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  1. RayW
    15/09/2013 09:06 AM
    You will get banned soon. Fuck off.
  2. TonyNames
    12/09/2013 05:32 PM
    Okay can you send me that free host website?
  3. justsomeguy
    04/09/2013 01:39 PM
    Lol okay, whatever dude..
  4. justsomeguy
    03/09/2013 05:54 PM
    First off, I haven't. Could you please show me some evidence that I did? Because I just didn't. If I had I would admit it, because frankly, I think you are really annoying.

    And ofcourse I refused to help you! That message was fucking spam! Randomly message random people if they can help you is spamming, and I REALLY don't like that.

    Now, what did that -rep message say? Because I cannot recall -repping you(Especially not in that DayZ Squad topic).
  5. justsomeguy
    03/09/2013 03:59 PM
    I didn't, to be honest.. You would know it is me because I always put a '-jsg.' behind those message thingies.
    Besides that, I never -rep someone just because he/she is being rude. I am not THAT childish, you know.
  6. justsomeguy
    03/09/2013 01:10 PM
    Wasn't referring to the guys' English? I was referring to his outburst when all I did was ask some more information about him.

    But yeah, my spelling sucks, I never know when to use live or life..
  7. Michael@Belgium
  8. Michael@Belgium
  9. Uberanwar
    02/09/2013 09:02 AM
    stahp callin me dikhead!
  10. Uberanwar
    02/09/2013 09:00 AM
    dashit its me lulz

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