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Default MATRIX4057 Admin Script



- This is admin script that i started back in start of december. I kept adding features to it until i got bored of SA-MP and didn't have much time anymore to develop it.
So here i am releasing this script because i have no use to it. I will still maintain the developing process and fix the bugs so people can enjoy using it.

*** INFO ***

- Extract all files to your server folder.

- This admin filterscript support MYSQL system (planning to create website control panel for this script) but it is currently buggy and you should just instead use INI file format.
If you find any bugs, want to suggest something or give a feedback you can contact me on xfire - 9blade9 or send me an email on [email protected]

- To give you admin permissions ingame you can log into RCON and you will have permissions but if you have static IP, after logging into RCON you can press TAB double click
on your name and use function "Promote" to make yourself admin so you don't need to log into RCON every time you connect to the server.

- By clicking TAB button you can double click on any players name to use admin functions on him.

- You can teleport to any location by going into pause menu, opening map and right clicking on any position on map.

- There are few functions that can be only disabled/enabled in source code. It is MYSQL, function that allows administrators to see what
people type (eg: MrShowman typed /kill) and connection messages which shows who joined the server. I might later make them
configurable ingame. To disable these functions you have just to comment 5th, 6th and 7th line.

- Administrators can only see what normal players type, they can't see what other administrators have typed when the function is enabled (by default it is enabled).

- When global chat is disabled then only administrators are able to talk in global chat.

- When players connect to the server, other players can see what were his previous nicknames, if he plays with same IP, administrators can additionally check players
previous nicknames by clicking TAB, right clicking on players nickname and clicking "Info".

- There are few files that get automatically created when using this filterscript. Admin.log gets created where you can check what administrators
are doing, cmd.log gets created where you can see what commands people were using and statistics.txt is being created that save few stats
from server (eg: Displays connections, kicks etc). There is also configuration.ini file, it can be modified with a text editor but you can configure it
ingame aswell.

- These are not all features, to find out more you have to check it yourself ingame.

*** COMMANDS ***

/healall - Heals everyone to 100% health and 100% armour.
/cp - Opens administration panel in which you can configure server configurations (eg: FPS, Ping limit).
/admins - To see currently online administrators.

/deleteallbans - Clear the ban list. (MYSQL mode only).
/deletealladmins - Demote all administrators. (MYSQL mode only).

*** CREDITS ***

All credits goes to MaTrIx4057. Thanks to Raekwon and Whitetiger for helping with some MYSQL stuff. This script is also using Whitetigers GeoIP.

*** NOTES ***

- To see players ISP, Country, City and Timezone you require Whitetigers GeoIP include which is included but you have aditionally to download
database files and include them in your "scriptfiles" folder. You can download the database files at

- I am not including right now anything that you need to include to run MYSQL mode because it isn't stable right now and shouldn't be used.


- Version 0.2b

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Default Re: MATRIX4057 Admin Script

Awesome! +rep for you!
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Default Re: MATRIX4057 Admin Script

That's a great script.
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Default Re: MATRIX4057 Admin Script

This is truly outstanding, props to you for this.
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Default Re: MATRIX4057 Admin Script

There was problem with old link so i updated it. Thanks for the comments!
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