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Conversation Between Code_Red and justsomeguy
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  1. justsomeguy
    07/01/2012 11:16 AM
    Alright I'll give you that one. But because you called them faggots and all, I figured you might've been in a bad mood.
  2. Code_Red
    07/01/2012 03:39 AM
    Good mood? you must be new here.
    Second of all, these two/three people were going at it. I doubt they will get insulted by that after all that rage.
  3. justsomeguy
    07/01/2012 03:26 AM
    "I love it how a "give me names of good games" thread ended up with a bunch of faggots insulting each other."

    A little bit out of your good mood?

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