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Default Re: Making Basic calculator commands.

made this quickly don't even tested but it should work much better than yours.
pawn Code:
   new Float:n1,signal[2],Float:n2,str[30];
   if(sscanf(params, "fs[2]f", n1,signal, n2)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "Usage: /calc number (+,-,/,*) number(Ex: /calc number + number )");
   switch (signal[0])
       case '+':
           format(str,sizeof str,"%.2f + %.2f = %.2f",n1,n2,n1 + n2);
       case '-':
          format(str,sizeof str,"%.2f - %.2f = %.2f",n1,n2,n1 - n2);
       case '/':
          format(str,sizeof str,"%.2f / %.2f = %.2f",n1,n2,n1 / n2);
       case '*':
          format(str,sizeof str,"%.2f * %.2f = %.2f",n1,n2,n1 * n2);
   return 1;
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Default Re: Making Basic calculator commands.

Originally Posted by TaLhA XIV View Post
I know this is a slow way and cause the newbies would not use zcmd and things the first day,And I said that this was for newbies not for pro's like you ,thanks for the reply.
That is WHY you should use ZCMD! Not doing so only propagates poor coding practice which, by the way, is one of the things I said NOT to do in the tutorial on writing tutorials! If you claim you're not teaching them ZCMD because they don't know ZCMD, then how do you expect them to learn it?
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