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Default Re: The new way of SAMP RP

Originally Posted by Meller View Post
ok ye, let's forget the fact that...
- you're 14
- this is my 6th (known) account
- i've been here since let's see.. 2011?
- i never said i'm not 14
- he was trying to be a cunt, i defended some people who never did some harm.
- haven't we all been 13? I know for a fact that you were 13, 1 year ago.

ok k tks bye
1- I'm not 14, im older....
2- Woah, let's see 13 - 7 = 6 years. so you joined in 6 years, well done lol
3- sure you didn't.
4- actually you are the cunt at the moment.
5- Most here is +18, and there's no point by saying that he is 13, since he isn't.

Originally Posted by Meller View Post

sure report me for ban evading, quad accounts, etc etc

not that it will do anything since i've been unbanned but go ahead
sure, if you keep this attitude, Kye gonna ban this time not dugi or some beta tester. (Kye permahammer bans)

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