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Default Linux localhost

I am trying to run my server on localhost linux I already have samp 0.3e and the files 0.3e but when I try to connect it shows:
server is not responding...
SA-MP Dedicated Server
v0.3e-RC6, (C)2005-2012 SA-MP Team

[22:03:47] Server Plugins
[22:03:47] --------------
[22:03:47]  Loaded 0 plugins.

[22:03:47] Filterscripts
[22:03:47] ---------------
[22:03:47]   Loading filterscript 'base.amx'...
--Base FS loaded.

[22:03:47]   Loading filterscript 'gl_actions.amx'...
[22:03:47]   Loading filterscript 'gl_property.amx'...
[22:03:47] Grand Larceny Property Filterscript		
[22:03:47] -----------------------------------

[22:03:47]   Loading filterscript 'gl_realtime.amx'...
[22:03:47]   Loaded 4 filterscripts.

[22:03:47] AllowAdminTeleport() : function is deprecated. Please see OnPlayerClickMap()
[22:03:47] Reading File: blank
[22:03:47] Reading File: properties/houses.txt
[22:03:47] Reading File: properties/businesses.txt
[22:03:47] Reading File: properties/banks.txt
[22:03:47] Reading File: properties/police.txt
[22:03:47]   Bare Script

[22:03:47] ----------------------------------

[22:03:47] Number of vehicle models: 0
[22:04:06] Incoming connection:
[22:04:12] Incoming connection:
help : /
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Default Re: Linux localhost

I experienced this once but it was because of a simple act of stupidity. I ran the server on 0.3e but was still using the 0.3d client. So make sure that you're using both 0.3e as a server and client.

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Default Re: Linux localhost

update to 0.3D
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Default Re: Linux localhost

Most likely your using a outdated client.
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