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Default Swat New Generation TDM [First Release]

Introduction :

This Gamemod is a Short edit of New Generation TDM , so , i was bored , and tryed to add more Features for the GM , it is a basic one , and easy to use for beginners .
New Features :

- Map Change System
- There are two maps
- add more commands for Vips(/vmob /vrmob /vbox /vrbox /vip /vskin [skinid] /vshop)
- add /ask command for players
- a vip(premium or gold or silver) win more than normal player at killing
- /slap & /weather & /removescore & /removemoney & /(un)freeze for admins
- /gethere and /goto commands (for admins)
- AFK system (/afk & /back)
- New ban system( /ban to ban an account /permaban to ban a player for ever)
- Saving how many player is kicked/banned (in the database of the player)
- a short /stats command
- and more...

How to use ? :

to check if a player is vip :
Vip = 0 (normal player)
Vip = 1 (Silver Vip)
Vip = 2 (Gold Vip)
Vip = 3 (Premium Vip)

if (Vip[playerid] >= 1) // if the vip lever is 1 or more than it(silver or than)
//do stuff here
to check if a player is an admin :
if (AdminLevel[playerid] >= 1) // if the admin lever is 1 or more than it
//do stuff here
How to get the Player Name ?
new string[200];
format(string, sizeof(string), " **{F5DEB3}your name of the player is {00CCFF} %s !! , PlayerName(playerid));
SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_MODRA, string);


-Credits to SAMP Team
-Credits to Riso135 for the GM
-Credits to Kitten and Toreno for the Map Change
-Credits to Babul for all help he gave me
-Credits to all Scripters who helpped me (sorry i forget your names )
-Credits to Y_less for sscanf and to DarkBlue


PasteBin(Fixed Warnings):
Swat Next Generation TDM : RELEASED !
click here to visit Swat Next Generation GM

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