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Default player inside vehicle & frozen results in KEY_ACTION assigned like KEY_FIRE (as On Foot)

i just noticed a weird behavior when a player gets frozen in a vehicle:
public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid,newkeys,oldkeys){
	if (!(oldkeys & KEY_ACTION) && (newkeys & KEY_ACTION))
		new Tick=GetTickCount();
			GameTextForPlayer(playerid,"dont spam",500,5);
			GameTextForPlayer(playerid,"be careful",500,5);
...i posted this snippet to let a player get frozen when he spams missiles...
the (frozen) player, set by TogglePlayerControllable(playerid,0) cannot set himself free by pressing the same key he used to get frozen. i checked out my on foot controls:
vehicle, fire = joy7 (flares wont affect, correct)
vehicle, = joy1 (shooting missiles, then freeze, correct.)
on foot, fire = joy1 (punch, wont affect, correct)
on foot, action = joy7 (unfrozen, its warning/freezing as expected, on foot it works reverse (set free) aswell)
i dont know if i fucked up my config (doubt that), can anybody confirm that one single fire_key asigned wrongly when a player is frozen? thank you.

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