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Default Re: Streamer Plugin with Vehicle Streamer

Originally Posted by blinkpnk View Post
I have read all the posts,
I am confused.
I thought that a streamer plugin could stream 2000 vehicle PER PLAYERS for example.
Meaning that it can stream to every players something different, but cannot exceed the SAMP limits PER PLAYER, so the 2000 nearest vehicle of a player in a given radius would a appear, and another 2000 vehicles could be sent to another player. I thought that the plugin would take the vehicles off the servers hands and eliminating limitations server-side, and that only the client would have to respect those.
Isn't that it?

What you said is correct to functions which have native SA:MP per-player variants. So, for example, pickups are streamed exactly like this vehicle streamer: there can be maximum 4096 pickups at once for all players, even with the streamer plugin ! But other features, such as 3DTexts, Objects, etc. have per-player functions which make the limit to be per-player. Streamer Plugin is using internally per-player SA:MP functions and makes their behaviour like global [named dynamic] ones. So if there was a CreatePlayerVehicle it would be possible for the limit to be per-player, but because there isn't that, only CreateVehicle, the limit is global, all shown vehicles summed up.

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