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Default Fappin' N' Slappin' - It's (kinda) exactly how it sounds!

Fappin' N' Slappin'
It's (kinda) exactly how it sounds!

Not my first gamemode, my first released gamemode though.


Basically a game of tig. (If you're British you'll probably know what that is.)
The aim of 'tig' is to touch someone. Once they've been touched, they can't move until someone frees them. The last one to be touched is the next 'tigger'.

Fappin' N' Slappin' is basically the same without the ability to be freed. Once 'tagged' with the instagib dildo (or whatever you set as SLAP_GUN), you die, and spectate The Slapper (tigger). When The Slapper has killed everyone with his instagib dildo, the game restarts. When two people have spawned it will begin deciding a new player to take over the role of The Slapper.

An RCON-enabled admin can start the game prematurely with /start. It will randomly pick a player to be The Slapper.
The arena is the KACC military fuels. There are three spawns; feel free to add more on line 37 (new Float:SlapSpawn[][3]). Or, if you'd prefer, you can change the arena completely. For interiors, remember to add SetPlayerInterior to the spawns. Currently 6 classes, you can add as many as you like.


/start (RCON admin) - starts the game prematurely.
/credits - shows my name. Remove if you want to.


If a player joins, he can run around and do nothing until another player joins, where the server will randomly pick one of them to run around with a dildo and radar eyes.

If a player joins while a round is in progress, said player will spectate The Slapper (man with the purple dildo) until the next round.

The Slapper will have a red name on the player list only. Players won't be able to see The Slapper on the minimap, however they'll be able to see each other. The Slapper can also see players. Nametags are also disabled, to give an extra-cautious feeling to the game. The only way to distinguish friend from foe is by having a direct way of communicating out of the game, for example Skype, and being told that way that whomever one is looking at is friendly. I made it this way because I prefer the excitement of being able to trust nobody.

If you want to re-enable nametags, comment line 55. ( ShowNameTags(false); )

Basic script, add whatever the hell you want to it.
Don't care about credits, either.

PWN is 11.7KB. Compile it yourself. (
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