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Little Clucker
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Default SAMP 0.3e - A few questions!

Hello there, I have a few questions about the new version of SAMP.
1. Why in the main website it's not announced yet?
2. Is it in a development phase or whatever, even if we've come to the RC7?
3. Last question.. When will major RP servers (I don't think I'm allowed to advertise) use it? I thought they're not using that version because it could be unstable, isn't it?

Thanks in advante for you patience if you're willing to clear out my wonderings!
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Default Re: SAMP 0.3e - A few questions!

You should have posted this on its area!

1 - Because it's in development.
2 - It's in Release Candidate Stage 5.
3 - Every server owner have their own criteria regarding this.
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Default Re: SAMP 0.3e - A few questions!

0.3e is in open beta, you can read more about it in here.

It doesn't matter what release candidate it is, as long as it's in RC, it's still in beta.

Most servers update when it's out of the 'RC' beta, typically within 24-48 hours of release.
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Default AW: SAMP 0.3e - A few questions!

Kye somewhere posted that some big SA-MP servers owned by beta testers will switch over to 0.3e by the end of this week.

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