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Forum: Server Support 21/06/2018, 06:01 AM
Replies: 15
Views: 467
Posted By iKarim
Re: my A Record for my server not working

Try removing your server with the IP address and only keep the one with the hostname.
Forum: Server Support 06/06/2018, 04:26 PM
Replies: 13,462
Views: 1,409,166
Posted By iKarim
Re: Adventure Of War

Yeah... no.
Forum: Plugin Development 01/06/2018, 04:20 PM
Replies: 191
Views: 48,481
Posted By iKarim
Re: Discord Connector

native DCC_GetGuildMemberNickname(DCC_Guild:guild, DCC_User:user, dest[], max_size = sizeof dest);

Forum: Everything and Nothing 11/05/2018, 07:07 AM
Replies: 29
Views: 2,617
Posted By iKarim
Re: Why is SAMP community like

"mediafire" They invented git and svn for a reason.
Forum: Scripting Help 08/05/2018, 11:42 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 240
Posted By iKarim
Re: Invalid memory access.

Are you using any library that's using #emit? That could be the reason for the issues, but it could happen in many different scenarios. Also if you have any backtrace data, please post it too.
Forum: Server Support 04/05/2018, 02:26 PM
Replies: 28
Views: 2,010
Posted By iKarim
Re: solution for ddos attacks?


No.. If you own a community, you most likely have developers that already know Linux, that is not a reason to pay extra 100.

How did you assume they are not ripping people off?...
Forum: Tutorials 23/04/2018, 04:11 PM
Replies: 34
Views: 15,320
Posted By iKarim
Re: Using new SHA-256 function

Most people use a single password for everything, databases most likely contains users emails and passwords, if you don't hash your passwords, they could easily access the email accounts and start...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 22/04/2018, 06:58 AM
Replies: 53
Views: 4,246
Posted By iKarim
Re: How fast can you type?
Forum: Server Support 21/04/2018, 07:28 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 339
Posted By iKarim
Re: Players desync shortly after connect

Try loading performance profiler plugin and post the result here, it's most likely something takes too long to execute but it's called very often. OnPlayerUpdate?
Forum: Includes 21/04/2018, 07:16 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 922
Posted By iKarim
Re: inline-timers: Use y_inline functions with timers!

Inline textdraw click callbacks? It's possible, but I'd say it doesn't belong to this include, since this is dedicated to timers. I'll take a look though.

y_timers is a part of the YSI...
Forum: Includes 20/04/2018, 07:23 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 922
Posted By iKarim
Re: inline-timers: Use y_inline functions with timers!

I always thought it's a feature of y_timers too!
Forum: Scripting Help 20/04/2018, 12:44 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 267
Posted By iKarim
Re: pvar vs playerinfo[][]

The main reason I'd use PVars is when I need variables that's accessible via filterscripts, but I never really use filterscripts. Arrays are preferred.
Forum: Tools and Files 20/04/2018, 06:43 AM
Replies: 49
Views: 11,131
Posted By iKarim
Re: Visual Studio Code - Updated Pawn Tools for vscode

The most notable feature (at least for me) is the built in git management. Although it may not offer better experience for your PAWN purposes, it's a very good JavaScript/TypeScript and Go editor.
Forum: Scripting Help 12/04/2018, 12:20 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 161
Posted By iKarim
Re: Dini or SQL

Err... No. INI was meant to be a configuration storage, not a database solution. If you can't/won't learn SQL for some reason, there's NoSQL but I doubt there's a PAWN library for that.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 11/04/2018, 01:20 PM
Replies: 49
Views: 2,202
Posted By iKarim
Re: A Good Budget Build?

High end computers are not just for gaming in "ultra high graphics", it's also useful in other stuff, video editing/rendering, modelling, faster building time for big projects and the list goes on.
Forum: Includes 08/04/2018, 11:42 AM
Replies: 35
Views: 3,375
Posted By iKarim
Re: Another deadly SA-MP bug fix (Silent teleport)

And why is that? What's wrong with declaring a constant that's going to be used in a specific code block inside the code block? Why `new` when `static` will be better as it doesn't change thus it...
Forum: Scripting Help 03/04/2018, 06:03 AM
Replies: 14
Views: 517
Posted By iKarim
Re: Ways to make AC

Since you didn't specify what cheat, yes.
Forum: Filterscripts 02/04/2018, 12:13 PM
Replies: 1,283
Sticky: Useful Snippets
Views: 515,615
Posted By iKarim
Re: Useful Snippets

I dislike such usage of macros, forwarding is more cleaner.
Forum: Scripting Help 31/03/2018, 06:15 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 235
Posted By iKarim
Re: SyncTime AMX backtrace

Compile your script with -d3 and reproduce the crash.
Forum: Server Support 28/03/2018, 06:31 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 368
Posted By iKarim
Re: VPS bandwidth

Depends on your forum traffic but 3TB is mostly enough.
Forum: Scripting Help 27/03/2018, 07:04 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 178
Posted By iKarim
Re: need help [system]

There's nothing wrong with correctly using timers, that's something for sure. It depends on the interval, anything that's not called very frequently is and should be fine.
Forum: Includes 27/03/2018, 02:10 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 922
Posted By iKarim
inline-timers: Use y_inline functions with timers!

inline-timers (

This include allows you to use inline...
Forum: Server Support 26/03/2018, 07:06 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 534
Posted By iKarim
Re: SMS ?

Are you trying to create backdoors in a gamemode?
Forum: Scripting Help 26/03/2018, 04:07 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 126
Posted By iKarim
Re: Server doesn't start backtrence error

This. Also to get where exactly that happens, compile the gamemode with -d3
Forum: Everything and Nothing 25/03/2018, 06:57 AM
Replies: 116
Views: 7,813
Posted By iKarim
Re: Is any of the old peeps around?


No.. You can't see someone's IP through Discord, even if you are the server owner.

This aside, I really think this is a pointless argument. Crystallize, if you were banned, it was for...
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