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Big Clucker
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Default Re: VIP Island

I like it 8/10.
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Kevin FOx
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Default Re: VIP Island

Originally Posted by kristaps702 View Post
I like it 8/10.
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Default Re: VIP Island

Cool very nice 10/10 cool if this is ur first map what will u do in the others
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: VIP Island

what is this madafvcka
PHP Code:
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18322) : error 017undefined symbol "IsPlayerLoggedIn"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18324) : error 017undefined symbol "MAX_GATES"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18326) : error 017undefined symbol "gModel"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18328) : error 017undefined symbol "gPassword"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18331) : error 017undefined symbol "gPassword"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18332) : error 017undefined symbol "gStatus"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18334) : error 017undefined symbol "gStatus"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18335) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18336) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18340) : error 017undefined symbol "gStatus"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18341) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18342) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18347) : error 017undefined symbol "gStatus"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18349) : error 017undefined symbol "gStatus"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18350) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18351) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18355) : error 017undefined symbol "gStatus"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18356) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18357) : error 017undefined symbol "gGate"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18360) : error 017undefined symbol "MAX_GATES"
C:\Users\user\Documents\LTFDM.pwn(18365) : error 017undefined symbol "IsAVIP"
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664              Copyright (c1997-2006ITB CompuPhase

21 Errors

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