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View Poll Results: is the IPhone 5 really needed?
Yes 19 18.27%
No 47 45.19%
I don't really care. 38 36.54%
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Default Re: IPhone 5 - Is it really needed?

I really hate getting into these Apple vs (insert company name here).

What is going to last longer? Not the iPhone. I'd never buy an iPhone even if I was the super rich. I had the first iPhone, broke within two drops, one onto carpet. The original was even tougher than the one now! I have dropped my neo v countless times and it works perfectly without an issue. iPhones are designed to break so you will upgrade to the newest one, their parts are shit. Yes, their customer support is amazing, but what do you expect? You pay tons of money, you are going to get great support. Can you, um, TAKE OUT THE BATTERY!? Nope, and if you do manage to unscrew all the screws needed to get it out, you would be voiding the warranty and that amazing customer service is gone, and then you have to pay over $50 to get them to even TALK to you. Apple, screw you.
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Default Re: IPhone 5 - Is it really needed?

Originally Posted by carz0159 View Post
its outdated because what apple calls new and innovative was used in android phones a year ago. theres a big diference between looking advanced and being advanced. android is more resource demanding, but to make up for it they have 2x more ram, better cpu, and oh ya, what do you do on your phone thats so resource demanding. even if the s3 is alittle worse in the benchmark, its a 4 month old phone, and its 100$ cheaper
You should not forget that Apple was the first creating a smartphone with decent OS back in 2007. All smartphones created after are technically a copy of their main idea. Trust me, I'm an engineer - I can guaranty that the hardware of the iPhone 5 is both looking and functioning more advanced compared to the cheap hardware of the S3.

Originally Posted by Toni View Post
You guys are missing the point. The iPhone 5 is a real "worth it" upgrade.

If you guys think a larger screen, thinner, lighter, overall great performance isn't a upgrade, then I want you to tell me why so many people had upgraded to the iPhone 4S even when it was just a way to introduce iOS 5, an 8MP camera, and Siri. The iPhone 4S had a new CPU chip yes, but it wasn't all fantastic, with just the new iOS features as the "big" upgrade. What you see in the iPhone 5 is a entirely different design with larger dimensions and lighter weight, thinner phone with sapphire crystal lenses. You have the headphone jacked moved down to the bottom for the first time in all iPhone generations, you have a small pin-connector for the first time in all iPhone generations, an aluminum back plate with glass above and below the aluminum. The camera was also upgraded with better low-light pictures. It shows up brighter, and effectively a much better picture. They also upgraded from 720p HD recording to 1080p - that is a very nice feature for a recording on a phone. You also have 16:9 widescreen viewing, which means you can view more of a video in resolution terms. LTE is also a major upgrade from past iPhones. Especially because with all the past iPhones only being able to cope with 3G speeds. Yes, LTE speeds are different in certain areas, but for most places in the US, the speeds are superb. Another great feature is the front facing FaceTime camera being able to record 720p. The quality in the 4S/4 front camera was terrible under low light conditions for recording. Now you can get more out of the front camera.

So before you say it was a "minor" upgrade, read your facts and reconsider the big jump from the 4S to the 5, comparing it to the 4, to the 4S.


The Samsung Galaxy SIII looks pretty amazing I'm not going to lie, but everything they have to offer is in Android, which I absolutely hate. iOS is so more simple. It's the simplicity that attracts most normal everyday users. Sure with Android you can customize it more, but for most of the world it isn't needed. It's those people who are very interested in technology and customization are the people who would actually learn how to customize Android with all the other features. The big reason is simplicity in iOS is why it gets so many likes. Yes I agree Apple is a big douche when it comes to restricting their software. But what's the really big thing about it? Just not being able to use Adobe Flash. I honestly would rather not have Flash then use Android.

If you wanted to customize iOS, just wait for a jailbreak patch to be released. It's not hard. And again like I said, it's only those true people who are more interested in the customization of the OS that would jailbreak an iPhone. But for most of the people who use an iPhone, it's simplicity is enough for an everyday user.
Totally agreed. Stop discussing and read this post instead to answer your question.

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