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Thumbs up SA-MP 0.3e client/server (now released)

SA-MP 0.3e RC

Note: SA-MP 0.3e is now released. This thread will be archived.

SA-MP 0.3e is mainly a security update. Some new features and models are planned. More will be added during the RC period.

- There are some minor security problems in the previous version which is resulting in servers being attacked with specially made tools. Resolving this issue requires both a client and server update.

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC8

- Fixes TextDraw clicking in windowed mode. Similar issues existed for attachment editing in windowed mode.
- More information added to the crash handler in the Windows server.
- The player's controllable state is reset on the server after respawn.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3e RC7-3

- Fixes problem with text-based materials not displaying text on certain background colours.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3e RC7-2

- There were some issues with object material changing (including text materials) where the material changes might effect all objects using the same model ID.

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC7

- Adds SetObjectMaterialText/SetPlayerObjectMaterialText for replacing an object's texture with text.
- Fixes problem with players being randomly cuffed if they spawned for you while alt-tabbed.
- Vehicle seat ID checks are less strict for planes and boats.
- SetPlayerAttachedObject now has 2 additional default parameters for material colour. This will require you to recompile your scripts for 0.3e.
- Material colours are now in ARGB format.
- New models from cessil: Blank squares for creating signs, some replacement buildings and houses.

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC6

- Fixes game crash if your vehicle is deleted while you're using the look behind camera.
- Removes Pay'n'Spray map icons.
- Adds GetVehicleModelInfo() pawn native for getting various information about vehicle models such as size etc.
- Local head movements are automatically disabled when using the attached object editor tool.
- Adds SetObjectMaterial() and SetPlayerObjectMaterial() so you can replace the texture on an object with a texture from another model in the game.
- New objects from cessil: for sale sign, gasmask, grass, poker table.
- Fixes a bug where an uncontrollable player might still appear to have animations (like jumping etc) to other players.

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC5

- There was a new bug introduced in 0.3e RC4 where sunk vehicles might get deleted by the client.
- Fixed: TextDraw still using hover colour after selection was disabled.
- Extra security is added to script callbacks including OnDialogResponse.
- Fixed: Two-sided texture problem with the bucket model.
- Adds per-player TextDraw system with up to 256 TextDraws per player. There are now global-scope TextDraws and player-scope. All TextDraw functions have player variants:

native PlayerText:CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, Float:x, Float:y, text[]);
native PlayerTextDrawShow(playerid, PlayerText:text);
native PlayerTextDrawHide(playerid, PlayerText:text);
native PlayerTextDrawSetString(playerid, PlayerText:text, string[]);
// ..[] etc

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC4

- Should fix vehicle ID messup if a dead vehicle was deleted by the game.
- Player slots for the RC are now uncapped (up to 500 players).
- Fixed texture filtering issue on the new models.
- Added noclip flymode camera example filterscript.
- New models from cessil: 40 more walls, vehicle barrier, bucket, scarf.
- The server can now enable the player's mouse cursor to click on a TextDraw:

native TextDrawSetSelectable(Text:text, set); // the default is 0 (non-selectable)
native SelectTextDraw(playerid, hovercolor); // enables the mouse so the player can select a textdraw
native CancelSelectTextDraw(playerid);	// cancel textdraw selection with the mouse
forward OnPlayerClickTextDraw(playerid, Text:clickedid);

Notes on SelectTextDraw():
- All clickable TextDraws must use TextDrawTextSize to define the clickable area. It is possible to create TextDraws without using this function.
- You should enable the TextDraw box when doing the layout so you can see the region which is clickable. You can disable the box after.

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC3

- Fixed problem where player attached objects might appear floating, not attached to the player - if the game decided to stream the player out.
- Attached objects will be removed when the player respawns or enters class selection, not when the player dies (during the death animation).
- Added new objects from cessil: ~40 new walls including doorways and windows, handcuffs, police lights, speed bump, different coloured headphones.

Screenshots of new handcuffs object:

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC2

- Fixed bug where the player might get teleported to 0,0,0 if they're surfing a vehicle that gets respawned/deleted.
- New pawns:
native AttachPlayerObjectToVehicle(playerid, objectid, vehicleid, Float:fOffsetX, Float:fOffsetY, Float:fOffsetZ, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:RotZ);
native InterpolateCameraPos(playerid, Float:FromX, Float:FromY, Float:FromZ, Float:ToX, Float:ToY, Float:ToZ, time, cut = CAMERA_CUT);
native InterpolateCameraLookAt(playerid, Float:FromX, Float:FromY, Float:FromZ, Float:ToX, Float:ToY, Float:ToZ, time, cut = CAMERA_CUT);
native AttachCameraToObject(playerid, objectid);
native AttachCameraToPlayerObject(playerid, playerobjectid);

Client/server update SA-MP 0.3e RC1

- Fixed a bug introduced in 0.3d where a player might be able to avoid death if they have a custom animation applied.
- An issue setting the player colour of player IDs greater than 500 has been resolved.
- An issue where a player might get kicked if the server used SpawnPlayer() has been fixed.
- Fixed an issue with the server browser where it might crash if invalid data was returned by the server.

Although SA-MP 0.3e is mainly a security update, there are a few new features:

- Added some new models models made by cessil including tophat, cane, several different wall sections.
- Scripted dialogs now have a caption bar.

- The server can get the exact revision of the client using GetPlayerVersion().
native GetPlayerVersion(playerid, const version[], len); // Returns the SA-MP client revision as reported by the player

- A parameter has been added to SetPlayerCameraLookAt() so that the camera will move to the new position, rather than teleport.
#define CAMERA_CUT  2
#define CAMERA_MOVE 1
native SetPlayerCameraLookAt(playerid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, cut = CAMERA_CUT);

- A new tool has been added to make it easier to find positions for player attached objects. This new tool can also be used on ordinary objects.

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