80 players :| but he still is nab :D ]

So , this is my advice : Never , don't trust a "friend" because he really can fu** u

23/12/2008, 09:48 AM
Nice storys.

MaVe said to me: download it. And now i play it 2 years.

23/12/2008, 06:41 PM

Once upon a time, there were 3 little pigs and one bad wolf... the 3 pigs tought of makin 3 lil houses to protect them from the...

Wrong story -_-'

So... 1st i heard from a guy, after i finished San Andreas SP, that it could be played on internet too, i saw some picz and i was like WoW, so i started searching, i found mta, installed it and it wouldnt work so i cursed it like 5 - 6 years ( 2 days ) then i found sa-mp by googling San Andreas MultiPlayer, installed it and i was playing on littlewhitey's, after that lots of my friends asked me to install it for them too so we were a large happy group...

After some time, few months, the bad wolf came xD, dang wrong story again... After few months, on the server there was an admin Fugitive[R] , damn son of a b****, i respected him like "wow admin" when me and my friend found him, we killed him ( its a dm server xD ) so then he chased us and killed us ( teleporting and minigun ), after that another [R] guy came, forgot his name, and both chased me, my friends stopped playin sa-mp bcuz of this... after 2 months of playing on random servers i was still mad on fugitive guy and i started searching out to make a server...

[TG]Snipe, helped me with this stuff, from scripting and all,
James, one guy from Australia, later joinning delux-host.com, was hosting me for free, love him , altho long time no see...
After that, David_Tiger, a friend of James, helped me script World War 3, after some time i realeased it, mean while i was makin a gamemode, Stunt one, forgot his name, from Syko's XGM, pasted over it and i started mapping, using Kapil's Map editor...

Bla bla bla bla playing bla bla bla bla mapping bla bla bla scripting bla bla bla

After that i realeased xStunt, i was scripting pretty good, better then snipe and david tiger i might say, so new mentor ahead, Kapil, thnx to him too... after that, i got on my own, askin for help here and there when needed, thnx Towlies too, Y_less, Francis and Yom...

After some time ( round mai 2008 ) i made the romanian community of sa-mp www.sa-mp.ro, now life goes on and i still play / script / map sa-mp , even if im lazyer i still do it XD and i have a server, Real-Life Stunting...

PS0: i was in [m] for a time, with mave , snix, kc and all , snix mentored me
PS1: I helped red Laser ( zhero ) with scripting too... :P ( so mention me xDDD )
PS2: Leopard, u forgot to mention me, i helped u with scripting too :P
PS3: Thnx Delux for hosting me some times, free or not...
PS4: Love Sa-mp ! <3

Cya guys, i think i dont have my full story here, but eh fuck it

24/12/2008, 03:53 PM

Once upon a time, there were 3 little pigs and one bad wolf... the 3 pigs tought of makin 3 lil houses to protect them from the...

Wrong story -_-'

So... 1st i heard from a guy, after i finished San Andreas SP, that it could be played on internet too, i saw some picz and i was like WoW, so i started searching, i found mta, installed it and it wouldnt work so i cursed it like 5 - 6 years ( 2 days ) then i found sa-mp by googling San Andreas MultiPlayer, installed it and i was playing on littlewhitey's, after that lots of my friends asked me to install it for them too so we were a large happy group...

After some time, few months, the bad wolf came xD, dang wrong story again... After few months, on the server there was an admin Fugitive[R] , damn son of a b****, i respected him like "wow admin" when me and my friend found him, we killed him ( its a dm server xD ) so then he chased us and killed us ( teleporting and minigun ), after that another [R] guy came, forgot his name, and both chased me, my friends stopped playin sa-mp bcuz of this... after 2 months of playing on random servers i was still mad on fugitive guy and i started searching out to make a server...

[TG]Snipe, helped me with this stuff, from scripting and all,
James, one guy from Australia, later joinning delux-host.com, was hosting me for free, love him , altho long time no see...
After that, David_Tiger, a friend of James, helped me script World War 3, after some time i realeased it, mean while i was makin a gamemode, Stunt one, forgot his name, from Syko's XGM, pasted over it and i started mapping, using Kapil's Map editor...

Bla bla bla bla playing bla bla bla bla mapping bla bla bla scripting bla bla bla

After that i realeased xStunt, i was scripting pretty good, better then snipe and david tiger i might say, so new mentor ahead, Kapil, thnx to him too... after that, i got on my own, askin for help here and there when needed, thnx Towlies too, Y_less, Francis and Yom...

After some time ( round mai 2008 ) i made the romanian community of sa-mp www.sa-mp.ro, now life goes on and i still play / script / map sa-mp , even if im lazyer i still do it XD and i have a server, Real-Life Stunting...

PS0: i was in [m] for a time, with mave , snix, kc and all , snix mentored me
PS1: I helped red Laser ( zhero ) with scripting too... :P ( so mention me xDDD )
PS2: Leopard, u forgot to mention me, i helped u with scripting too :P
PS3: Thnx Delux for hosting me some times, free or not...
PS4: Love Sa-mp ! <3

Cya guys, i think i dont have my full story here, but eh fuck it

lol for the wolf and three pigs ;D

p.s. you forgot to mention that i asked you for scripting stuff round year ago :D (when i started)
that was like:

hi cmg
How ya doin ,hows your mom etc etc..
fine thanks blabla <3 u..
actually i do not care how you are and how your mom is ,i need help with pawn..
can you do 'that' for me?
-.- gth
:'> pleaseee

fucking funny times ! :D
Merry Christmas !


24/12/2008, 06:29 PM
~It started with Valhalla Gaming Roleplay!~
September 28 (I think), 2007. My friend invited me to Valhalla Gaming, I was such a noob at it because I didn't no roleplay, After a year til the next March 2008, I gotten way better at Roleplay. So I started to play valhalla much more than usual, Well.. After I got tired of valhalla I would still play on Valhalla, but also play on other SA:MP Roleplay/Deathmatch and all those servers, After a while of that, I started to going to Eclipse Roleplay!!! Head Admin there, Well they shut down, So I started Eclipse back up and we failed because of no money, Failed then started again!! So we done some merges and all and I become a Proud Alliance Gaming Community Owner/Founder. We are undergoing player construction (BUILDING OUR PLAYERS UP, Want the Ip and info to everything go Here (http://www.alliancegaming.co.uk)).


24/12/2008, 06:41 PM
Lj ]
I found SA-MP while trying to find out how to use cheats for 2 Player on PS2.
I self taught myself to script when running a clan. (Through Wiki ofc).
Started hosting my own servers.
Gradually made communities, which more or less failed.
And I'm still going since 2007. ;)

You. Fucking. Liar.

24/12/2008, 06:49 PM
Lj ]
I found SA-MP while trying to find out how to use cheats for 2 Player on PS2.
I self taught myself to script when running a clan. (Through Wiki ofc).
Started hosting my own servers.
Gradually made communities, which more or less failed.
And I'm still going since 2007. ;)

You. Fucking. Liar.

Lj don't I know you?
I have the feeling GTA44 is right!
Or did you forget about HIM running the clan?
I remember Dazmcspaz also!
Niiice memories ;D

24/12/2008, 06:58 PM
Lj ]
I found SA-MP while trying to find out how to use cheats for 2 Player on PS2.
I self taught myself to script when running a clan. (Through Wiki ofc).
Started hosting my own servers.
Gradually made communities, which more or less failed.
And I'm still going since 2007. ;)

You. Fucking. Liar.

Lj don't I know you?
I have the feeling GTA44 is right!
Or did you forget about HIM running the clan?
I remember Dazmcspaz also!
Niiice memories ;D

LOL uh actually I only ran the clan after it got disbanded and re-formed, but that wasn't what I meant by calling him a liar. It's actually about the scripting bit.

01/01/2009, 03:01 PM
Nice storys.

MaVe said to me: download it. And now i play it 2 years.

Lol.. gonna tell my whole story..

I saw some cool multiplayer videos on YouTube, then i found out there was a mod to play SA with friends and other people.
Then i google'd a bit, and found www.sa-mp.com. I downloaded it, installed it, but it didnt work. I thought my computer was too
bad to run it, but a few days later i tried it again. I searched some forums and found out that i must have a downgrade to 1.0.
I ran that patch, and SA-MP worked fine. The first server i have been on wasn't an offical one, it was one from the internet list.
(The internet list loaded fast bcoz there were not a lot of servers on it yet). I was looking for some german servers, bcoz i'm german,
and found: German Freeroam by JKS (or something). I had a lot of fun there, but then i was looking for some others.
I couldnt find any other good servers, so i started to learn Pawn and made an own server with some friends. We had an own clan later, [DRP]
which means Dark Reinforcement Power. It was a deathmatch clan, but i got bored with the time and started my own clan with a friend
Too bad i can't remember how it was called (maybe Creed still knows..). We got a lot of DRP's members in our clan and were very happy
Some time later, i registered to SA-MP forums just because i wanted to use the search function, but i had to be registered to use it.
With the time my scripting skills became better and better (because of the community, i think - THX). Some time later a friend
recommended a nice server - He said i could get some ideas from there. It was "GermanStuntServer", a server by some old people from
GermanFunServer. I gave up my clan then and went to GermanStuntServer's clan - TST, The Stunt Team. I made an application like everybody
who wanna join a clan; I got in (best application at that time :>). After some time the 2nd leader from TST left, and i asked to be leader.
I helped the 1st leader a lot with scripting, when i became leader then i gave up my own server. I was just scripting for the GSS (GermanStuntServer),
we had so much fun.

Some time later then, almost now, I left the GSS and TST and went to a real Stunting clan - ESR, Extreme Stunt Revolution, but I couldnt go on stunting
anymore, because of school and something, so i left ESR and joined GSS again, but i'm clanless.

A few days ago from today I started an own server with my friend Creed (see posts above), but i was still active in GSS.
Our server is still in very early development, we have still to do a lot of things.

07/01/2009, 08:01 AM
My Story is too long i am play SA:Mp since i was of 16 now i am of 19 means 3 years.

I was on my PC working on Photoshop((i wasn't perfect that time))and then my friend called me and told me to serach SA:Mp on the google and then some site came up and entered one of them and there i found the informations about SA:Mp and then after 2 days i go into a dm server and got pwned in 5 min by a guy then left it and then started again witht he Stunt Server and get bored soon so i go in a RP server and liked it and played their alot and get banned after 2 years becoz of Hacks :P and now play on 1 stunt/1 dm and 2 rp servers i have my own repotation there.

My english isn't good but i tryed my best :D

28/01/2009, 12:55 PM
All I know is when I came on to SAMP the current version was 0.2.2 R2. Yep. I'm pretty new. Yet I have owned a few servers then dropped them so I could get with Team-TT. Joined as member in July after my first request (in June) was denied cos of 'begging for a yes' lol. Then just yesterday, became the level below owner.
Sometime this year, I started scripting an IRC bot (not echo bot). I said that cos I was putting it for Team-TT.
EDIT** Sorry for bump :roll: I was searchin' something in google and this topic came up.

28/01/2009, 03:33 PM
Bumping this also:

I started my SA-MP life about 3 months ago, when I actually got it working. I started joining some random little servers. And thought if there were any Aussie Servers, so, naturally, I started pushing things and I eventually found Fist Fights Australia(Through the Ping Tab button thingy) and started playing there. So yup, everything was good, we were getting some players, and I joined this Clan called TEC(has disbanded :(). I ended up running that for a bit, and then I left that clan and it just disbanded. So I played solo for a little on that server, and got to start scripting. My first attempt of scripting was a terrible piece of stuff. So, I took someones(MikeP's) afk script(I did apologise). And released some other FS stuff(that was not stolen). Then, FFA(Fist Fights Australia) just broke because it's original owners just said fcuk it. Anyway, I got talking with one of them ([FF]TeddyBear) and I started hosting the server from home, then, I bought the server and now I am here... I believe Teddy is scripting a Game Mode or something...

28/01/2009, 03:34 PM

Yeah you know me. You know me alot.

03/02/2009, 03:17 PM
~ Middle 2006
We started playing a cracked GTA SA, we (I and my brothers) it from a friend of my bigger brother (one year older)
~ End 2006
I started playing Sa-mp, my brother had it and it look very funny so I started too (dunno where he found it :S).
The first server I played was Spark's Protect the Prime Minister (found with this GM a very nice community)
~ June 2007
At 12 th June I registered here, tried to do some easy things (always on my own and ask sometimes stupid questions here :S) but I got bored and stopped after a while and watched the forum (learning through reading other posts)
~ July 2007
I joined FTG (Forfeit the Game), it is a clan which played on the PTPM server
~ End 2007
Tried again to script a GM but just scripts (like stupids DM's) came out who noone needs, after this I got more active here
~ Beginning 2008
Got banned from FTG Forum but still played PTPM
~ Beginning - Middle 2008
Got unbanned from FTG Forum and stayed as clan friend
Short time later the PTPM server was definitely closed
After a while the PTPM Forum got closed too
~ End 2008
PTPM community revived by three persons and the Forum + Server came back

PS: The dates arent corrent, its just that I dont know it corrently and tried to get everything in the period of time

07/02/2010, 05:08 PM
It all started when my friend told me about sa-mp. It was in August 2009 I think...
He gave me the IP to a server called "Awesome Stuntages" so we played together there a bit.
After that I played there a lot. It was on the "official" list so I just went there everytime. But everytime I opened "official" to play AS I saw another server called "Mini-Missions" and it was always full (75/75) so one day I went to Mini Missions just to see what it was. After some weeks I got friends over there and I even bought "VIP" so I had armor and a VIP shop! BUT Mini Missions was going to close (I think it was at November) I remember a guy named "Koploper" told me it and a lot of people talked about it. It was a sad thing :'( Luckily a guy named "Redirect_Left" made a topic about that he wanted to replace Mini Missions with his server called "Son of Mini Missions" but anyways... The last day (which actually wasn't the very last day) I had fun and played and then it happened...

"Lost Connection to server. Retrying..."

...that was it... at that night at were actually crying a bit because it all ended. Although I knew that son of mini missions was coming soon.

But after some days Son of Mini Missions (SoMM) came out and I think I were the first to enter the server! I was all alone in there! There were still some on IRC and also sometimes someone in game but not much! And suddenly from one day to another there were about 20 players in!! New missions and all and now we had fun again! The server growed up and with more and more missions! Now its a big one with about 80 players in it all the time!

While I was there I was looking in forums under ban appeals and I saw a guy who was banned for advertising. So I felt bad for him and he said it was because he advertised of his server. Then I asked him about the IP to his server and he gave me it. It was a very infamoes server. And I asked him if I could be admin and he said "Just make an admin appeal" And whoopty... Suddenly I were level 5 admin (The highest level) Now I was happy. I also helped him with scripting his server and make missions to it (Yes it was a remake of mini missions) But people didn't like me so much for it because they don't want us to remake a "fake" server. So now I stopped scripting on the server and I don't really know with him but I think he also gave up to make his server. So I only play at SoMM now and... guess what:

I'M LEVEL 2 ADMIN in SoMM! :D Long live SoMM :D

07/02/2010, 06:07 PM
Err, excuse if I get some dates wrong.

I found SA-MP in 2007 while looking for GTA SA mods. Soon after I started playing in The Godfather, Then after it closed July 2007. All the Staff were pissed that FeaR was inactive and wasnt fixing the script from it's bugs. All the Staff and all of Godfather players (including me) Went to Everlast.
I left SA-MP after I got bored at Everlast, I started learning music alot. Learned to freestyle a bit. I wanted to make a website about my freestyles. I made one and learned HTML so i can make the website. I began learning it. Years past, It was April 2009, I started playing SA-MP again. Noticing the Hosted List was full with *** servers (all godfather based). I got pissed. I than moved to Mini-Missions on August 2009. After MID closing it because he's a lazy *******!
During MM i started being addicted to it. I loved the uniqueness of it. During that Time, began to wonder... "How Did People make such text and checkpoints in SA-MP?" I wondered that. Then i started learning the PAWN language.
Soon later, Universal Roleplay offered me to script for them. I denied they offer and began learning how to make a roleplay server. Then In Late September 2009, i began to open up SW-RP (The first one) The first one was also based in SF and used another script. We had lots of players! The community shut down. Later i began starting to learn PHP and more PAWN. Then i started getting better and better. In October 2009, I became a jservers member, and started growing a relationship with Redirect_Left (The Owner) (No homo). We helped each other.
Then December came. I was remembering the good memorys of South-West Roleplay. Later I went to "True Roleplay" There script was amazingly scripted! It was awesome. I then met Ash also (the owner) We began to talk about his Roleplay. Then it hit me, That South-West Roleplay should re-open! I began starting to script from a blank PAWNO page.
Later, I got tired of roleplay, I sold my script for $70. Later I made some friends on IRC and began getting more into the SA-MP community, I got bored and went to MTA in Middle of December. But I will still with SA-MP. Now, Im a normal SA-MP and MTA player. Still learning LUA, PHP and Pawn. I'm a admin on Son of Mini-Missions, and a Owner of "The Chill Server".


My long story D:

07/02/2010, 06:33 PM
I joined VX:RP when it was under different ownership, sometime during September '08, it was a dying community and it had closed several times, I decided to request to become an admin, shortly after being promoted to owner, then the other owner I was working alongside (Dominic) decided to quit SA-MP and move to FSX.

So I brought the domain off of him and re-started the community, there's plenty of other stories in between too, VX:RP hasn't always been such a stable community, it's only been recent that the server's really been starting to show some potential, and until recently all of the script was just an edit of another script (VX:RP used to be a GF edit, then it closed, then it opened again with another GF edit, then closed again and opened with a CRP edit (fairly buggy I suppose)), now we're here today with a completely unique script.

Anyway, until recently I was persuaded by Devante and Brian to start VX:RP up again (well, recently = October '09), I was making a script from scratch as I was bored and wanted to fiddle around with scripting for a bit, anyway that's how VX:RP started up again, I decided to quit -snip- as it was literally turning in to Germany in the 1940s, or more like Kim-Jon-Il (dictator).

Thanks for reading, lol.

(I posted this on my servers' community as we have an introductions section, so I decided to C+P it here).

07/02/2010, 06:41 PM
One day, 2007.

I went to google to search for some good car mods and good vehicle mods for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Suddenly, I saw a link that is a blogspot hosted site. Its saying its a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer Server. I said: "Maybe he made he's own software and stuff to do that. He had a tutorial on how to join." - I did that tutorial. And finally, When I click "Connect". Nothing happened. So I said, This is bullshit. He is lying. So I stayed like this for about 2 Weeks. Then once a day I really got bored. So I said let me give this a try. I saw the server is Offline. So I said lemme look around this software. Maybe he left a message or something. I looked down and I saw Favorites > Internet, and Official. That day, Their wasn't anything called Hosted. I went to the internet. A list of a names are there, I said this looks like the game I've chosen (Server I've chosen) So I said. Let me connect to it. The server was called "Las Venturas Roleplay", It had just some commands and stuff only, Then I moved to the official list. I saw that there's lots of players playing there. The First server I played was West-Side Server.

Stayed there for over 2 years. To be continued...


07/02/2010, 06:51 PM
Unknown date
I came onto sa-mp, found myself on a rp-party kind of server, i called a taxi and this guy drove the taxi into the water, I decided to exit the server because it was getting annoying, I was looking for a freeroam server, i found one, it was realy cool, you could buy cars/properties.
I met a clan on the server called the [KilleRs] they where admins, they said if i do not join their gang they will sell my stuff ingame, so i joined the gang, there hq was area 51, lots of patriots (now my fav car)
some time later i was made admin, and on the server alone, the clan boss -forgot his name- anyway, he said he would remove my admin status if i did not join his forum, i got pissed off with him and decided to try to ban him before he logged in as admin, the server dident respond.

and thats the last i heard of it, looking for another freeroam i decided to make a gang of my own- the [viperz]
I whent onto a server called ..::stes freeroam::.. I decided to enter, I kept on the server and met friends, there was a gang called [M] and another one called [NWA], [NWA](nazis with attitude) teamed up with viperz against [M] and we faught and faught
Some time later the server changed into CnR, so i left.

I dident like CnR so I decided to make a server of my own, the server would have unique stuff.
and thats what started my sa-mp server

07/02/2010, 06:52 PM
I'd like to tell you a story. Take a seat children.

Once upon a time in early 2007 there was a man nicknamed SaW. He was dumb as fuck, like Woet. That dumb as fuck SaW went looking for mods when he found out about SA-MP and decided to give it a shot. Well he fell in love on first sight. He actually proposed to SA-MP, but SA-MP refused and SaW quit SA-MP for a few months. Then he came back and joined some sort of roleplay server for kings. Ran by frozen bio.
After a day of playing, two gangsters came knocking on SaW's door. He was frightened but went to open the door with a shotgun. SaW shot both of the gangsters and hid them in a dumpster behind his house. Next day two police officers came asking about two missing delivery men. SaW immediately thought it must've been the gangsters last night! He told the police men to piss off and they left.
SaW continued playing, quit the roleplay server of kings and started his own server with a smart as fuck man nicknamed TJ. He quit that server too, dumb as he was.
Then he quit SA-MP again and went on vacation.

Now he's back with more action!

07/02/2010, 06:59 PM
I might get some dates wrong, but I'll try not to.

In mids 2006, me and a RL friend found that we could play online using GTA:Rumble. So we used to go from time to time to a internet caf to play some, since his PC wasn't able to run GTA. We continued playing it from time to time, until one day I find sa-mp in google. I decide to give it a try at home, but it ran really bad (since my videocard + mobo combo was just awful, I had a dx8.1 generation videocard which was meant to run in a AGP port at 8x, but my mobo didn't support more than 4x, so my fps were less than 10 in sa-mp). So we played sa-mp from time to time in that internet caf.

About dicember 2006, I got a new mobo (which supported AGP 8x) and sa-mp ran fairly good. I used to play in Protect the Prime Minister server, and after some time I started to play in littlewhitey's server too.

So about in early 2007, I started to read about pawn scripting, and decided to give it a try. My first script was the TDM tutorial found in the wiki, and after understanding how some stuff worked, I decided to give a try to my first "from scratch" script (which I lost :(). It was kind of a rip off from Protect the Prime Minister. There was a president who spawned inside a house, there was a bomb alert and he had to escape, and the police had to take him to Area51, while the terrorists had to kill him. I failed at doing that script. Then I decided to do a capture-the-flag-like script, and I found out it was amazing that I could place checkpoints over someone's body when he has died. I actually finished this script, and it was working too (I lost it).

In april 2007, I decided to join a clan, and applied for [MOB]. A few hours after that, i recieve a pm from jtg91 (http://forum.sa-mp.com/index.php?action=profile;u=6768) (which I still store :D) asking me to join his new clan, SAB (standing for Sexy Ass Bananas).
I decided to accept, so I removed my application from the [MOB] topic, and I joined SAB.

After some time, and clan-drama, and blablabla, I got co-leader position togheter with jtg91, and we started to script a Roleplay server, which started to fairly succeed. We started to grow a community, and there were a couple of regular players who really liked the server. But the fact is that we were too newbies at scripting by that time, and we just couldn't handle the community's requests, and all of the bug reports that were done every day, so we ended up closing it down. The script was leaked, so we decided to release it (here (http://forum.sa-mp.com/index.php?topic=48579.0)).
jtg91 quited sa-mp, and SAB was closed.

I continued playing on littlewhitey's server, and by the end of 2007, I tried out LS-RP, and I got really addicted for a few months until I suddenly stopped and got back to littlewhitey's. I joined [eVo] clan (where I stayed for about 10 months, when the clan closed).

No much happened in my sa-mp history along 2007. I gone inactie for some time, and I got back (joined [SiN], which also closed and I decided to not to join a clan again)(by this time I played littlewhitey's a lot), and I gone inactive again for some more time, and I got back by the start of 2008. At this time, a new gamemode was released for littlewhitey's, and a moderator position was added, so I was promoted to moderator 3 days after I got back. In about 2-3 months, I was promoted to admin. By this time, I started to dedicate my scripting to littlewhitey's, and I done a racing fitlerscript for it (togheter with some more minor stuff).

Not much happened neither in 2008-2009, I had been inactive for a period of about 6 months (mostly because I was discouraged to continue playing, since I couldn't access the server list nor the forums, due to the south american block).
By mid 2009, if I'm not mistaken, I started to play regularly on LS-RP, where I was promoted to tester, and later on to 3rd party scripter.
By the end of 2009, littlewhitey's was planning a major script update (a completly rewrite, named littlewhitey's 3.0), and I felt I was more needed there than in LS-RP (where the community was big and stable enough, while littlewhitey's player base was decreasing a lot). Then I got back to littlewhitey's and starting to work on lw3.0 project togheter with Simon and Ez. And this is where I am now.

07/02/2010, 08:31 PM
It all started in 2006 / 2007 when i was watching mod videos on YouTube at a friends house ( didn't had internet back then ). Then i saw a video of many characters with colorfull text above them moving arround, and i tought it was some sort of mission mod to add on San Andreas, i saw the title "SA-MP <something>" (don't remmber quite well), then i googled "SA-MP mod", saw a couple information, etc... but when i was about to discover more, i had to go back to my house.
1 Week later i went to my friends house again, started doing reserach about this "mod" as soon as i could, after reading a couple more stuff i realised that
SA-MP was a program that allowed you to play with other people via Internet and stuff, so another week later i borrowed San Andreas DVD from a friend of mine and i installed the game on my other friend's computer. After the instalation was done, we installed SA-MP 0.2.1 ( if it wasn't that version, it was smth similar ). I joined some random server called "W-Team <somthing>" with nickname "Sharpshooter" ( wich only lasted 1 week, then i used "MadMax" as nickname), it was a server where the average amount of players was 5 ( lol, i didn't and i still don't like servers with much people ). Then i moved to
"Protect The President" server because my friend played in it and said it had Hydras <3.

<skiping borring parts...>

In sumer of 2007 i got my computer.... unfortunatelly no internet, i kept playing single player with mods, specially map mods :p

<skiping borring parts....>

1 year later, in summer of 2008 i finally got internet, and 1 hour after my internet connection was stablished i started playing SA-MP, i played SA-MP the whole summer, at the end of the summer i foudn a server called [The Fake], pretty fun with alot of stuff, kept playing it..... ( and i still do).

<skiping borring parts....>

April of 2009, i met a guy who told me about SA-MP Forums, and i asked him "Hey how do they add those objects? they look like the mods for single player".
He told me about something called "MTA Race".. i started working with it just for fun, then i said to myself "Im going to register on SA-MP Forums, do some maps to publish, i just hope people like them :\ " then i posted my first map (public release) "[MAP]Bermuda Triangle [2]", wich was a re-make of the map of a guy named "heatON★", i saw his map and i tought in re-making it my own way....

Now here i am... Thats pretty much it.... ( I know its a borring story lol )

PS: Sorry for any grammar mistake, usually happens on long texts.

07/02/2010, 09:23 PM
Started in 0.1b, coded for a rp server for a while after learning the ropes of pawn, the server was hosted on a windows dedi', and eventually the owner of the server trusted me enough to play around with it, eventually i convinced the owner to let me switch the box to Linux (which i had some previous experience with). From there i learnt more about server management and such, by the release of 0.2 i was pretty confident with my skills, didnt take long to pick up Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Java, etc.

Regg'd account on forums in Julyish?

08/02/2010, 11:31 AM
My SA-MP story starts way back in the days of 0.1b

August 2006
I was, as per everyone else in this thread, watching YouTube videos (Correct me if I'm wrong but 0.1b was released at the time..) as a usual 11 year old like me would do, looking up how to finish a mission for the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas. Somehow, a SA-MP video appeared in the related video section, to which it was a trailer for SA-MP (the name has escaped me, as well as the author, but the only thing I remember is a Linkin Park song being played in the background). I actually creamed myself the minute I saw it, and actually raced out to the shops before they closed to buy GTA San Andreas. Got home, downloaded SA-MP, installed it and logged onto Littlewhitey's freeroam server (as I recall, this was the most popular server at the time). I actually remember this so clearly, my first moment on SA-MP. Some cunt came and ran me down in a monster truck to where I was continuously lag fucked in the ass (if anyone here is a long time player they would know what it felt like in the 0.1 days of SA-MP, and being from Australia I don't get the best ping).

July 2006
I was looking for something new, as I haven't explored the full potential of SA-MP yet, so, I decided to load the inernet list. I couldn't choose a server, so I closed my eyes and double clicked. Funny enough, it was the people on this server that I have spent most of my time on SA-MP with, the people that I'm still e-bestmates with today. A server called SAML, a server using the old PEN1 script, owned and run by a bloke from Miami in Florida. It was obvious that the server had just started out, so I suggested maybe I could help out with a few things. Despite my shitty knowledge of SA-MP and how things worked, I was mentored by a bloke who had been playing ever since the earliest version which had been since sometime in '05. Soon enough, I worked my way to an admin position, to where I became a co-owner of the community.

December 2006
I only started to realise the full potential of SA-MP, and the new scripts which were being released continued to amaze me. I decided to continue my position as a head admin of this community, which continued to grow every day. Every single person who played became extremely good mates, as we all had just begun our journeys in SA-MP. So it was great that every day I log on I could have a long D and M chat with a really close bro of mine of have some hardcore fun role playing.

January 2007
Amazingly enough, I had grown so attached to SA-MP that I almost played everyday (>>no-lifer<<), until the day that the community that I had known and loved fell apart, just because of one person. A weird bloke he was. Attempted to break into the data centre where the server was stored, in an attempt to steal a script that was freely available right here on the SA-MP forums. The damage that was done caused the community to shutdown, everyone sorta lost interest and we lost contact with each other over the coming months.

April 2007
At this point in time all the old crew came back together, in an attempt to relaunch the server that we knew and loved. Funnily enough, we got no where, no one was interested in playing, no one was interested in up keeping the server, moderating the forums. Everything began to fall apart.

June 2007
I had moved on, I quit playing for a bit as I was a keen Rugby nut, I used to train alot to be fit enough for the season coming, and this had affected the time I could spend on my computer, also SA-MP. After season ended, I began playing again, to which I came across a server called SZR. By this point in time I had developed my role play skills to a point where I was considered to be very good, learning different character personalities, dialects, slang, tone etc. I became interested in role playing a mafia character, and at the time Yakuza was incredibly active on the server at the time. I rang the leader up and asked formally for a position in the faction, although that's not how shit rolled back then, I was accepted. At this point in time, I met the next group of SA-MP'ie friends that I also know, and keep in contact with, to this day. Had an extremely fun time role playing Japanese mafia characters.

December 2007
I continued to play on SZR 'till sometime around the new year. Things in Yakuza began to collapse as the leader became disliked and protest for him being kicked out became significant. It was this point in time that a new leader was elected, but interested lacked, and the faction began to fall apart.

January 2008
The new year had arrived and we had all moved on. I was invited by other former Yakuza members to join them on LS-RP as a part of their Irish gang which had potential of putting a name out there, but this also didn't seem to work. I then became a soloist, meeting new accomplices every day. My main aim was to improve my role play skills entirely by playing in a more serious environment unlike the last.

Febuary 2009
I began playing at a new community titled CodeBlack (latest names - other names beforehand) to which I met another lot of great blokes while role playing a police officer. It didn't last long due to server costs, but I have to say that this was some of the highlights of my entire time playing SA-MP.

March 2009
This point in time I became interested in scripting SA-MP servers. Being young when I first started playing SA-MP was a big disadvantage, as I was impatient and had no logic what so ever. I had finally come to understand how it all worked and began editing scripts from the showroom. I met a fellow Aussie who was absolutely awesome at mapping. One day he showed me two islands which were fairly close to each other and said to me 'Which one do you like best?' replied with neither. I suggested making a game mode out of it, and as I was fairly interested in scripting, I set out to create a game mode which we could use the two islands for. The first thing that came to my mind was a capture the flag DM server, which I rarely saw or heard about these days. It was completed in the next few weeks, despite the simplicity of such a game mode. We continued to play, and averaged around 15 players before we lost interest.

October 2009
I had lost interested in SA-MP, and I began playing on and off to catch up with mates that I met back in the early days. I went on to other games, such as Garry's Mod, Half Life, TF2, and other Steam or Xbox games. I was invited back to LS-RP by the old gang to which we continued our Irish rebellion.

Febuary 2010
Here I am. A washed up, old-timer, Australian SA-MP player. It's amazing how a game can be released in 2004, yet it continues to sell as we bring even more talented people to the SA-MP community. Fianlly, I have begun taking my journey a step further by slowly and steadily learning the PAWN language. A lot has changed, a lot of bad things have happened, yet we're still here and getting high over e-weed. It's really been something these past 4 years that I've spent with SA-MP. I really appreciate the work that Kye (and the forgotten development team<3) have put into making this mod and continuing 4 years later with our heads still high.

Well, that wraps up my SA-MP story. It's boring, I know. But it's 10:30pm and I've been up since 5:30am so I guess it's time for me to hit the hay :|

08/02/2010, 03:27 PM
Now this is a story
All about how my life
Got twisted upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became a user
of SA:MP Multiplayer

In west Scotland
Born and raised
On the computer my momma said
Most of my days
Chilling out, maxing
And relaxing all cool
And all shooting some Ballas
Outside of Grove
When a couple of guys
They were up to no good
Shooting other players in a neighbourhood
I wached one little vid and I became a player
of a PvP server
In a mod called SA Multiplayer

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The player was called Junkers
And had dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this mod was rare
But I thought nah, forget it
Yo I'm a player!

I logged off the server about seven or eight
I yelled to the guys yo home, smell you later
Looked at my desktop it was finally there
A shortcut tom play my SA:MP Multiplayer

08/02/2010, 05:22 PM
wow, i already forgot this thread exists ^^
nice stories btw, interesting to read ;)

Peace and respect

08/02/2010, 06:44 PM
I started playing SAMP in 06' I think on littlewhitteys, I became god friends with a few LW admins Ez,Popz and a few others. I joined the LW clan which was lead by a man named tenshi. Tenshi eventually found he had the old PTP script by tratulla in his email, so we then made the server Protect The President, Tenshi,Myself,KmanN, and Ez.. The server got really popular and still is, I then went Inactive from the server as I found an RP server named Italy Mafia Roleplay, in about i'd say early 07'.. I had alot of fun on IM for about a year. I was then banned after an argument with the owner : (

Me and a friend of mine decided we'd make our own RP server in early 08', He named it Las Venturas Roleplay, after like 2 weeks I then told him that name was stupid I was currently playing a BF2 mod named project reality. I was like dude I have an awesome name Project Reality Roleplay. So we then named it that, Me and oshri got a steady player base of around 20 people. He found a coder who was quite talented. This coder didn't liek me and in the end the coder banned me, I was Co-Owner at the time. Oshri didn't want to lose this coder so he said to me "Alex, We really need this come back if I get a new coder". I then told oshri that that was a betrayel and left. Went on several RP servers and just couldn't find fun, I'd watch the player list of PR-RP get bigger and bigger. Oshri not to long ago was mutiny'd by his own admin team =.=

I eventually found myself playing Italy Mafia again

08/02/2010, 07:15 PM
I know if I put my whole story on here you'll would be reading for HOURS, and I wish not to put that on you. So basically my short version:

Started March-ish 2008. I played at Area 51 Server (later the Takeover Server) became admin, hada hada. Learned scripting along the line due to some events that went on with the server. Quit for awhile, shortly came back, got back to the server and scripting. Then jServers emerged from the server, and I disagree with alot of things that happen there now, so I'm just kinda there to remember the times when I get real bored through the forums. And that brings us to today. The End.

08/02/2010, 07:36 PM
Now this is a story
All about how my life
Got twisted upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became a user
of SA:MP Multiplayer

In west Scotland
Born and raised
On the computer my momma said
Most of my days
Chilling out, maxing
And relaxing all cool
And all shooting some Ballas
Outside of Grove
When a couple of guys
They were up to no good
Shooting other players in a neighbourhood
I wached one little vid and I became a player
of a PvP server
In a mod called SA Multiplayer

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The player was called Junkers
And had dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this mod was rare
But I thought nah, forget it
Yo I'm a player!

I logged off the server about seven or eight
I yelled to the guys yo home, smell you later
Looked at my desktop it was finally there
A shortcut tom play my SA:MP Multiplayer

LMAO, awesome work^^

Nice rhimes too

08/02/2010, 07:54 PM
Mine.(make it pretty simple)
-play gta sa for 5 years in ps2
-start knowing gta online at 2008 (that time i dunno the name is samp)
-ignore it
-until november/december 2009 i see it in internet cafe
-try to play it,but cant.
-switch to internet tab and play a server (forget it already)
-then i realize the best servers is in the hosted tab
-play in it
-join to the forum
-get promoted to moderator,demoted,re promoted,promoted to half admin,promoted to admin.
-join this forum a few hours ago.
-get my post deleted by dugi :/
-blah blah blah,and here we are

08/02/2010, 11:51 PM
Started out with good ol' Stunt Universe. Hosted locally on my laptop called B&A Stunt Universe, then developed enough to be released on this forum under the name "Super Stunt Server". The name was by Fallout. Someone who enjoyed my local server liked it so much he bought a server on ServerHex for it. After that I removed the post for grabs on the forums. The new name was decided to be "Underground Stunt World". Half way through the month the server was already maxed out 100/100 players. After that month was nearly done Mike had ran out of cash due to bills! So There was a Gametext when you joined that says Save the server etc. Some player named tom93 who was a level 3 admin at the time. (aka [BB]TouchmE) purchased the server on ServerHex for the next 4 months. During this time we got a new scripter named [SU]Ecko who I eventually banned because he banned by best friend and was abusing alot. Then the server was invisible bot attacted by himself and his little friend NET_ZEEK who did his Join/Leave thing to lag out and crash the server. Well the server box ended up crashing and knocking out S2.Serverhex.com, So multiple serverhex servers were dead. Back and running in 2 days, and with South America banned nothing could slow us down. Until someone crashed it again... Later on I set up a IRC with a friend and my passwords for everything was stolen including server passwords. Anyways that dark path is closed and we are cool again.We realized that the support was lacking and we needed better security. ServerFFS to the rescue! We are currently still on ServerFFS and nothing has slowed us down since. On the old IP for ServerFFS We got up to Game Rank 3 on game monitor during the Christmas break. After Toms grandmother was having troubles, and we was going into debt. its time to hang in the towel. So someone named [SU]XpanD one of Toms friends from UT99 came in and is currently paying for the newly updated Underground Stunt World Game Mode and it maxes out to 120 players daily. That is my SA:MP Story. Start with crap pawno knowledge go big!

17/03/2010, 08:33 PM
I'd like to tell you a story. Take a seat children.

Once upon a time in early 2007 there was a man nicknamed SaW. He was dumb as fuck, like Woet. That dumb as fuck SaW went looking for mods when he found out about SA-MP and decided to give it a shot. Well he fell in love on first sight. He actually proposed to SA-MP, but SA-MP refused and SaW quit SA-MP for a few months. Then he came back and joined some sort of roleplay server for kings. Ran by frozen bio.
After a day of playing, two gangsters came knocking on SaW's door. He was frightened but went to open the door with a shotgun. SaW shot both of the gangsters and hid them in a dumpster behind his house. Next day two police officers came asking about two missing delivery men. SaW immediately thought it must've been the gangsters last night! He told the police men to piss off and they left.
SaW continued playing, quit the roleplay server of kings and started his own server with a smart as fuck man nicknamed TJ. He quit that server too, dumb as he was.
Then he quit SA-MP again and went on vacation.

Now he's back with more action!

u scare me :S

18/03/2010, 11:04 AM
looong time ago like 2006~
i talked with my friend about gta san andreas and said that it would be so awesome if it would have multiplayer option,that we can play with eachother,then i went to computer and started to search if there is something like that.i found MTA,what i didnt like,only could drive with cars,so i searched searched and found an SAMP gang,some killas :D and i saw download link,i dled it and went to random server.
i was like WOOOOWW!!!
i started playing in RP servers,and till now,i play in RP servers.
i started in Redgies roleplay.it was so awesome,i joined some SyS family or smth and then i thought making my own family
i was nooby.
somewhere at 2007 i had my own family named Cuneo family
we had many members but they were also noobys :P
everyone hated us in RRP
so once in some day,me and my 2 capos went to bank(RP!)and like 30 people surrounded us,every gang in RRP were aganist us.they kicked us out from the city,we went to las venturas and they followed us,so we went to another server called Sharky's Roleplay.
was awesome server,had like 10-30 people online all the time,owner was great,admins was great,we played there i also donated for house.After some time,SRP collapsed,it went to 3 pieces,SRP(sharkys),DRP(Dogans roleplay) and WWRP(world wide rp).then DRP hacked SRP and srp was down long time,i played RRP again then,after some time SRP were back up but it was dead,there was like 2-5 people online in day,cause they played in WWRP and DRP.after some time WWRP were closed,i dont know what happened with it,Cindy and Kris owned the server,havent heard nothing about them :/.After some time i quited SAMP.after i got back and i saw that SRP is down,i contacted to owner and asked whats going on,he said that the server will be up soon,they had new forums and new admins etc,then i got admin 2,after some time sharky bought DRP script and added it to SRP.now DRP is down and SRP is still up but its dying again.

18/03/2010, 02:45 PM
Unknown date, sometime in 2008
Well, sometime ago, I got tired of always playing GTA San Andreas by myself, wreaking terror all over SA, and I thought, wouldn't it be cool if someone made a 2 player mod like the one for PS2? So I thought, looking around on the internet for something to mod SA so it would be 2 player compatible, until, I went to http://sa-mp.com. I was like, 'wow, 200 players?!' So I thought. I had installed it, and I started to play on a server, not knowing that it was the most fun that I have had since GTA III (Yes, GTA III), I decided to keep playing, then I decided, that I would show some support for SA:MP, so I decided to join the forums, which was a while back, so I could get help, since I had started to script my own server.

Ever since then, I have realized how awesome this multiplayer is, and how crazy it is, to know that more than thousands of people that have SA, know about the Multiplayer.

20/03/2010, 10:00 PM
Mines very short:

Known about SA-MP for a long time, Could never download it as didnt have GTASA,
One day went to meadowhall, Got GTA SA PC And joystick,
Got home installed GTASA and downloaded SA-MP,
Went on a server called San Andreas Pilots,
Played on that for month or two or three, Well alot,
Thats it!

20/03/2010, 10:07 PM

21/03/2010, 07:37 PM
WTF ? noobs ? :D

21/03/2010, 08:05 PM
My SA:MP Story? This goes back ~7 years. It's an interesting story IMO: ...

2003: I got Vice City for PS2. It was a very addicting game. I noticed that there were mods for the PC version. I did not have a PC that could run it at the time.
2004: I got a new PC that Christmas, got Vice City for PC, played it, and started modding it. I noticed that there was a multiplayer for it called MTA:VC 0.2. I downloaded it and became addicted. I started to get bored of it after a while, so I started to cheat. I started to learn how to code SCM by playing around with MTA:VC's SCM. I got banned from many servers, including, irconically enough, KFC's Partyserver, which I now run.
Late 2004: One of my friends invited me to do a 1v1 match versus some KFC's. I launched the MTA:VC client and I remembered I had a modded SCM. I remember saying "BRB, Reinstalling MTA:VC". I did very well in this 1v1 and I was recruited into KFC, without them knowing my past cheating experience.
2005: A new multiplayer project started known at GTA:Connection, an alternative to MTA:VC. Luke, Psy, me, Cpu, and others were a part of this project. We managed to get basic sync down. I was the SCM coder. Later, we merged in to the SA:MP Development team
2006: SA:MP 0.1a was released. I was made in charge of SA:MP's KFC Partyserver.
2010: Here I am today.

08/07/2010, 02:12 AM
Holy shit ded

08/07/2010, 02:59 AM
Summer 09 it was, and i was on skype talking to my two friends which i dont have right now. And what happened is that we were all excited and found out about this new multiplayer edition of gta, so we all rushed to try it out and how we thought it would be a epic mod, but eventually we all got sick of our games such as creating servers and not sticking with them, so when i lost those friends i made a server called "Arsham's Roleplay" and from then it was my goal to accomplish a mission that was never meant to be completed. End of story.

08/07/2010, 03:13 AM
It was a cold brisk September evening many years ago. I was sitting while enjoying a nice glass of the finest Wine in all of Vice City when I stumbled across a website proclaiming its ownership of a server that has become known as The Godfather. I quickly attempted to sign up, In a drunken haze I slammed my keyboard to try to pass the quiz to no avail, This was new to me, This gaming experience which was being proposed was.... mind boggling. I eventually stumbled across another server and there I layed my roots in the SAMP RP community with a GG face.


08/07/2010, 05:33 AM
Around Jan/Feb 2007 I had GTA San Andreas for PC because i liked it more than PS2 version, And got the DVD off a friend while living in Toronto so decided to play it than he calls me up a few days after giving me it saying he found a Mutlitplayer for it, Back than i wasnt as nerdy as i am today lmao, I was like dope and played it started in SiN for a month or so with TeCh9 and such, Than i left joinned GoD for a few months till like end of summer 2007 and [GoD]Jason left to go script GamerX so GoD broke up, I know not many know Jason as scripting GamerX but i remember it very well of him scripting that server way back in the day not sure if he made it but he was was scripting for it.

Than i noticed TeCh9 went to SaW with most other SiN's so i joined that, didn't last that long like a month or 2 than i went with him to RPG Streetlife and started playing as [BT] we did do DM now and than which was from like November/Dec 2007 till like Jan/Feb 2009 we left the server since it pretty much died ended up full of kids and ending up as Kids Playground, So i started playing DM with [BT] at MG3 and other servers and made wars like German Clans vs English Clans SaW was involved and others, In between those months i was also playing at PR-RP now and than as a gangster with other BTs.

After a few months of getting banned all the time at MG3 and other DM servers, I decided i would go play at PR-RP i was a newbie DMer than and got banned from there as well so did other BTs so BT broke up, once that happened i decided to make a new account at PR-RP and just decided to be creative with my RP and detail with my RP and joined government factions after a month got admin since i was active like 12-16 hours a day just finished high school... After few months around May/June 2009 lots of stuff happened and ended up with me taking over :P

08/07/2010, 05:48 AM
I didnt know GTA SA had an online mod.
i just searched alot of GTA SA things on youtube, but then I saw a movie named SA:MP and there was MANY players there.. i just googled and found this fantastic website.

^ same hear, in fact when i started playing i was playing on a server called PTGN then after when that server closed my friends from the PTGN server told me that there was a server called Circle Jerk AU, so i played it and had fun with my friend [BB]Barber and he taught me how to 2shot and do nrg glitches. Now The gamemode has came and its called Cops n Jerks, its infact now a cops and robbers server but i loved how we could rob banks n stuff but i still loved the old Gamemode Circle Jerk AU.


Well I was promoted to a gang called TEC and they said they were making a base. So I saw my brother say to the owner how do i map bases etc.. and he said MTA MAP EDITOR.. so my brother downloaded it and read the readme.txt it said u had to config folders so he configed them.. later i told him to do it on my computer and he done it. But when i was finished with my map i used convertffs.com because my friend told me that. Later I saw the createobject function so i put it anywhere in my gamemode (i put it in the gamemodinit place). After I watched Looked at the script LVDM and started to see codes and they looked fimilar from c++ and other stuff. I really didnt no there was a wiki then for samp but i acctually learnt by looking at the code. So i fell in love with samp lol - samp ftw.

Soz for bad editing and stuff.. I was in a rush.. had to do something so forgive my english lul

08/07/2010, 09:10 AM
i started playing Gta SA on ps2 first for like 3 years :D i enjoyed the storyline but then ps2 got boring.. later in years i got a pc.. and on the early September 2009 my mate was like "DUDE Come Play GTA SAMP its so cool".. at first i refused knowing my graphic card SUCKS! but then at like.. november i accepted into joineing samp.. at first i started playing A COD Based TDM (haha im addict to TDM's srsly) That Was Given By My Mate That Told Me To Join :D After Like 2 Weeks I Got Banned (i joked By Advertising THE SERVER IP Of this Server On the Server As A joke)( I didnt Get Unbanned But After Like 2 Weeks They Closed Down) But Then While I Was Banned I Was Thinking Of Makin My OWN Server so i told my mate (that told me to join samp) that we could of make our own server.. he researched for a good gm(PS- he doesnt know how to script :D ) and Somehow We FOUND the server Gm (of that cod of that owner ) And We Downlaoded It, I Was Trying to Learn Scripting.. And U Know Copy / Paste Or The Replace Tool :D,I Was Feeling Important Into Being A Server Owner :D Tho The Admin Team Were Complaining And Fiting With Each Other But Then The Dude that Was Always Fighting / Begging Got Banned By Me For Admin Abuse And Then He Quit :D But Then Later In Months I Got INto Scripting , Asked , Got Helped By My Mate "Etch" (hes Awesume In Helping) :D , And I started Scripting With Him Our first GM! It Was City TDM At First It Was Huge Success! but Then Its' Popularity Went Down (even tho we found a Hoster ^_^ )
then I Started Scripting MysElf (alone) But Sometimes I Needed Help So I Asked Etch/ Viruzzz_Chill/Samp Forums.. I Was Very Exicted On Releasing My First FS's :)
But anyway Thats My Story :D
Thanks, Pecron ( For Getting Me INTO SAMP)
Thanks, Etch (For Teaching Me Scripting)
Thanks, Viruzz_Chill ( for Some Help IN Scripting)
Thanks, All That Helped Me :D

08/07/2010, 09:26 AM
well my name was bringiton and The First Server i Joined was Las Venturas Playground or LVP and i became a active member there later on i decided to leave this server to go to Littlewhiteys or LW in which I changed my name to [NY]Jets a couple days later i created a gang called [UnBreakables] which became very popular and later got the tag [UB] im an active clan leader atm with a very strong running weapons clan on both LVP and LW. I dont know how i started playing sa-mp but i started playing it 2-3 years ago. Have took many breaks in between. I recently have started scripting and have my own Server for my clan. I Enjoy playing samp on my spare time. Im a Highly respectable player who is known by many in the sa-mp community. Total Amount of hrs racked up in LW is incredible on my main Account [Sx]Jets[UB] i have over 1300 hrs but overall with all of my accounts i have over 2000 im a legend who has been dealt the respect of many

Yours Truly

-- [Sx]Jets[UB]--

08/07/2010, 10:13 AM
Somewhere around End-2006 i was playing by my friend's house and i saw him playing GTA San Andreas at he's PC, so i barrowed the DVD from him and copied it.
I played it so many times that it really became boring.
Around Begin-2007 I was looking on YouTube for GTA SA videos and i saw that they where playing multiplayer!
So i did a little research and found SA:MP 0.2.0 was just released, i installed and played it.

The first server i played was something in SF with a LOT of teleports and features, spawing at high building with vehicles was a load of fun :P

x Aviator
08/07/2010, 10:39 AM
My story is fairly simple, i used to play san andreas on the playstation 2 and i never knew they had it on PC so one day while looking through i saw that they had a san andreas multiplayer on youtube so i went to the website and downloaded the multiplayer client. I got the game from a friend, he gave it to me if he hadnt given it to me i wouldnt be here right now.

11/07/2010, 06:56 PM
Hehe Look How Youtube Is So Powerful! Like 89% of the people found samp from youtube ;P

19/07/2010, 06:02 PM
Late 09 a friend(X) of mine which I didn't know that well(at that time), found SA-MP. He downloaded it and told about it to a friend(Y) I knew a little better. I heard X help Y over Skype, and I asked what they are doing. They told me, and gave me a download link.

X said that in mode, I must write roleplay. Then we found this amazing roleplay server, where we eventually started play a lot. In the start, we were noobs. We kinda just drove around, pretending that we were a family. We played the for about half a year.

After some time, X joined an orgaization, and I think Y took a break. I joined the orgaization X was in, and we played on that server for a good time. After playing a bit, I took a minute break just to take a look at the SA-MP site. I always wondered what the "server" mean't, so I wanted to check it out. I looked at a lot of tutorials, and finally made my own boring gamemode with almost nothing on it. I kinda gave up scripting after some time. Then suddenly, I want to script more, so I continued on the RP server I made, but then switched over to DM cause RP is a little to hard for a beginner like me.

And today I am working hard on that server so I can have my own, self-scripted server.


19/07/2010, 06:11 PM
I cant remember when, but it was when 0.2 was out, Used to play. I then started scripting my own server called land of stunting, and i then moved onto United Stunting Aliance, and since then moved onto more things, but i don't own any servers currently.

In 2009, started a business selling SAMP servers from a VPS, but has since moved to a Dedi :3


19/07/2010, 06:13 PM
Back in late 2008 I was into GTA SA for the PS2, and I was wondering why there were so many videos of online, but I couldn't fathom that it was only for PC. So I hopped on a bus, sliced some zombies heads, just to get to the last copy of GTA SA at gamestop. When I got home, I installed it on a shit of a rig I had and found out how to install SA-MP. I was amazed at how fucking unoriginal most servers were at the time having the same stunts. Godfather edits everywhere...

Then I came to my senses back in late 09' that SA-MP just wasn't for me anymore, and that it lost total value to me as servers became more and more noobish and unoriginal. Then I was bacon.

21/07/2010, 07:34 PM
Then I came to my senses back in late 09' that SA-MP just wasn't for me anymore, and that it lost total value to me as servers became more and more noobish and unoriginal. Then I was bacon.
Felt the need to quote this.
Because it's true.

21/07/2010, 07:40 PM
When my San Andreas was destroyed by my playstation (AGAIN! :() ive bought SA on the pc. Then i wanted to play SA with a friend irl, so i searched for multiplayer possibility's for SA (i seached for the same as playstation MP) It don't exist, but there was something like SA:MP, so i downloaded it :D

21/07/2010, 09:37 PM
Found it from google =P (same with xbconnect)

I finished the single player and google'd "san andreas online" and found a few topics from sa-mp forums. Clicked on the main site and been here since.

21/07/2010, 10:48 PM
Well... This goes way looong back to when i used to play World of Warcraft, at Summer 09. I was very new to sa-mp when my friend told me on skype that there is such thing as San Andreas Multiplayer and i freaked the fuck out as soon as he told me that, so we quickly downloaded GTA:SA and SAMP, and got into a server called "Argonath RPG" First server, worst admins but best RPG script ive ever seen, So we played there for several months, we kept getting banned because of "Boozmang" and some other high in command players kept making roumers about us, so we kept ban evading and eventually I started many servers starting with a LARP, then Gangwars then Stunt, CnR, and alot of other servers then we finally reached to A-RP aka Arsham's Roleplay after a year / half so at this moment we are hosting ARP and we are glad that this became our official success and we are glad to continue our mission for success because after all our intentions are to succeed and greed.

22/07/2010, 03:42 PM
Really, I just completed San Andreas, then google'd online. As a normal person would, I typed "San Andreas Multiplayer" and thats how I found SA-MP instead of MTA.

This was around 2007, I've made two accounts since then as I can't remember my old info.

22/07/2010, 11:23 PM
Back in 2006 (I think) my friend Lazlow who I met from a different forum showed me the site. I was a complete noob back then and I didn't have GTA:SA. I downloaded the client, tried installing it and it wouldn't install. So I go on the forum (with a different account that I cant remember the name of) and post a topic saying I cant install it, and no one could figure out why. Then in 2008, another friend told asked me if I played SA:MP and I told them the story of how I couldn't get it installed, etc. He asked if I had GTA:SA installed, and I said no, then I went out and got the game, and then started playing on a couple random servers, then moved on to Partyserver. :D

22/07/2010, 11:38 PM
I started playing my first computer game back in 07 then my friend told me about San Andreas and I got it for the xbox, later on having to sell the xbox, that same friend told me it was for the PC (Current time: August 2008) then he found SA-MP which I then decided to play and didn't like it at first, till I found a server called xMovie then I played on that server everytime I played SA-MP, later on finding it boring switching to roleplay (we all go there sometimes) then later noticing alot of flaws in roleplay scripts and that the majority of them were GF edits I decided to create my own server which is now known as Movie Server and that leads me up to today.

23/07/2010, 01:58 AM
My story:I started to play SA-MP when i wanted to play something exciting.
First MTA:VC,then i got bored after a day or two and started playing other things and modding vice i guess..
Then after all i got SA-MP and started to play..

23/07/2010, 07:09 PM
I was just pondering around google looking for game reviews when i thought of searching for "San Andreas MulitPlayer" that was the first time i realized SAMP really did exist

24/07/2010, 02:08 PM
GTA 3 was released 2001 and Vice City 2002

26/07/2010, 07:15 AM
Not a big story.One day I was bored so i thought any cool mods topimp my San Andreas.On Google I noticed that there was an GTA SA Online mod.Firstly I downloaded MTA but it was boring.I searched then and I found SA-MP.I joined redgies for a while but it was boring.After some months I found about PR-RP.I tried it and since the last September I'm playing mostly there.

26/07/2010, 01:45 PM
Well, this is a short story about how my SA:MP Gaming Career began, I hope you enjoy!

The date: Sometime around August 08 -
It was around midday and I had just finished the Summer Holidays and was heading back to school the next week,
I'd heard about SA:MP throughtout the holidays but I didn't research it nor pay any attention to it... Anyway, the night before I went to school, my brother (Dennis) mentioned it to me saying we need to find a new game to play... Well, I haven't thought of playing SA:MP nevermind having our own server here... So I said, why not? We'll play tomorrow after I finish school.

The following day, I downloaded the SA:MP Client (0.2 *I think*) and installed it... Upon installation, I decided to just connect to any server so at the time it was The MatriX Cops 'n Robbers... Why, I loved that server so much attention and crimes, just waiting for the perfect cop to shoot the suspect and bang! Paycheck Bonus!! Anyway, after a few months at MatriX, I decided to go play at Italy Mafia RPG... Ah, the good old days :) I started up as an outsider in the Cuneo Family, lead by Alonzo Cuneo and Alex Ferarri (Or something like that)... Throughout my mafioso life I took on the role of an Enforcer, the bosses asked for someone dead... Before they had the chance to say sorry, they was dead. Anyway, after they left Cuneo I decided to join the Corleone Family, obviously the two factions had a little issue back in the day so I was looked upon as a traitor... When I joined, I was nothing more than a gate guard, I spent most of my day just standing there waiting for someone to attempt to break the barrier just for a little fun... The next morning (IC), I decided to go back to work to tell them that I want to leave, when there was a small box outside the door... Obviously you expect the worst, so I disposed of the bomb and told Algren Corelone - The Capo di tutti capi. He promoted me that day to Soldier and threw me a celebration party where I met Serah Kellroy - Brigadeer General in the LV National Guard; I was pleased to have met Serah and her brother Jim... We spent most of the day together, until Jim was assassinated by a member of the Corleone Family... After I found out, I left the family and went my own way... Where I met Lorenzo_Gambino, the best mayor around... I stood by his side many times at public speeches as his Head of Security... After he left, I just decided to leave the server...

I then set out a quest to learn Pawno, obviously... You have those days where you think: "What's the use? I can't do it anymore"; I had many of these days but due to encouragement from my brother I finally edited the Underworld script and moved it to LV. I got a little carried away in the day, I made the Army a mafia, the Mafia an army... Floating airports... Meh... It was a mess, shall we say? Anyway... From that day to the current... I've been learning from my mistakes, and now I can happily say... I can script? (So I think 8))

And that's my story... There's a few other things like: Universal-RP, LS:RP, Serenity and so on... But meh... Forget it.

26/07/2010, 03:32 PM

12/11/2010, 10:30 AM
It started 10 years ago when i was really high
then i meet Kalcor in my dreams, he told me he would build SAMP
and i was like wooooooow..
then i fly on my hoorse to SAMP land where i meet all the dwarfs running around with UZI's
one was even driving around in Turismo's

Then i look up and there i see the great king Kalcor!
he wanted me to do a quest for him!

So i did .......


14/11/2010, 06:01 PM

Part 1 - The Discovery

Long time ago, can't even remember when, I was sitting at net cafe looking for things, then I got interested in one piece of news on gta site - there was multiplayer for GTA:SA! I checked it, seemed nice, stopped playing then (didn't have net in home)

Part 2 - The Beginning (around July 2007)

After I had normal net in my house, some day I remembered that there was some kind of funny mod that allowed playing SA with other people, so I downloaded it, installed then checked first server I noticed on Official - LVDM. Played a bit, got owned a bit, got called a noob a bit etc. I checked some other servers, discovered that I'm banned from forum (rangeban on PL), then stopped playing for a while (about 2 weeks)

Part 3 - The Ownage (from September 2007)

Got back to playing, because I found uber cool server called Partyserver - I even remember that after joining it first thing I did was selecting Hicks and wondering how the hell I'm gonna reach San Fierro. I joined SWAT after it, learned how to play and then began the best part of my SA:MP experience - forming a big gang of Justice regulars that owned whole SA by mass attacks and teamplay. There was nothing better than making a group of 20 players on carrier, wait for a jet, fly and para or drive to enemy territory, make short firefight and own it.


That days I played only Partyserver until our group dispersed...

(I would like to thanks Spider_Pig, Balazs, 8ball, tommy[fr], Fella_M, bangbang, Spedico and others not mentioned until I find my old notes for playing back then, even if they won't read it)

Part 4 - The Exploration (about February 2008 )

After I paused my career on PS, I started to check other servers, and few new ones landed on my fav list: Novocaine (for great TDM action), Xtreme Racers (best implementation of kickass Ardenaline Raging script), Area 51 and famous CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers that became my favourite server until...

Part 5 - The Fake (end of March 2008 )

I fount great stunt server with lots of features and silly players - The Fake. That time I told my mate about SA:MP and we were playing on TF together. Had a lot of good times with The Fake (killing on //terror, parachuting, stunting, chasing at //duke, cruising around, racing)


and other servers I played back then (I remember my RPing on Crazybob's as jail guard and/or prison chief, telling everyone to GTFO my office xD)


I become interested in RPing 4fun, played on various servers (Rockstars, Argonath, first Godfathers), but it didn't got addicted as much as to TF and CnR. The only servers that managed to take some of my time was original Mini-Missions and czech/slovak implementation of Protect the Prime Minister that got down some time and...

Part 6 - The Coup'detat (hardly about October 2008 )

I decided to make my own server with PTPM, but I was still banned on forum (was going to it through slow proxy anyway xD) so it was kinda hard to find it but I managed to do it. This were my first tryouts at PAWN, but after reading whole code few times, because it was coding masterpiece, I discovered how it works, how to add new maps (especially custom train map czech server had) and how to get rid of IRC code. I upgraded the script, added LAdmin found on unofficial SA:MP forum, some anticheat (I think fcukit++) and got left with complete server without host xD A bit later I got free host (last about a month), named my server "Coup'd'Etat" and made it public, even had about 8 players including guys from official PTPM server ;P After the host ended, I returned to playing TF, CnR, Partyserver (short resurrection of attack team, this time as Rich). One day when I was cruising with mate in trucks at TF and he said he saw there's a trucking server in SA:MP. We checked it, played a bit but it seriously sucked (some Polish server, Truck game, ripoff of other Polish truckserver...), then I got enlightened: "Fuck, I know PAWN a bit, I can script small server just for us to have fun". I even got unbanned on SA:MP forum and wiki, so I started scripting and there begun an era of:

Part 7 - The Truckmania (July 2009)

My server - after 6 months of failing, discovering PAWN, having fun, not having fun, serious rages then having fun again I bought cheap (but surprisingly efficient) host and started managing server. (cut cut cut) I played other servers also (C'n'D Derby, SAP, Mini-Games, SA-FE etc.) but not as much as usual. (cut cut cut)


Part 8 - The End (about June 2010)

Now I barely play any server but still like SA:MP

Ze End! Sorry for punctuation and style, i can't tell I'm fully sober now ;P

15/11/2010, 09:22 AM
My brother and I had always wished you could play multiplayer on GTA III for playstation.
When we got San Andreas, we were glad it had a small multiplayer feature, but we still wanted more so we did some Googling and found SA:MP. :)

12/01/2011, 05:18 PM
i discovered when i was in internet club i runned sa-mp but nothing happened cause gta sanandreas wasn't original it was repack then i decided to download normal version of sa and try to play sa-mp on my pc first mode that i played was godfather i played godfather almost whole day cause it was new for me never thought about it

12/01/2011, 06:00 PM
4 Years ago, when i was a retarded Russian 12 year old boy with horrible english skills, i typed in google "SAN ANDRAS MULITPLAYR" clicked on the typo fixer and clicked on the first result.

12/01/2011, 10:14 PM
Way back about 2 years ago, must have been 2009 in about March time (0.2.2/0.2x was released).

I had seen various videos on youtube of san andreas and I liked the game but never got it on computer so I never really paid attention to the mod. Then one day I discovered a certain unnamed download protocol I think it began with T or something, then what a coincidence I suddenly had san andreas game ;)

Anyway, me and my IRL friend got into modding a lot and did that for a while, then one day I suddenly remembered that little mod called SA-MP and decided me and my friend was getting it!

First server was 'Caligula's Stunt Szerver' :p that was one great server, then it shut down so we hung around various DM servers, 'Stunt Freeroam Forever' (another great one!) and Awesome Stuntages, (until it got to busy)

I created a website and kind of started a gang on sa-mp called Hellfire, me and my friend and a couple of other people roamed the DM servers killing people and eventually lost contact with those clan members.

After getting bored of the regular servers I found this magical thing called porn code or some shit, so I had a go at making my own server just a basic one for me and my friend and anyone else who joined.

People joined and left but the one player that has always been on Hellfire, and is still friends with me now, and I have got to know a lot is my Turkish friend, Cagatay :p pretty much a clan member from the start :D

And since then I've just been developing and getting better and better at scripting.

At one point I had a community of about 20 clan members, but lost them all ):

Now I'm trying to build up again from the start :D getting popularity is hard but I hope I can manage it :p

13/01/2011, 12:09 AM
I joined , i scripted .

Woah that was a lot of writing 0_0

13/01/2011, 12:24 AM
Ok, it's my history:

One day on july 2008 I was playing GTA: San Andreas singleplayer, and said "It would be cool if San Andreas has a multiplayer", then I searched on google "GTA Multiplayer" and found a lot of results, I can't remember why but I couldn't join any server (maybe wrong version) and a friend sent me SA-MP Client in messenger, I installed it and worked, my beggining in SA-MP was awesome (I was playing like 4 hours or more each day, LOL) then I played SA-MP till 0.2X and a day I said "I should make a server, how much hard can it be?" and started scripting, but South America was banned from SA-MP forums so it was hard for me (this is the reason about my join date) but when we got unbanned I downloaded more scripts and now IMO I'm a good scripter.

Hope you like my history and sorry for my bad english :p

13/01/2011, 04:39 PM
Well, I Knew GTA Sa since 05' I just didnt have a PC, so when i got a PC, i bought GTA sa on 08. i was how the fuck do you download SAMP?
some video helped me, i Started a Cops and robbers Server. Which im Still on it to this day, now i have my own server.

14/01/2011, 03:35 PM
I just started playing it after watching youtube videos sometime about 2-3 years ago xD

15/01/2011, 04:07 AM
Idk, I was randomly googling things, then stumbled upon this, i didn't really care when to register, up until August 2010

15/01/2011, 05:52 AM
Two years or so ago, I was looking around for some entry-level language to learn and I found Pawn. I found about SA-MP on the Compuphase page.

16/01/2011, 06:24 AM
One Day At About October 2010,I Was Watching Youtube and I Saw Some SA-MP Vids.After WAtching them I Decided to Play SA-MP.My First Try Wasnt That Fun,I Keep Falling Since Its My First Time Playing.after that I Left the Server and Went looking for another one.Then i found Team-Wars,With manier players than i expected.So I Played It Until Its Night,and After the night i woke up early to play.Then I Thought myself,"This Is Getting Boring,Im Gonna Find A new Server"so i did find a new server,and That was PTP.When TW Isnt that active i play PTP.After a little while[November 2010]Team-Wars went to a new server.thats the day they deleted all the old files.

I Was Very dissapointed,since it was my favorite server.So i had to play PTP Only.But One Day In november when i was looking for ptp i found Mini games Server,and i played it more than PTP.But thats not all!

After a while i forgot to play and moved on with other games.It Was about the end of November when i remebered SA-MP,then when i came back all servers are gone from my list.

I was so sad,i had to find new servers.Those Three[TW,PTP,MG]were the best servers.But it didnt take so long when i found Crazybobs,a nice server.It isnt that good,but its very fun.I Enjoyed the server.

In Christmas 2010,I Found More Servers[Such as Zombie Roleplays,DM's,and Drifting Servers]and One Happy Day,I Was Very Happy when i found TW again.it was better than the old one.But dont forget PTP and MG too!

SA-MP Is a Game that made me think of the motto "Time is Gold" Time is really worth gold,since gold cant be there without time.SA-MP showed that im not just a loser,i can do more with time.

20/01/2011, 01:08 AM
Simple i am smart looked up samp(google) xD in 2006-2007 :) idk why i never bothered to register on forums

20/01/2011, 06:35 AM
Somewhat 2005 December?, I travelled to a little town where a cousin of mine lives, chilling around, we went to a cyber or w/e it is called, and i saw that they had a local samp server running an edited version of lvdm, so we had fun n stuff, then since im lazy, i somehow forgot about it, April 2006? Or so. i saw it on the internet, had the idea to download it and test it out, started to play at SZR GTA, had a good time in there, i met someone who lives near and that, learnt to RP, had fun, then quitted at about 2007's half, like one of those "long-a$$" breaks, till like 5 months ago, played on sarp, and about 1 month ago I started to think about making an own server, so did I, with some friends and that, we started to learn pawno, and we created MWDM. Yeah i know im still too lazy to keep writing so w/e lol.

idk why i never bothered to register on forums

Trolololol, same xD

02/04/2011, 12:38 PM
Got here This Christmas,First server was PR-RP That i Still think it's the Best one in Whole SA-MP,Made some Friends ig,4 Noobs we were all New,3 Months Later we could rp Without any Problems,But they All Left to GTA IV Multiplayer,So here i am Bored shitless,Joining servers and Leaving,Im Downloading GTA IV Right NOW,I Need to Find them ;P,Good And Fun People they were.

02/04/2011, 01:02 PM
Right... I started somewhen in 2008... I saw my cousin playing in his house, and said: This is AMAZING!!!!!
I loved GTA Single...
And i getted home and started shearching and shearching for GTA online... I didn't find... I was around 2 months or more shearching for it coz i didn't know nothing about pc's...

When i found i was really really happy!
I found I found I found, amazing, i am the best...

After, i started playing in a english server without knowing talk in english!(i am portuguese), so i just played like a normal guy.... I have learn there my noob english :D

It was the best server i played at...

After it closed, so i stoped GTA for 1 year... I have back and found amazing servers... I found RPD(Real Play Dutch) owner b Kwarde(gangsta here) and played it very time... Finally i getted admin level and since, all started going bad, the guys that wanted to be admins and didn't started making me cry and get full so i abuse, get demoted and they have chance to become admins... I getted adm 101, 102, and after 104 for 1 week and getted demoted again coz someone reported me without prooves.... After coz of abuseres RPD goes down and i started playing an other(dont remember the name) owned by Matthew... I player more and more, i was higth admin there, allways getted much fun there, after, a guy(now my friend) called Robin(Hiddos here in forums i think) and we did fight allways, There was an other guy called parcoure admin too, i banned him alot of times coz of hack... So we started fighting, and coz they was 2 and me one, they fucked owner head about me, and he ended banning me and not they... I am mad with him and him with me today early........ After i really started my own server, with 10 players, raven's GM... Ater 2 months i learned editing it, text only! i learned scripting, sevrer was up with 2 players around 2 months... Much donations.. Up 50 euros! I uped to 30 players for more 2 months and now lowed again... Now server have 20 players and will end for no players... It have my own gamemode.. litle bugged, not complet and since i have no patient to script now.... Resume: The best times in sa-mp are when we start... After we get admin and complains start, we learn script, and we get bored's of sa-mp.... I am really sad now, coz i don't fell to play and i want play.... I just want to be an admin low level in a fricken good RP.... :(

I want my own server up again, but i need a good GameMode(Kwarde is owner on my server too and is scripting a GameMode).... I have no money too, sevre rwill close in 3 days, or i will need to move it to my 10 players hybernated server....... I think my Sa-Mp Life is ending but i really don't want it!!!!!!!

02/04/2011, 03:52 PM
i was in MSN when some friends told me to play in a sa-mp server, so i joined and i'm still playing.
This happend 1 and half year ago.

05/04/2011, 09:06 PM
Well, if I remember well my SA:MP time started in Summer of 2008. I never player any GTA before. Only when my parents were visiting some friends and i were with them. Their son had GTA:SA on PS2, and I loved that game. But I were 14 and I weren't allowed to play it :D
One day I entered "GTA San Andreas Multiplayer" in the search bar on YouTube. I watched many many videos of people making stunts and flying around with vehicles, together with theit friends. I just wanted to have it.
In Summer of 2008, a friend brought me a CD of GTA:SA for PC. I installed it, played a few days on singleplayer, and then installed SA:MP.
I started up on some small servers here and there. And then it came. The first big server I've been on. Awesome Stuntages. So many players, and so much fun. I spent nearly 1 year there. But then it became boring. It was always the same and I searched for something new. I started playing on Crash'n'Burn and some other small fun servers (Yes, The Fake too). In the end of 2009 I started playing on GamerX, where I still am. After another day, the 21st January 2010, of scrolling trough the server list searching for something nice, I ended up on Truckmania. I started playing EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I still do. I became admin there and it became my home server. I still play on GamerX, C'n'B, San Andreas Pilots and others, but mainly on Truckmania: International Truckingserver.

19/06/2011, 10:47 AM
First of all i think my story is a lovely one,i really like it,sa-mp is one of the games that i love.Ok,so my story starts 4 years ago,i was searching in google for some pics of gta sa and i found a pic that shown some Carl Johnsons,the first one had no name or something upon him but the other gyes had a name upon their character(they all had CJ's char).I saw that it was strange and it couldn't be in the normal game in computer.I didn't know what it was but i was wondering.
1 year later, i found that picture again.I decided to make a search and find what was that.After a 15 minutes of searching i found a site called "www.sa-mp.com".I was wondering what was that so i found that it was san andreas multiplayer game.I was so happy i found it.I downloaded it(Note:it was 0.3a version) and opened it.Then....i said wtf was that! I was wondering how to play online with that program. I found that all that names was servers and started playing and adding servers to my favorites.
I don't remember the name of the first server i logged in.I only remember that the server had many cars in the spawn point and some commands,also a few people.
I got bored and logged in to other server that it had the name Play Ultimate.It had 3 gyes.We been friends and i was playing there for 6 months and i was 5 level admin.Inside that months i found other servers,like impulse99,some roleplay servers and made new friends.
Sometimes my computer had problems with viruses and i had to reformat it.My brother was coming to do it.At the 6th month my pc got virus and i got to format it.When my brother came and did it the server got closed.Me and my other admin friend,Mihay, was trying to find the owner,Cedi,our friend to ask him about it.We couldn't find him.I think the server is still closed,but i still keep connection with Mihay.
It was summer.1 year passed and i hadn't computer.My brother had work and couldn't come to fix my pc.So,i started playing at my moms laptop.I was searching for a new server.I got bored all that GamerX and Impulse99 and roleplays.So i found a basejump server.It was amazing!Very cool!It had too many places to basejump.I made new friends,the owner of the server and other gyes that was basejumping.I was playing there for 4 weeks.After that weeks the server closed and i was trying to find other basejump server.I found all of them.They was 4 basejump servers.I found some of the gyes that were in the other server.Some gyes was taking part into a clan.There was many clans.I though about taking part too to a clan,but i wanted some time.
I was playing in that servers for a long time.I had made good friends and took advices,like an advice to download fraps to basejump better.I had made a new friend,vezi.He opened a basejump server.Very cool.I took part of his clan,]EBJ[ (]Extreme Base Jumpers[).I was so happy.He told me i was too good in basejump,so i could join.I met other gyes of that clan,such as s-unit!
2 months passed.I was still playing there but hadn't own computer.My brother told me he would come fix it in some weeks.Vezi's server got closed and the other servers.I didn't knew what happened.I talked with my friend,s-unit but he was at his village and he didn't knew what happened with the servers.I started searching for a new server.
After 3 months passed,new year came.A friend told me to log in a greek server to play together and with other gyes.I logged in and made new greek friends.Some gyes was from my island,Crete and other was from other places of Greece.I saw that was 2 greek servers, the one was a guy called thebaze1 and the other1 had a guy called Panos_Tsoulfas.I was playing only in that 2 servers.
One time one guy logged in Panos's server and was advertising a new greek server,he told us the 2 first gyes that would log in they would be level 5 admins.I got suprised and wrote the ip to a papper.I logged in.I was the first gye :D!The other1 was a guy that i don't remember his name.We've been 5 level admins.That time some gyes logged in and told owner,Costas_BIX,that they wanted the 5 levels he told them.LOL!!!They told they logged in yesterday and were admins but then they were not!They told them he couldn't make him admins.Only me,the other guy and him could be admins.Then he made admin a friend of mine,then my friend made admin other sucker,and that sucker made us 0 level and was slapping and exploding the other gyes.So,Costas banned him and kicked some guys.There was mess!!!I've been again 5 level.
1 week later i hearded that the same guy was a hiden-admin.Costas made him admin again.He did the same shit again and he banned him permantly.I told him don't doing shit.
After all that shit,they only admins were me and Costas.Now Costas's server is closed cuz he went to his village for the summer.I was trying learn pawno,but it was hard.I made many tries,and saw an old tutorial,and i was learning very fast.I tried make a server,i had done with my gamemode but everytime such some errors appear or something else.Now i try make my server and wait for my friend,Costas log in again.
That's my full sa-mp story,i hope you like it :)!!!Tnx fot watching!!

19/06/2011, 10:55 AM
Well, I saw this cool piracy website (xD) and with it came GTA 3, I downloaded that and was amazed, even though it
was 2007 (xD). I then downloaded a mod which required GTA SA and I looked at some trailers, gameplay ect and then I downloaded it from the same piracy website. I was further stunned in the GTA SA series, I did a quick google of 'GTA SA' and there, showed up SA-MP...

I started in 2008, not knowing a damn thing about what SA-MP even was.

I then played for about 2 years on servers and learnt piracy was illegal (xD) and bought GTA SA.

I then realized there is much more to SA-MP, you can make your own server ect.

So I then was a script kiddie. Now, I'm starting to learn PAWN a lot better and I'm making my own server.

06/10/2011, 09:56 PM
14december 2009 started playing samp on old server Bulgarian Gang Wars
I was thinking of that how stuffs works?
i thinked why not create rp server?but how?
i with my friend pepi start looking for rp servers and one day he found one server called BlackTurbo Of MoneyPimp Fun
He suggest me that server and i was shocked from gamemode, all like reallife.
after that we start making own gang,buy houses cars business and we get success of total 151member in RG gang its already live :D
One boy called NIKIMC join our gang and with his evil he make new gang called MC and stole from us a lot of members, we pay a lot of money some players stay with us but when he gets admin he was doing setcash and all leave us, but loyal players no. we start war with them they were trying attack us every day, my houses business all were attacked, and than start he doing bad things /report invented reason and i get black listed there for nothing. after that i start to script, i found that script satdm and start make it on my self, after some days at 02.octomber 2010 i buy first server called [wF]World Of Friendly Fun[0.3a] after stopping hosting working server was down for 2months when apear new my server [RG]DeathRole Of Criminal--this server was 5times down and now its again live, the bad in story is cos i teach a lot of players for scripting,servers working etc and at the end they open own serve, steal players, spying etc, the worst is cos before 3weeks 2co owners of my serv spyed me and make own serv and steal players, but players know where is their place, they back again........i have more to write i dont have time now>>scripting :D

06/10/2011, 09:59 PM
It was a dark stormy night in the evil lair of lolumadd's rape dungeon. Icicles were forming from the ceiling and the cries of terror echoed through the complicated, never ending halls that lead to destruction. I log onto my "Death Computer" and Google ways of modern torture. The first result was San Andreas multiplayer. I click and continue reading. From that day on I used SA:MP as a simulator of hardcore bondage and torture before I do them in reality. That is my story.

06/10/2011, 10:09 PM
Started sometime during 2009 ( I think ), I played on Stunt Servers and DM Servers and just followed the rules and I remained that way Until In early 2010 decided to Move to MTA but then got bored after a month in MTA so I reinstalled SA-MP and I came Across a Server Called San Andreas Roleplay (Not NGRP) and I played their until Early January 2011 When I got Unfairly Banned by Nelson and then I posted an Appeal and I got unbanned and then I got Banned again for stealing and then I met a guy Called Mauzen who was offering Free 20 slot servers, So I decided to contact him Via PM and then Me and him negotiated and In the end, He Allowed me to Open a Roleplay Server, So Called it Super Cool Roleplay then I met a guy called Adam_Dixon who offerd a merge so I accepted and we got the name New Nation Roleplay and then some guy made a false claim on the name so we Changed it to New Hope and then a few weeks ago we changed it again to Los Santos City Roleplay and we managed to get 20 players daily Until some Sad B*stard DDoSed us But Mauzen Responded quickly by blocking their IP's and when we re-opened, Most of our players (And Admins) happen to open their own Servers Using the SARP Script and one Server I came across Had the SARP Script and he claimed it as his own and said he created everything in it...I just left instantly and just recently the script we have is too Large for the Host to handel, So I notified Mauzen and he said it must be a safety shutdown from his staff and then I was disaponted....The End

17/03/2012, 08:45 PM
Short Story: When I get addicted to something I do that and that only. Started to play SA:MP when I was 500Km away from home. I was visiting my grandma and Grandpa. Got pretty bored there and started chatting with a friend on the phone. When suddenly i heard truck noises horns and all kind of stuff. Asked him what's that and he told me he was playing San Andreas with a friend. I was shocked to find out you can actually play SA in multiplayer ( thought friends were lying to me when they were talking about it )

So I asked him to show me how to install it and start playing. Took me 2-3 days to start liking it ( I was so bored there i was able to start to like anything ) He was playing on Truckmania ( DiDok's server ) So i started playing somewhere in 2010. Met some people around the world, started playing with mates, had fun moments till a good RL friend of mine left. I thought I'd leave too since the game would get boring. But then i started knowing the admins there...great people. DiDok really made a good job in choosing them. I know every server admin says his team is the best. It's true after you get used with it you think it does the best job in SA:MP and there are no better people than that. That's what i think too. So back to the story i started knowing them and helping them as much as i could. One year i stayed and tried to make a good impression too all the players and admins. I remember i was respectful with everyone, fearing every admin ( My legs was shaking like hell when i first PM-ed DiDok.. Thought he was a monster ( LOL ) or something that would find any reason to use the ban hammer. But he's an awesome guy when you get to know him. You just need to know how to crack the shell ( asslicking works too xDDD). One year later got admin there and since then still playing and I will still do.

Didn't try other servers. Just played GamerX after Drebin got admin there so i could fuck his game ( xD ) but nothing special. Will stick to TM until SA:MP get's shut down ( witch i hope won't happen even in 10 years from now ).

Well sorry for making i this long eventually xD

19/03/2012, 06:09 PM
late 2007
a friend of mine shared it, he was playing on different servers. we both played death-match servers more than role-play servers then finally found szr. being in the server actively for about a month, my friend quit but i continued playing on it. after around 2-3 months, there were fights in the server and my gang leader told me to join his server.

early 2008
i transferred to "citywide role-play" and played for a few weeks, then it closed down. after about a week, it came back, but was renamed to "san andreas role-play" a.k.a. "sarp", from there on, i've been loyal to the server. played on it for more than 2 years, i was very active and even became an admin.

some time in 2009
fights also happened in sarp and was split into 2, another server was made, called next generation role-play (now known as ngg or next generation gaming). a lot of things happened, sarp's script was leaked and now more than 5 servers are using it with revisions, i stayed at the original sarp though.

between 2010 and 2011
still playing on sarp, tried out the other servers which were using the same script such as us-rp, ngg, lss-rp, and a lot more. in the middle of 2011, i made my own server, had around a player-base of 40-60, was up for 5 months then closed it down.

as you've seen, i've been playing on rp servers for most of my sa-mp life. now, i'm currently playing on horizon-roleplay(hrp) made by zhao and calgon, planning on staying.

19/03/2012, 06:12 PM
I loved the multiplayer support on the PS2 version of the game, so I googled if it was possible a similar one in the PC version to play with my brother. I came upon sa-mp at it's 0.2.2 stage, tried it, and loved it.

20/03/2012, 01:20 PM
My Classmate told about SAMP some years back and here i am.

20/03/2012, 02:53 PM
I was told by a friend about SAMP, and here i am today. :)

20/03/2012, 05:04 PM
well , i have start to play Grand Theft Auto in the first time in my life in a Cyber Playstation 2 and before that i used to play Driver 2 in Playstation 1 during 2001 i guess and my first time playing gta was in the cyber playstation coffe , i was playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4 or 5 and gta vice , my brother allways calls gta vice city as Driver 2 cause the own of that cyber playstation call it driver too , so i play it in 2006 in my first time after that in over 8 months my father came at home and have bought a playstation 2 , i allways remember that day it was sunday at lunch time 13:00 , i was so happy the only CD i tested in it , was Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of liberty and after that , i was so damn , happy after that i went with my father in vacation to the south side of my country and then my father called mom ( she is death by now.... :( ) she says my brother is going to buy vice city , yes i was so happy after that i testt it when i came at home , i find out that it was a CD not a DVD CD , lol , and then i remember that i was in my father's shop and then my big bother told me that there is a game better then gta vc , its called like this " Salandrias " , i was going quicklly to buy it in the game shop , i remember when i get it , i play it and i really really like it after years in 2008 my brother decide to check on the net about Gta sa anyway we was watching videos of gta mysteres and then my brother have decide to download sa-mp in 2008 , i allways remember that day , anyway this was my story and until today , i'am glad to meet you all :)

I loved the multiplayer support on the PS2 version of the game, so I googled if it was possible a similar one in the PC version to play with my brother. I came upon sa-mp at it's 0.2.2 stage, tried it, and loved it.

me too , i used to play it with my brother getting 4 stars and start a real best roleplay server or TDM , and the problem i used to had is that there is a fix camera for both of us.... , i really really love that , with the duel shokes joysticks .

20/03/2012, 09:58 PM
Erm, I saw kevin on youtube posting some GTA SA lets plays and I decided to download and run SAMP, I had heard about GTA SA multiplayer before but I never got round to downloading one and using it ,so a long story short it was all thanks to Kevin ;3

10/04/2012, 10:55 PM
10 years before you couldn't have vc or gta III, only gta london :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Never played GTA London , but i used to play GTA 1 and GTA 2 and GTA III .

Project Vendetta RP
12/04/2012, 04:07 AM
One day I was playing on GTA San Andreas on the PS2 and I heard some people outside say things about GTA SA on the PC and I was like 'You can get GTA on the PC!?'. I searched for it on my desktop PC and I tried to download it but I kept failing so on a christmas day on 2008 I got my own Laptop and I also got GTA SA :D.

So the moment I unwrapped both my laptop and GTA SA I ran upstairs and tried to download it. SUCCESS! I was like Hell Yea! And after like 2 months I got bored of single player and wished there was online for GTA SA. So I had an idea of searching. I went on Google and I searched 'GTA San Andreas Multiplayer' and the first thing that came up was www.sa-mp.com I clicked on it and it took me to the page. I clicked on download page and downloaded littlewhiteys Mirror and the download succeeded!

It was the version 0.2c [or something like that xD] and when it was downloaded I clicked on the Program and there were no servers there so I thought, 'OMG Screw that all that for fucking nothing..' but just that second I saw the Internet and Hosted Tab. I clicked on Hosted Tab and all the servers came up. I was like WoW! I clicked on a Stunting server and I got excited.

It loaded up and came up a dialog box to register a password. I made a password and then logged in with it. I chose my character as Big Smoke with the armor on. There were millions of cars and a great piece mapping. I said "OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!" I got in the car and drove the car.

Then afterwards someone asked me to get in their car and I was like ohh thats easy so I pressed ENTER/RETURN and I got in but in the drivers seat and he said Wtf man. I was wondering how to speak so I pressed every button and it was T so I said 'Sorry Bro I tried to get in the passengers seat but I dont think that is possible' He replied back saying 'Lol yes it is press G' So then I pressed G and got in. We both started stunting in different places until 1 month later he invited me to join [S4L] which meant Stunt 4 Life.

But I got bored of that server and found out there were forums so I went on the forums and clicked server advertisements and found out you could Roleplay on it. From then I got used and used to SA-MP and loved it. I still do now :P

Hope you enjoyed my story :P

12/04/2012, 01:33 PM
Well I am bored, so why not (just played sa-mp for an hour but I have a bit of a headache now :p)

I had played GTA SA on the PS2 more than any game I ever played. But after a while the singleplayer got old.

Then in 2007 I heard about a multiplayer project for GTA SA, by the name of SA-MP. So I installed it and decided to join the most popular server to see what it is like, back then it was Littlewhitey's server. I played the entire night lmao, that's how fun I thought it was. So for the next few weeks I kept playing on Littlewhitey's server, and then I thought it was the best multiplayer experience I ever had (sa-mp still is in my book :) ) Then when I got the hang of it I learned about clans, and then I applied for them, but I was not good enough for, I can't remember the name but I might be N2G or something like that. But then I got into a smaller clan, but we couldn't beat the bigger clans, then I got into MOB (do they still exist? :o).

However the thing that I hated about being in a clan was that you had to be there at a specific time, mostly around 7pm in the evening, and back then I was still going to school but also was sporting, and went out with friends etc. so I could not always make it, and decided to resign, because I missed a few clan wars without announcing that I wouldn't be there.

So then I kept playing by myself, just for fun and relaxation, still almost only on Littlewhitey's server, but then I decided to create an account at The Godfather RP server, which at first I had no idea what roleplaying was. Back then the roleplaying was not as advanced or strict as it is now, because roleplaying was a rather new aspect. But I also didn't immediatly think that roleplaying was boring, so I decided to play for a while, and, I actually good pretty hooked on roleplaying. Eventually, after I learned how everything worked I got into the EMS (it was very easy to get in the EMS back then, you didnt got a test or anything), and later I got into another official faction when I was fired from the EMS, can't remember the faction, but the roleplay test was on a boat, and afterwards they killed me, so I thought I failed but I actually got invited.

Then unfortunately the Godfather ceased to exist, which was very sad, so most of the guys I knew from there went on to LS-RP, which is still very popular today, and where I had a lot of fun, I remember the wipe as well.

Then I took a break for about a year, but then I started missing sa-mp, but I tried MTA SA first, which is also a good mod, but simply does not have a big playerbase, so I got back to SA-MP and now I still play it almost every day, but not just roleplaying anymore, I play more on freeroam/semi rp servers nowadays.

Maybe if there are any clans still around I might try to get into them again.

13/04/2012, 04:58 AM
I looked up Gameplay vids of GTA. Then came across SAMP. I downloaded it and played on this stunt server and was amazed at the objects. I then later joined some roleplay server called United States Roleplay or something like that. I basically sucked at roleplaying lol. I always got killed, and arrested, so I raged quit for awhile. Later on, I got back into SAMP on a small Light RP server, and from there I grew more knowledge on SAMP, and well ya.

19/04/2012, 09:31 AM
IRL Friend told me :P (Short and simple)

19/04/2012, 09:40 AM
Simple, 3 years ago, i search multiplayer games on google and i find San Andreas Multiplayer, i download it, and after 1-2 years i join www.sa-mp.com comunity :)

19/04/2012, 09:46 AM
-mid 2008 - saw a video of samp on youtube
i installed it, played in a Brazilian DM server and i liked it.
i played like... 3 weeks and then i left sa-mp (got bored)

-december 2008 [xmas holidays]

+/- half year later i came back, joined many stunt servers,dm servers,minigames servers
i saw that sa-mp was more than the 1st server i joined.

-august 2009 - started to be active in some stunt servers.
- april 2010 - i joined a server called stuntlandia, it was awesome :)
-june/july 2010 - i was playing in stuntlandia and a new guy in samp came to the server, his name is Firecat

he invited me to play on his server, he joined sa-mp that week and didn't knew anything about scripting.
he made me admin there, we became friends. he was running driftmodv2 (downloaded gm) with Luxadmin.
at the same time i was playing in a server called Ultimate Stunts, a recently created server.
so..i played both servers but i was more active in firecat's server.
One month later i got tired of firecat's server because he was always abusing with commands like /slap /explode so i left.
i became admin in ultimate stunts 2 months later.

some time later i came back to firecat's server and i became his mapper.
and... guess what...he still abused the commands on me so i left again with all my maps with him.
he opened a server with my maps without credits or permission so he became my 'enemy'.

i was very active in ultimate stunts and in few time i became level 8 in 10 levels.

- september 2010

the owners of the server sold the server to an admin but that admin had no idea how to script.
so i started learning pawn to help him.

- december 2010

i became Ultimate stunts co-owner,scripter and mapper.
the server went from 5000 lines to ~30000 lines in 2 monhts.
i was scripting in a filterscript because the gm was from the owner
gm had 3000 lines
fs had 25 000 lines or more xD

-~april 2011
i became ultimate stunts owner together with the other owner because 90% of the server script was mine.
i started scripting a new gamemode.

-~august 2011
server reached 98/100 players without hosted tab

server changed ip 4 times, we lost almost all of our players.

server atm
35000 objects
30 000 script lines

i'm leaving sa-mp next week because i joined the portuguese army and they already called me.

26/04/2012, 06:21 PM
I play samp a very long time I think all sins 0.2x
the very first servers that I played were stunt team vs team + servers
I miss that or hear that team vs team stuff
I can also remember that there used to be many more people would play samp now and that there are many nice servers have been lost.
Later I sought another server over 100 players
I found a server crazybobs and robbers that I found a few months later that I had played a long time but later I found nothing.

I was looking for a server shortly thereafter more than 100 players and I found a server over 100 players
I found a server called GamerX
I've played so far that really only now I have a perm ban

and now I own samp server

that's my story: D

03/01/2016, 10:05 PM
The first time I started to play was when I was at my cousin, he was playing that game already. I asked why you still play that game (as gta iv was already out) he said that he wasn't playing single player, but multiplayer so I was just like where the hell are you talking about GTA SA and Multiplayer. He said yeah and let me play for a bit. The server where he was playing on was called Unlimited-RPG, which I got really addicted to. I came home and downloaded gta and samp. When I wanted to start the installation application of samp, which I thought back then that, that was the actual launcher, (yeah I was dumb:P) So I was just like it doesn't work.. I called my cousin asking how to install it and he told me that I had to install it into the GTA folder which ofcourse worked. He gave me the IP and everything so I could player. After playing half a year there came a point that my computer died which I got really upset about.. 3 months later my dad bought me a new computer so I could finally play my game again, but guess what...... The server was down! I tried to contact the owner by searching and searching, but I gave up... I had to realise that the best server ever stopped..

So yeah thats pretty much my story of how I started playing samp:P

04/01/2016, 12:33 AM
Ls zombie apocalypsi rulez , my first server <3 , thanks you for all cyber_punk :3

04/01/2016, 09:06 AM
Joined. Played. LEFT.

04/01/2016, 11:15 AM
i found samp online

04/01/2016, 11:17 AM
cousin introduced me to it and its addictive asf if ure into roleplay servers

04/01/2016, 01:27 PM
Simple, 3 years ago, i search multiplayer games on google and i find San Andreas Multiplayer, i download it, and after 1-2 years i join www.sa-mp.com comunity :)
Same here LOL

05/01/2016, 02:59 AM
Well I started playing SA-MP after some search, when I was finding the way to play with another player like in PS2. After some time I saw a youtube video explaining how to download, install and play SA-MP, so I followed all the steps and in the mode filter I typed "hydra" (the only reason I play GTA is because the Hydra!). fortunately I found a server with this mode, Hydra Blast! and the best: was a freeroam! So since that time I had played only that server until 2012 (when I got banned) This server was the only I played because I hated all other servers only because they forbidden this vehicle (I also tried to play in some RP servers but I always got banned/jailed/kicked with the reason: "PG" (the hell is this?), so I hate all of them :cool: ). After my ban I decided to make a server but it was so hard since I had no idea how to put a damn vehicle, all tutorials said the same thing: USE /SAVE and put it in the gamemode. Oh great explanation but how the hell I suppose to do that?! Well after it I started learning C, and finally after editing some gamemodes I started my own gamemode, but no one liked it (hydra mode) so I decided to start another mode after a friend recommend me to change my mind and do things that players like to play, so I started a new mode and I am here still learning and now programming with the Shoebill plugin !

JaKe Elite
06/01/2016, 10:07 AM
Wanna bump this page up for these users out there who wanna share their story on how they got into SA-MP.
Let's proceed to my story anyways..
__________________________________________________ ________
Note; Some details on my story might be misleading as I have forgotten the whole story about how I got on my position now. I will try my best to give you every details of my story getting started on SA-MP. Sorry for my grammar

Caution: Some part of the story is funny as fuck on my point of view.

I started off on 2010 (I am still 10 yrs old). I have been playing GTA San Andreas since I was 7 (Yeah IK I am playing a Rated 18+ game which is at the time are popular here) my dad bought me my own PC (at the time it runs smooth, had all parts running perfectly. It's just a wonderful year for me.) My dad hire a guy to install some games on my PC while installing the Internet is still on process (scheduled at the time). The guy includes GTA San Andreas on the games he installed.... Well chu know, I played like a little kid on single player killing everyone I see with noobie cheats (It is kinda sad that... well you know, Me playing a R18+ game, Murdering peoples in the street. Lucky though that I don't have any intentions to do it IRL as I don't really care about it & am not these kids who got arrested for murdering someone because they are trying to act like in the game for example, Counter Strike or GTA III.) After a week, my internet got installed. I began doing some research, I typed out "gta San Andreas Online MultiPlayer" (my type at the time :p) I have got www.sa-mp.com as the first result so I clicked on it. Messed around with the link buttons until I reached the download page, I have downloaded 0.3a (The latest version at the time) I began playing in every server. My first ever server is Stunt Planet (the server is dead now) I got banned multiple times, I tried to ban evade and do these kiddie stuffs trying to do an undercover, telling the admins that I am a cousin of the banned player (which is me). Let's skip this part, 1 year later, I am playing on Terminator's Minigames Server (now owned by Beremix) It is the server that inspired me to create a server like that. I went up on Google once again to search this out "San Andreas MultiPlayer How To Create A Server" (Again this is my typings :p) I saw a YouTube video tutorial on how to get started. I downloaded the server package (0.3c - 2011) My first ever scripted command is "/heal" under strcmp. My reaction at the time is priceless, I was like "OH MAH GOD, I CAN SCRIPT YEEEE, I CAN SCRIPT MINIGAMES SERVER NOW". I tried to portforward but I failed multiple times, I ended up getting my net fucked out for a year (I am forced to stop playing SA-MP for a while, my mistake leads me on getting kicked out on any servers I played in for no reason, until now I have no idea why it happened.) As the time passes I have learned myself to improve, I Have Stopped Typing Like This and eventually improved my coding skills by reading some tutorial. I joined SA-MP Forums in April 28, 2012 as Romel. My first map is a tragedy and failed, my first tutorial turns out to be successful (which is all about fixing sscanf ID 0 bug at the time) I am known to have a "REP+ me if I have ever helped you" on my signature on my starting days. I have active on releasing stuffs back then, I have released some basic stuffs such as Find The NRG script which has a terrible coding and other saving stuffs like Vehicle Coords. I have made a huge break out under the name JaKe_ (or Jake_ dunno I forgot it - I had a name change) when I released the first version of JakAdmin on 2013, which is the re-made version of RomAdmin. JakAdmin went active for 2 years until It stopped on version 2.9. I have re-made a new version later at New Years 2015 under the new name JakAdmin3. The admin system fails to rank back to it's position as the player prefers the old version of it which is slow. After JakAdmin3, I have stopped releasing stuffs (the very last release I have made is probably my Christmas 2014 Gamemode which is a little bit active today and JakHouse). Well yep, that is all about it... I haven't made my story detailed but I have tried my best to give out the important information on the story. Up-to-this day I am planning to create a new and better admin system but yee uh i am still thinking about it. My RP server is about to launch in January 30..
__________________________________________________ ________