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Big Clucker
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Default Design journey | Knowledge Sharing

Over the past year I have increased my skill in design using Adobe Photoshop and I have moved to programs such as Cinema 4D and Adobe Illustrator (Still messing with C4D and Illustrator).

I'm the kind of person that would rather mess around with things to see what they do and learn how to use them rather than watch a tutorial on how to use certain things.

I have gone through lots of phases in designing from making signatures to making manipulations.;

Here is an example of some of my work when I first started doing Graphics as a hobby.

I used to think I was absolutely awesome a graphics when I first started, I now look back at these images and realize how much of an idiot I was to think that I was awesome.

Some of my recent work, which I have had a lot of positive comments on.

I have self taught myself almost everything I know and I would like to share that knowledge with the people that want to do some kind of design as a career when they are older just like I want to.

If you would like me to teach you some things in Photoshop or any other programs then add me on skype.

Skype name: jordan_edwards_1990
I have had a great journey so far and hope that I can pursue the career I would love to have.
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Default Re: Design journey | Knowledge Sharing

They're great! :>
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