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Conversation Between ReneG and Ballu Miaa
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  1. Ballu Miaa
    02/05/2013 05:49 AM
    Ballu Miaa
    VincentDunn? Namechanged how come lol?
  2. Ballu Miaa
    01/04/2013 06:12 PM
    Ballu Miaa
    Haha lol. Just had some problems at that time man. :S
  3. ReneG
    31/03/2013 04:30 PM
    Ohh man. You're talking to the wrong person here lol. Why didn't you go?
  4. Ballu Miaa
    31/03/2013 04:07 PM
    Ballu Miaa
    Thats really good man. Can you teach me basics of Digital electronics , Data structures? I've failed in exams. Did not attend lectures in the college whole semester.
  5. ReneG
    31/03/2013 05:41 AM
    Life is great, I've been studying a lot. Thanks for asking, what about you man?
  6. Ballu Miaa
    31/03/2013 05:26 AM
    Ballu Miaa
    Sup bro? Hows life? Been a long time.
  7. Ballu Miaa
    18/12/2012 05:09 PM
    Ballu Miaa
    Sup my bro? Your on FB or Skype?
  8. Ballu Miaa
    17/11/2012 07:07 AM
    Ballu Miaa

    Whats good my bro!
  9. Ballu Miaa
    12/11/2012 01:36 AM
    Ballu Miaa
    Haha lol! Fucked up timezones. I am tired of scripting whole night. I am so tired that i dont even wish to go to bed now lol :S
  10. ReneG
    12/11/2012 01:35 AM
    I'm doing good! and it's actually night over here lol

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