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Default SpawnPlayer

SpawnPlayer still kills the player if they are in a vehicle. This happens if the spawn position is outside of the players stream zone. However if the spawn position is in the stream zone the player will respawn but their camera stays attached to the vehicle.
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Default Re: SpawnPlayer

Lol, no offence, but do you ever give up?

I remember that you reported this problem on IRC numerous times during the 0.3a VIP betas.

The original problem was that the function was causing an issue with the players camera when it was used on a player inside a vehicle.
It was changed in one of the 0.3a release candidates to kill the player prior to them being respawned. This change was obviously implemented because there was no other practical solution to the problem yet you continue to constantly express your concern that this is a bug despite the killing action clearly being intentional.

It's obviously an issue in the game and the current fix is obviously the only practical solution available otherwise I'm pretty sure a better way to compromise it would've been implemented at the time.

There are much more important priorities. If this issue is still affecting you that badly then I'm pretty sure you have the scripting knowledge to create a more practical workaround that may suit your needs.
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Default Re: SpawnPlayer

I don't know then it.

I use this method, in 0.3d this was not work when the player in vehicle. (After spawn, i got beer)
In 0.3e works without any problem, so there are some minor changes.

public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, reason)
	return SetTimerEx("RespawnPlayerAfterDeath", 0, false, "d", playerid);

forward RespawnPlayerAfterDeath(playerid);
public RespawnPlayerAfterDeath(playerid)
	SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 100.0);
	return SpawnPlayer(playerid);
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SpawnPlayer

Use this script:

stock SpawnPlayerPlease(playerid)
    SetPlayerPos(playerid, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
    return 1;

Easy as can be.

[Tutorial] SA:MP Images usage, list and usage.

Please if i helped you.
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