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Exclamation SA:MP Surface-to-Air-Missile 0.4.1 Release


What is it?

This include is a dynamic system of Surface-to-Air-Missile batteries. Better known the Anti-Air guns at Area 69. With this include you can place one of these systems ANYWHERE around San Andreas.

How does it work?

The system is built with timers that update the SAM's and the missiles. When you trigger the SAM site it will fire what looks to be a missile, which is actually a hydra flare. The missile travels at selected speed and once it gets close to you it triggers 3 explosions and destroys your plane/helicopter. The system works on ALL aircraft, civilian and military.

How to install?

Extract the SamSites.rar file into your server directory and all the correct files will go into the correct folders. It is important that you keep the filterscript file as the same name, as it will be used to restart the system.

How to add SAM Sites?

There is ONLY ONE way to create a Sam Site now. The system has been reduce to ONE function for creation, simply to stop confusion.

native AddStaticSAM(Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, Float:srange=DEFAULT_SAM_RANGE, Float:sspeed=DEFAULT_SAM_SPEED, bool:CSO=false, Float:rX, Float:rY, Float:zZ);

The following parameters with an * are mandatory to the function, any other parameter you DON NOT need to add.
*Float:X = X co-ordinate of your Sam Site
*Float:Y = Y co-ordinate of your Sam Site
*Float:Z = Z co-ordinate of your Sam Site
Floatrange = range of your samsite
Floatspeed = speed of your Missile
bool:CSO = If you need to create a SAM Site object, then you must put true here. ** Scroll down to see important information
Float:rX = Rotation X co-ordinate of your Sam Site object
Float:rY = Rotation Y co-ordinate of your Sam Site object
Float:rZ = Rotation Z co-ordinate of your Sam Site object

** To keep srange and sspeed as their defaults, but you want to create a Sam Site object, you must have this layout:


Placing a '_' in a parameter will make sure it is assigned to the value its given in the function calling.
AddStaticSAM(237.5797,1698.6908,23.8673,400.000,108.00); // example of custom range and speed values
AddStaticSAM(15.3281,1720.9646,23.8673,_,_,true); // example of creating a Sam Site object, but keeping default range and speed
AddStaticSAM(188.2694,2083.4644,23.9063_,_,true,1.0,1.0,0.0); // example of creating Sam Site object, keeping default range and speed and also adding in custom rotation values
AddStaticSAM(354.5453,2030.3062,23.8750); // example of creating a system ontop of one of the Area 69 SAM Turrets with no custom range or speed values

To change how many SAMS this system can handle, Find System Config and change

#define MAX_SAMS 32

to what ever it is you want. I suggest not going for an extreme number.

Team Compatibility:

WARNING: As of v0.3 the default team compatibility has been removed, see below.

The callback "OnSamSiteUpdate" allows for you to cancel a SAM from firing. This can now host any team script like gTeam.

You must use return 0; to cancel a SAM from firing now. SAM_cancel(); NO LONGER EXISTS!

public OnSamSiteUpdate(samid, playerid)
   if(samid == 1)
       if(gTeam[playerid] == TEAM_ARMY)
         return 0;
   return 1;

SAM Site Labels

Now it is possible to add 3D Text labels to your SAM Sites through the script, basically no work at all.

Simply add under SAM_start(); in OnGameModeInit()

CreateSamLabel(samid, label[], color, Float:DrawDistance, LOS);

Area 69 SAM locations:


Dead Sam Bug

In v0.4 there is an attempt to fix the SAMS from dying after a while.

This is why you need to run it into a filterscript. The system will automatically restart the filterscript every 30 minutes my default, though you can change this by changing RESTART_TIME, remember it is in milliseconds.

Also, if you need to change the name of the filterscript for whatever reason, change RESTART_STRING to the correct string or the system will fail.

In the near future, I do hope that I can make this system mutli-script compatible, so you can communicate the system with filterscripts and gamemode at the same time.. this unfortunately will have to wait right now.

(Some older versions removed)

(No pastebin will be offered)

SA:MP SamSites 0_4_1.rar << DIRECT DOWNLOAD ONLY!


- First Release
- Now doesn't fire missiles after you are dead from the first missile
- Now there is a "Drag" feature, if the missile is alive for more than 25 seconds, it will blow up.
- Now the missiles DO NOT stay at the place where the detonated.
- Added new functions.
- Added SAM Sites based on Team.
- Added ability to set custom Range and Speed of missiles per samid.
- Added functions that create a SAM Site object - Level to the ground.
0.3 BETA 
- Added callback OnSamSiteUpdate
- Attempted to fix the missile chase id (should chase correct vehicle)
- Removed default team script
- Added new function
- Removed a function
- Variables cannot be samid's
- Fixed the Array error
- Fixed the Callback
- Variables can now be used as reference to the samid
- Fixed the tracking of missiles, missiles now SHOULD chase the right vehicle
- Added a restart timer, this restarts the SAMS system in attempt to stop a bug
- Added Sam Labels
- Fixed the buged SAMS at 0.0,0.0,0.0 - Credit to rs2fun111 for finding this bug
- Added new callback OnSamSiteRestarted
- Attempted fix of "Dead Sam Bug"
- Added 'under the radar' checking
- Updated the Default limit to SPEED and MAX_SAMS
- Removed 3 functions and merged them into 1
- Attempted a new fix to "Dead Sam Bug"
- Changed OnSamSiteUpdate usage for stopping friendly fire
- Removed SAM_cancel();

4 April 2012 - Script Development Discontinued until futher notice.
- Sam Sites stop working after a period of time (Since 0.1) (Fix not yet confirmed)

If you can add credits to me for this, and not re-release it under your own name it would be appreciated.

Please post any bugs that you may encounter. I unfortunately can't guarantee a fully bug-free script with this first release. None have been found so far.

Thank-you to Μαστερμινδ, lrZ^ aka LarzI and [HiC]TheKiller who helped with an array error.
Have just returned to SA:MP as of 21/07/2015
Will be reviewing one of my old scripts and releasing a new version!
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