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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

JustRoleplay is a community with a script from the scratch. The community got an experienced and a well-treated staff team. The server got four admins and a few more opened assistant/helper positions left.

Port: 7777

Teamspeak 3:
Port: 9987

At JRP (JustRoleplay) we have a lot to offer and even more than other communities due the fact that the script is homemade, from the scratch. Here are some features:

UCP (User Control Panel):
- User Control Panel for your ingame account. You can join the server with your forum name if you so want and then you have the option to create three different characters on that name you chose. The username of IG can always be changed through there is also where you can register.
- You can change the skin through the UCP.
- You can attend to IC events such as president voting.
- You are able to view your businesses, houses and vehicles. Also information about your character as how much money you have.
- Ingame when you talk in global chat (/o) your username you register with will be shown and not your character’s name.

[Faction information, I don’t know how faction system works so please fill in here.]

The jobs are variable of your level and job level. The more you have worked, the more paid you will get.
- Garbage Driver. Realistic driving as you has to actually collect the garbage by picking it up.
- Arms dealer is more of a hidden job.
- Drugs dealer is also a bit of a hidden job.
- Taxi driver, you can drive around people and charge them.
- Truckers.
- Deliverymen as in mail delivery.
- Mechanic employees.
- Fishing is also an optional secondary job if you need to make more money.
- Some other jobs as well!

Dynamic Vehicle System:
- You are able to own up to ten vehicles.
- Simple and normal lock command.
- Insurance, locks, alarms and so on can be bought to the vehicle.
- All vehicles are spawned at same time, if you are not online and your vehicle gets destroyed somehow by someone, it is not valid and the insurance won’t go down.
- Aircrafts, cars, trucks and so on can be bought at different dealerships.

- You are able to own and buy houses.
- You are able to own and buy businesses.
- You are able to lock and do normal things to the properties you own.

Health and death:
- You need to eat to not make your health point decrease each minute. If you don’t eat on a while, it will automatically go down. You can also cook your own food and then eat it by buying eggs and such from a normal local store.
- When driving and crashing, you will lose health points as in real life you would get injured.
- If you die, you have to wait an amount of time until you can /giveup. If you do the command, you lose all your money you have on you and all your guns. If a medics saves you, you will keep all your money.

Audio Plugin:
- We also have the audio plugin scripted in the script which is from the scratch. You are able to listen to many sorts of irl stations and able to suggest more if you feel for doing so!

Recent news:
Jag kan säga er att det finns mycket mer att ge i den här serven. Allting som står ovan finns i scriptet men det finns mycket mer att se och göra. Lönerna har också stigit drastiskt nu eftersom det ska bli lättare för de som är nyare att få en bra start! Se mer om vad som finns här eller besök serven efter att ha registrerat dig på våran UCP! För vår officiella annonsering tryck här.

Vi har även våra egna stats signaturen, som min:

Som ni ser har vi mycket att erbjuda så kom och joina! Språket är engelska men man kan förstås fortfarande prata på önskat språk i PMs.
Tutorial - Modulo Operator

I love math, if you got any questions, contact me, I'll gladly help you!
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Exclamation Roleplay/Freeroam

En vän till mig, Norsk förövrigt, har tillsammans med en kunnig scriptare skapat denna servern. På servern talas för det mesta Engelska, men Norska och Svenska är också tillåtet i vissa fall! Om någon av er har spelat på SkR, uG, eLg eller SkG så vet ni precis hur det går till! Riktigt kul sätt att lira på faktiskt. Det är roleplay, men inte alls "heavy". Det är hittils bara 14 slots på servern, men det kommer att bli betydligt fler inom kort. Ungefär 30-40. Det sköna med så "få" slots är att man får en grym gemenskap med alla spelarna, speciellt om man flitigt använder serverns forum. Alla casinon är öppna och det finns massvis med jobb för att tjäna pengar. Det finns även organisationer att gå med i, såsom Polis, kriminella verksamheter (maffiafamiljer, gäng etc), etc. Man ansöker att gå med organisationer på forumet ( För pengarna man tjänar kan man köpa bilar, hus och "affärer" (Casinon, butiker, etc).

Own made prison
Dynamic faction/organization
MySQL based(We won't get hacked, Never)
Running on volt-host
Dynamic houses,business
A good dealer system(Car owning system)
Dynamic Clothe shops ! Which means theres more choices.
Ability to change name fast & easy!
Good cellphone system
Good banking system
You can tune YOUR owned car!
You can even use walkie talkie

And... many others to be discovered

Förövrigt finns det BETYDLIGT mer att göra än det som står ovan. Bara de saker jag spontant kom på.
[email protected]

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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

Nah, my server have run into ruin, remove my reply, sorry.

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Old 28/03/2012, 12:44 PM   #34
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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

Los Angeles RolePlay

I started this server by myself for having a bit fun and now i'm really seriously. I'm currently looking for faction leaders and a great staff team.

Server Information
Port: 7778
Slots: 25 (will be raised)
Location: UK, Kent

Script Features
Dynamic House System.
Use /helpme to ask questions.
Cellphone System.
Report System.
Vehicle Shop.
Business System.

More to see!

Faction Leaders
We have currently 18 factions. To be a leader you have to know how to RolePlay.

Use /helpme ingame if you're wanna be leader of any faction.

Police Department - Leader
FBI Agent - Not Needed Yet
National Guard - Not Needed Yet
Firemen/Paramedic - Leader
Katana Family - No leader
La Cosa Nostra - No leader
Government - Leader
Hitman - Leader
News Reporter - leader
Taxi - No leader
The Unforgiven - No leader
Wiggin Village - No leader
East Side Cripz - Leader
Los Santos Sheriff - No leader
Hombres Mexicana - No leader

See you Ingame!
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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

About Us

- We are a hard working Community.
- We have an 24/7 server that is hosted on Volt Host.
- We have a forum available:
- Our server is based in Los Santos, extending to the whole San Andreas soon.
- We have an majority of 5 people per 3 hours so far but we wish to grow.
- We have an unique backpack system.
- We have Unique maps added.
- We have an dynamic dealership
- We're currently searching for faction leaders.
- We're currently searching for administrators.
- We're currently searching for mappers.
- We're currently searching for scripters.
- We are an very kind and generous community.
- More cmd's will be added when the updates arrives.
- We have an unique SpeedoMeter.
- We have an unique /AFK system.
- We have an qnique /mask system
- And we got much more to offer.
- And most of all, we are proud of our server and you are more then welcome to join us and feel the same.

Faction/Family Leaders

We have currently 14 factions available for you and we also got 14 family slot's for you to take over. To be a leader you have to know basic RolePlay.

Use /report Ingame if you're wanna be leader of any faction.

Police Department - Got an leader
FBI Agent - No leader
National Guard - No leader
Firefighter/Paramedic - No leader
CIA - Got an leader
Government - No leader
Hitman - No leader
News Reporter - No leader
Judical System - No leader
Tierra Robada - No leader
Taxi - No leader
Noose - Got an leader
San Fierro Police Department - No leader
San Andreas Sheriff Department - No leader
And we got 12 family slot's of 14 available.

See you Ingame!

Server Information

Our website:
Teamspeak Server: (Coming soon)
Server Capacity: 20 player's.
Our Community started at 2012/04/04.

- We have switched our I.P because, we switched our location of the server to France, for a less laggy server/crashes.

We're based in Los Santos, and we hope you come and join our server, and help us grow our community and most of all, grow you interest and experience in roleplaying. The more players you invite, or come on, the more spaces there are for the admin roster. More information will be added soon.

Best regard's, The Aqua Roleplay administration team.

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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

Super Stunting World! En stunt server med olika /dm /teles /cmds /animlist, Tryck H för Super Boost och 2 för repair. Och vi har nyss öppnat och vi är i stor väntan på spelare!

|̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿|͇|͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿)|͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿).... |̿ V ̿||̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ ....|̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿' |͇ ͇ |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿|͇ ͇\̿ ̿ |̶͇̿

I'm learning to script and gonna make my first server, It's gonna be a Gang War Deathmatch, Hope you join it's gonna be portforwarded,

It maybe suck cuz i have just scripted about 4 hours
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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

Har en Grym server som jag spelat på i 4 månader, Jag tänker inte göra någon fancy advertise men jag kan ju iallafall berätta om vad det är för server.

Det är en unik Stunting server med endless stunts, Vi har precis lagt in en parkour map som jag har "mappat", Riktigt grym efter kritiken! Och alla talar engelska i denna server, Vi har VIP System som tillåter dig att köpa "the forbidden" vapnena, Och flyga/köra Hydra/Hunter/Rhino. Det som jag gillar med denna server är att det är GRYMT vänliga och roliga spelare/admins i den. Letar du efter en server som du vill spela länge på? Då är denna server just för dig.
Nämnde jag att en EXTREMT STOR update kommer snart? Inte? Då gör jag det nu, Det kommer en EXTREMT Stor update snart med MASSA nya maps. Inte nog med det! Det kommer nya kommandon och en helt ny Layout på hela servern. Det får du INTE missa! Jag tycker du ska joina servern nu, Det lär du inte ångra!

OBS! Servern är på 0.3c, alltså INTE den nyaste updateringen på 0.3e.

Här har du en banner som du ser om servern är online och hur många players som är i den just nu.

Om du är jävligt lat ( Som Jag ) Så har du IP'n här som du bara kan kopiera:

Players: 94/100
Ping: 60
Mode: Stunt/Race/Drift/Fun
Map: San Andreas
Version: 0.3c
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Old 26/09/2012, 08:00 AM   #38
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Default Re: Annonsera din server här!

The server is to make different truck runs, but there is also a wide selection of second job to do too.
- trucking missions (385 routes)
- busdriver missions (12 routes for now)
- trucker's license and busdriver's license can be bought at driving school in Doherty (allows you to choose your own routes)
- speedometer with fuel-gauge (you can refuel at a gas station, just park your car over a refuel pickup and honk the horn)
- pilot missions (you need to transport passengers and cargo between the major airports with a shamal airplane), this class has 82 routes (also includes helicopter routes, these only transport passengers)
- alot of commands (use the /cmds command to list them all)
- police class
- mafia class (you can steal a trucker's trailer or truck when they have a load that's wanted by the mafia)
- housing system (2 houses per player by default, editable)
- car-ownership (maximum 5 vehicles per house, not editable)
* - house-level 1 or 2 supports 1 carslot
* - house-level 3 or 4 supports 2 carslots
* - house-level 5 or 6 supports 3 carslots
* - house-level 7 or 8 supports 4 carslots
* - house-level 9 or 10 supports 5 carslots
- rentable cars (Wang Cars), these disappear when you logout, you won't get it back when you login
- speedcamera's to catch speeders (the police will see speeders in red on the radar and need to fine them)
- business system (you can buy up to 2 businesses, these generate money every hour even when you're offline)
- roadworker class with 2 job-types: you can use a utility van with utility trailer to fix speedcamera's and you can use a towtruck to tow broken vehicles to the shredder
- several anti-hacking systems, such as anti-jetpack hack, anti-money hack, anti-score hack, speed hack (anyone driving a vehicle over 300kph is kicked), anti-weapons hack
- built-in bank system (deposit and withdraw money, transfer money to online or offline players and hourly intrest of 0.1% per hour, even when offline)

- Dynamic organization
- Dynamic gates
- V.I.P.
- Roleplay commands
- Seatbelt system (lose health if you crash if you dont use the /seatbelt)
- All commands added to /cmds
- Fixed housing
- New islands (big one)
- New truck/bus depot.
- New load/unload locations.
- API included, ban system.

Alot more, join the forum and our server and find out by yourself.

Our self standing client
UT-Client-Win Download 0.01

MusicStreamer Mediafire 0.1
$mooth Browser Download 0.2
UT-Client-Win Download 0.01

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