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Default Re: [HowTo] Fast command processor: DCMD (0.2 Ready)

Originally Posted by 0xF29323
Sorry for the bump, but since this question is regarding DCMD, I didn't want to create a new topic.

Well I was wondering if DCMD would be any different than strcmp when doing a command that doesn't involve a variable, like /help?
If you have a dcmd_help you actually will ignore the params (by using #pragma unused params), but you'll still have the speed/memory improvement (since the local variables, will be added only if you really type /help) and won't accidently use a variable two times. Anyways, if you don't use any variables and so on, just the execution of all other commands can be a little bit slower, since the interpreter needs to ignore the plain-strcmp-help-command, if you put it inline by using strcmp. Hope you get what I mean .

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