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Default Random Messages Using y_timers

Create Random Messages Using y_timers

YSI contains libraries that has more functions then what you think, these functions are designed to save us time and speed up our script, one of these libraries is the y_timers library, when i first begun scripting about 2 years ago i was still using normal timers which is a performance issue if you have more then 10 timers, why ? well because this big amount of timers has a very HUGE impact on you Gamemode's performance, nevertheless i wasn't aware of y_timers until 2 days ago i was looking around the YSI topic and found, because my work was based on using, y_ini, y_commands, so i forgot about the others and how handy the come if you use them wisely. However in this tutorial i am going to teach you how to save time and a little bit of space by using the tasks function in the y_timers, you may now wonder what is tasks, well tasks are simply functions that Gets called at the amount of time you specify, enough talking, let's get working.
What Do We Need ?

Before we start the tutorial we need y_timers, which can be found in the YSI library which can be found Here
Let's Get Started

Step 1
Open a new clean .pwn document and add the followings on top :
#include	<a_samp>
#include	<YSI\y_timers>
these are the includes the a_samp is the ordeal SA:MP functions that we get (must be included in every script you make), and the y_timers include that we are going to use, note that there is YSI in front of it meaning load y_timers from the YSI folder in your includes folder
Step 2
Now under your includes define the color that will be used when sending the Random Messages to the players, simply add.
#define Red 0xFF0000AA
Under Your Includes
Step 3
Now we are going to create an array for our Random Messages, that will contain the random messages, like the following
new randomMessages[][] =
	"Random Message 1",
	"Random Message 2",
	"Random Message 3"
you can add as many as messages as you want.
Step 4
Now anywhere in your script add the following function (the task function)
task RandomMessages[1000]()
	new randomMsg = random(sizeof(randomMessages));
	SendClientMessageToAll(Red, randomMessages[randomMsg]);
as you can see here this is a task that is used by y_timers, the 1000 is the time that this function repeats itself in our case every second, change the time to any time you want.

That is it you now have the simplest Random Message system.

Y_Less - YSI & y_timers
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