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Default Terrorists vs Soldiers [sscanf2, zcmd, y_ini]


Note: This project was not meant to be released in the first place, that's why some parts/features are unfinished or not implemented at all.

This is a quite simple teamdeathmatch script. Like the name already says: there are 2 groups, Terrorists and Soldiers. The goal of the Terrorists is to steal all 3 flags from the soldiers. Those flags can be spread all over the map. The Soldiers however have to try to stop them.

How to win...
  • Soldier: If your team manages it to stop the terrorists from stealing all 3 flags (2 would be ok) for 10 minutes (or longer) your team wins.
  • Terrorist: Simply steal all 3 flags from the Soldiers.

  • Uses:
    • ZCMD
    • sscanf2
    • y_ini
    • foreach (aka y_iterate)
    • Incognito's Streamer
    • Whirlpool
  • Totally dynamic map system
  • Account system

Downsides / not implented features (yet):
  • No Admin commands (only /setmap )
  • Really simple anti cheat system
  • Multi language support was planned at first

Creating Maps

Creating maps is quite simple. If your map uses a filterscript (for objects & vehicles) you will need 2 files:

Map_1.ini (scriptfiles/TvS/maps/Map_1.ini)
Map_1.amx (filterscipts/Map_1.amx)
If it does not use a filterscript (if you don't need any objects or vehicles) you will only need Map_1.ini in this case.

The Map_x.ini must look like this:
Name = <MapName>
Creator = <MapCreator>
SpawnRedX = 0.0
SpawnRedY = 0.0
SpawnRedZ = 0.0
SpawnGreenX = 0.0
SpawnGreenY = 0.0
SpawnGreenZ = 0.0
Interior = 0
Time = 20 // ... The world time you want to have in your map
Weather = 0 // ... The weather you want to have in your map
Flag1X = 0.0
Flag1Y = 0.0
Flag1Z = 0.0
Flag2X = 0.0
Flag2Y = 0.0
Flag2Z = 0.0
Flag3X = 0.0
Flag3Y = 0.0
Flag3Z = 0.0
HasFS = true/false // ... Must be 'true' if you want to use a filterscript for this map (objects & vehicles)


The map IDs must be in a row (e.g.: 0,1,2,3,...). If you delete a map, you must update the IDs. That's not really a good solution, I know. I might change this in later versions. The map system always chooses the next map. If it does not exist, it will automatically set the map to ID 0.


3.24First public release

More or less important stuff
  • How to make yourself Admin: Go ingame and register an account by using '/register'. After that, leave the game and edit the variable 'Adminlevel' in your account file from 0 to 4 (highest admin level).
  • How to change the map (forcing): [You must be Level 4 Admin to do this] Use the command '/setmap [id]'

  • Y_Less: YSI, Whirlpool plugin & sscanf2
  • Incognito: Streamer plugin
  • ZeeX: ZCMD


Terrorists vs Soldiers Gamemode

YSI 3.1
sscanf 2
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