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Little Clucker
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Default help! error 0x007f0bf7

when i have connect to server("Connection success. Loading network game...") i get error message: [img][img]
disassembling shows me:
007F0B8D jne 007F0BE0
007F0B8F mov esi,dword ptr ds:[0C97B24h]
007F0B95 mov esi,dword ptr [esi+0BCh]
007F0B9B mov dword ptr [edx+8],esi
007F0B9E mov edx,dword ptr ds:[0C97B24h]
007F0BA4 mov esi,dword ptr [ecx+0A0h]
007F0BAA add edx,0BCh
007F0BB0 mov dword ptr [esi+0Ch],edx
007F0BB3 mov esi,dword ptr ds:[0C97B24h]
007F0BB9 mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+0A0h]
007F0BBF mov esi,dword ptr [esi+0BCh]
007F0BC5 add edx,8
007F0BC8 mov dword ptr [esi+4],edx
007F0BCB mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+0A0h]
007F0BD1 mov esi,dword ptr ds:[0C97B24h]
007F0BD7 add edx,8
007F0BDA mov dword ptr [esi+0BCh],edx
007F0BE0 mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+0A0h]
007F0BE6 or al,3
007F0BE8 mov byte ptr [edx+3],al
007F0BEB mov al,byte ptr [ecx+3]
007F0BEE or al,0Ch
007F0BF0 mov byte ptr [ecx+3],al
error->007F0BF3 mov esi,dword ptr [esp+0Ch]
007F0BF7 mov eax,dword ptr [esi+98h]
007F0BFD mov dword ptr [ecx+9Ch],eax
007F0C03 mov dword ptr [esi+98h],ecx
007F0C09 mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+98h]
007F0C0F mov dword ptr [ecx+4],esi
007F0C12 mov edi,dword ptr [esi+0A0h]
007F0C18 test edx,edx
007F0C1A mov dword ptr [ecx+0A0h],edi
007F0C20 je 007F0C36
007F0C22 push edi
007F0C23 push edx
What i must to do to disappear problem?
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