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Wink Re: credits

	    new String[ 1024 ];
	    format( String, sizeof( String ),				""COL_RED"Credits\n\n\
	                                                    "COL_RED"her put any name{FFFFFF}- and his work here ! \n\
														"COL_RED"Gamer {FFFFFF}- Owner and Community Leader.\n\
														"COL_RED"Smokie {FFFFFF}- Have an nice experiance and co-owner\n\
														"COL_RED"Mr.Omer / Karl {FFFFFF}- Best administrator's.\n\
														"COL_LIGHTBLUE"tAxI {FFFFFF}- Vehicle Streamer\n\
														"COL_LIGHTBLUE"Icognito{FFFFFF} - Objects Streamer\n");
		format( String, sizeof( String ),				"%s"CLB"Double-O-Seven {FFFFFF}- Holding Weapons\n\
														"COL_LIGHTBLUE"Roach {FFFFFF}- Some maps. /PKPA /PKH\n\
														"COL_LIGHTBLUE"[03]Garsino {FFFFFF}- Interiors Menu (/INT)\n\n\n\
														"COL_LIGHTBLUE"Helped with beta testing, help providers, assisting(FFFFFF)\n\
													    ", String);

	    ShowDialog( playerid, Credits, BOX, "Credits",	String , "Close", "");

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