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Default Re: [Macro] Mutliple macros in one

The thing I don't understand is that %8$ before each "cmd_".
PHP Code:
#define CMD: __:CMD_1:CMD_2:CMD_3:$

#define CMD_1:CMD_2:CMD_3:%8$%1[%2](%3) %8$cmd_%1(%3) <cmd_state: %2>
#define CMD_2:CMD_3:%8$%1{%2}(%3)         %8$cmd_%1(%3) if (Is%2(playerid))
#define CMD_3:%8$%1(%3)                 %8$cmd_%1(%3) 
I'm wondering how the compiler consider "u@(u[_:%0 u@$" ? as a variable?
PHP Code:
u@(u[_:CMD_10]);cmd_ban(playeridparams[]) if (IsAdmin(playerid))

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