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Default Re: [WIP] Super Roleplay (from scratch, SQLite, Unique features, Light RP)

Originally Posted by adri1 View Post
I was investigating and finally got it

I will finish it for samp and will release in some days
Thank you <3

Edit: song that i have converted:
Edit2: I don't like gmx
Edit3: third parameter of /setjob is for set the job (0 = no, 1 = yes)
Np <3
If I find more stuff you will know.

Thank you for this big creation gamemode, you are awesome man.

Btw you should add this:
public OnPlayerAirbreak(playerid)
	OnPlayerCheatDetected(playerid, CHEAT_PLAYER_AIRBREAK);

Anti air-break by emmet & kar, this is the include
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