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Default Suggestion For 'People Looking For Scripters/Helpers'

I just took a look at the allocated thread for 'Looking For Scripters/Helpers.'

Located here:

This is what I thought:

It's spammed, untidy and overall, it's poorly kept. Not to say it's anyone's fault, but I think that this system should be revised. Take a look for yourself.

View the last 5 pages for example:

A few things I noticed was spamming, unnecessary replies, unforgiveable grammar mistakes and poor presentation. It seems really messy, and I thought that no matter how well you present yourself, your post is lost in a massive pool of mess and anarchy. In general, it doesn't seem to me at all suitable to be presenting yourself to help out with a server or asking for help likwise.

In my pondering, I thought that there should be a section seperate for this made separate; the same as the adverts section, where people need 5 rep points in order to post, and maybe 50 posts, with one request per month. This would reduce spam, scammers and poorly structured threads/posts. This in effect would provide far greater benefits for all; Cleanliness. more publicity for people looking for help and also more depth for those looking for a legitimate role in helping a more legitimate community or single person.

I hope that my idea/suggestion is considered for change in this aspect of the forum.

Since this is a forum, feel free to add your opinions to the thread!

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