View Full Version : i have problem with game play

25/11/2008, 08:39 PM
when i bought gta s-a i also bought a joy pad 2 play with. but when i play sa-mp they say i have a bug., and i cant get good fair game
this is not fair . they say i should stop using the pad. gut i use a laptop whith a touchpad. and specifically bought pad for thisgame anyway. why should i buy a mouse when i got one just 2 play sa-mp what can i do.?

25/11/2008, 08:54 PM
Well you already know what you need to do and have discounted it. If you only bought it for SA:MP and it doesn't work then there should be no problem returning it and getting your money. Basically you know the solution - get a mouse, if you don't want to do that there's not really much you can do as that is the solution.