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IsPlayerInDynamicArea - capable of recognizing only PLAYER. Is this possible to get it to work on NPCs too?

response:// @down,
You are probably mad. I'm not gonna use timer for that.
Have spent some great time of my life here since 0.1b version of SA-MP. I will never-ever forget the times I have had so much fun with people around here, during gameplay, scripting and being involed in so many SA-MP projects. Maybe I wasn't so active in FS/INC/GM sections to some of you and never have released that much but there's a reason behind it which isn't actually worth mentioning. I am here to say goodbye to everyone and thanks for all the good times. TLoU (SA-MP) project shall never be finished because of me - but there's nothing we can do about it really. I think I am too old for all of it and same for the gaming (I guess) - I just can not let myself spend any more time in this addictive modification for GTA:SA. I have got something out of it and I respect it so much. Saying that I owe SA-MP my current job that I have is more than enough. There's not any certain steps that you have to take in order to achieve your goals.

Much love from Uncle Riddick, take care everyone.

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