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  1. Kindred
    01/02/2014 03:46 PM
    Wasn't you the guy who scripted San Fierro Life? Or was it San Fierro Roleplay (Urban Roleplay)?
  2. [HLF]Southclaw
    13/01/2014 10:16 AM
    Unfortunately, values above 2000 shake the player's screen and even higher values make it shake more which is annoying for combat. It would be cool if there was some way to remove the shaking effect though!
  3. offon
    09/01/2014 02:15 PM
    No, the Hustler is my favorite vehicle in the game.
  4. Sublime
    03/01/2014 02:55 AM
    sup sweden boy
  5. Kimossab
    31/12/2013 07:05 PM
    You're welcome, if you need something you can freely ask, I'm not a pro yet, but I can always try to help
  6. Patrick
    21/12/2013 02:22 PM
    - Quoted from Y_Less
    _H - This is the macro to generate a compile time constant hash. This version is used for case sensitive comparisons. A compile time constant is something which is known when you compile the script. The old version of this had words in round brackets with every letter separated by commas. The new version uses angle brackets and no commas. The new version however is slightly less flexible - it doesn't allow quite as long strings and doesn't support spaces. If you have a space in your word only the first word will be hashed. Note that you can mix and match which version you use if you need longer words or spaces.
  7. newbie scripter
    21/12/2013 02:20 PM
    newbie scripter
    See, in strcmp if the text compared is same, it returns 0. to check if it returned 0 , we do !strcmp or strcmp == 0
  8. newbie scripter
  9. Gortex
    14/12/2013 07:25 AM
    On the Metro Life RP? owned by Chaprnks?
  10. Emmet_
    13/12/2013 04:14 PM
    xD. I have too many include now and I've reached the character limit for the signatures.

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