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Default Your most awkard moment of samp!

Hi SA-MP Community,

Last night I was thinking how I came into SAMP Scripting.

When I was a newbie (i.e. 1 hour had gone after I got the idea), I saw a tutorial on how to create a SAMP Server. I got to learn about server.cfg. After that I saw videos on how to script. At that time I had the server package but I never saw pawno in there. Then I downloaded a gamemode from the forums. That was my first visit to the forums. I used to edit it in a notepad! lol! After I learnt about pawno, I felt that the day I scripted in a notepad was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

In the server.cfg I used to write the gamemode name like TDM or RP then I got to learn that it should be from Gamemodes folder! lol!

Share your awkard moments like mine.
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