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Originally Posted by AbyssMorgan View Post
PHP Code:
CreatePlayer3DTextLabel(playeridtext[], colorFloat:XFloat:YFloat:ZFloat:DrawDistanceattachedplayer=INVALID_PLAYER_IDattachedvehicle=INVALID_VEHICLE_IDtestLOS=0);
CreateDynamic3DTextLabel(const text[], color, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:drawdistance,
attachedplayer = INVALID_PLAYER_ID, attachedvehicle = INVALID_VEHICLE_ID, testlos = 0,
worldid = -1, interiorid = -1, playerid = -1, Float:streamdistance = STREAMER_3D_TEXT_LABEL_SD, STREAMER_TAG_AREA areaid = STREAMER_TAG_AREA -1, priority = 0);
I've worked with dynamic labels per player but for some reason they get attached to wrong player when the player disconnects/ dies/ spectates, while I also destroy label on OnPlayerDeath, OPDisconnect and in such other places.

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