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09/02/2009, 01:09 PM
I know they exist somewhere! :p

So I'm looking for a crew to make a shortish video about LAP 2k9. You know, just showing the good bits and whatnot. IF possible, in time with music of some sort? I'll pay you in LAP money XD
I'll give any admin support you need and you (and your team) can have all the credit for it.

Preferably you'll have some smarts, someone who can make a video that strongly emphasizes the point of "join the server now" lol

oh and LAP is Los Angeles Playground. info in signature if you want to check it out first :)

if anyone will take the job it'd be greatly appreciated. not sure what i can do to repay you but if you have any ideas, pitch em ^^

edit: ill give you free houses or pay you in server $$$ if u want :)

thanks for reading

HostName: LA-Playground 2009 Pro
Players: 3 / 150
Ping: 35
Mode: Real LA 3
Map: Los Angeles

10/02/2009, 07:13 AM
In this section, do not:

* Post anything about SA:MP as a whole
* Try to pass something someone else has made as your own
* Post screenshots/videos that are not done using SA:MP
* Treat this a graphics/"GFX" section
* Advertise servers in your posts, you are free to do so in your signature though

10/02/2009, 12:10 PM
my thing was in my sig but now its not so i had to put the server IP somewhere

how can someone make a video about a server with out going there? :p