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Default HidBar - Displaying the damage above players' heads!

So, another useless script o' mine. Don't worry, this topic will be short.

This script is rather simple as it adds only one feature to the game: Displaying the damage a player receives above his head. Yes, just like when you're playing World of Warcraft!

Maybe this picture will explain it better:

As you can see, the text containing the health rises up and Fade(s) to Black.

Yerp, this is the download section already. Hit one of the following links:

v 1.2 - Source
SoldFiles - Source and AMX

v 1.1
SolidFiles - Source and AMX

v 1.0 - Source
SolidFiles - Source and AMX

Place it/them in your filterscripts folder.

V 1.2:
* Rewrote the script to be more efficient (it uses OnPlayerTakeDamage now, everybody please thank OKStyle for suggesting this, soz for reading it only one and a half year later)
* If the script is unloaded, active HidBars will not float in the air any more

V 1.1:
* Armor now also shows up, instead of only showing health damage

V 1.0:
* Initial release
A few people helped me testing this script:
version 1.0:
linuxthefish. I heard he likes eggs. Please spam his visitor messages.

version 1.1: (Linux wasn't anywhere to be found)
Inteso (otto)

End note: Please report bugs and suggestions. Any feedback is welcome. All donations will go to the charity of Six Legged Cows

Enjoy !
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For fuck's sake people, this whole thread is fucked up now.

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