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The Lords OF War community, also known as LOW, is a community which was founded in 2014 as a simple server, since then the management team have been dedicating their time and efforts to improve the community and enhance the game play of the community members with active developers and interested staff members who also dedicate their time into securing the server, helping the development team, participating in tests which all aim for providing the players as neat game-play as possible without the disturbance of lag, issues or anything that would cause any difficulty to play - which is the reason the server has been growing and growing in numbers since then.

The server is based on a team death-match mode which is scripted from scratch, features are being developed with total realism and neatness, our top priority is providing quality game-play which is something we promised to our players. So, now describing the main concepts of the game. The server is based on the desert of L.V, each team has a base, the base includes a weapons shop - Briefcase, a Prototype and a Radio tower, where each one of these stuff have their uses and importance within the game-play. The teams don't just fight against each other by killing only but also by stealing enemy prototypes, capturing their zones and destroying their radio towers. Losing one of these stuff affects the whole team either in lesser score/cash or in lesser capabilities e.g. Losing radio tower disables talking in team radio unless the radio tower is repaired.


- 7 Country teams
- 12 Classes
- Killing streaks
- Capturing sprees
- Headshots with Sniper/Rifle
- Nutshots in death-match arenas
- Death-match system with various arenas
- 1x1 Dueling system [Multiple weapon choice]
- Prestige weapons [Select two weapons to spawn with]
- Achievements system
- Weapons laser
- Body weapon toys
- Cash bounty
- Bonus zones
- Equipment [Landmines, medic kits, armor kits, spy kits, PL, ...]
- Briefcase at each base
- Prototypes
- Radio towers
- Nuclear system
- Anti aircraft vehicles
- Paratroop [Select base to be dropped in]
- Weapons pickup and drop on death/H key
- Airstrike system
- Custom spawn location [/sp]
- Switch team/class [/st - team | /sc - class]
- Rustler rocket drop
- Toggle Interface
- Team radio
- Landmines and dynamite
- Backup/respond system
- Clan system [Clan weapons, chat, levels, XP, ...]
- Clan war system
- Custom player settings
- Ranks, rank bonuses and perks
- Gas mask and tear-gas animation/effect
- Breakable head-shot helmet
- VIP abilities and commands
- Realistic animations e.g. planting dynamite
- Animation commands
- Capture zones, zone rewards, ...
- Assist capture, prevent capture, ...
- Automated away-from-keyboard system
- Anti death evade / commands abuse
- Detailed /help command
- Private messages and instant respond
- Team death-match, death-match and racing events
- Competitive challenges system with automatic expiration
- Action key 'N' e.g. for pickup weapons, opening briefcase, ...
- Top lists e.g. top kills, deaths, cash, score, ...
- Play time bonuses, play longer for greater rewards
- Special join gift for newbies
- Automatic re-spawn on dying in death-match
- Instant join shortcuts for death-match
- Pilot license [unlocks heavy air vehicles for one life]
- Attractive death style

Many more features to discover in-game!




VIP Perks

Weapon drop

Commands menu

Class details

Clan commands

Player commands

Briefcase / weapons shop

Nuclear help

Special commands / class commands


Capturing a zone....

Player settings


That's clearly just a simple image of how things look in the game, but why not check them out yourself?


As clear as the title says, we care for your opinion in developing our server, all your words and your feedback matters a lot to ourselves and we are proud of what our players say about us, whether bad or good. Games are made for players to play in, that's a fact, that why we like to listen to our players opinions and put them into consideration because after all, the development is all for the players to enjoy and not to be enforced to play under conditions which doesn't satisfy them.


It's true that updates are being tested and looked deeply before being publicized but sometimes we don't notice something and this is subject to happen and doesn't cause much trouble, by participating in reporting the bugs it helps us a lot to save a lot of time and provide as best quality game-play as possible.


We may have the excellent team at the moment, but why not have more valuable additions to the team? If you believe yourself eligible to join our mapping or administration team please apply for the position you prefer / wish on the right forum boards after accomplishing the minimums and filling the right format.

With us, you shall never be bored again, join the war now!


Discord Server:
Server Forums:
IP Address:
Hosted Tab: YES
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