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Default Fort Carson Roleplay [BETA]

Fort Carson Roleplay - Strict Heavy Roleplay - Make yourself at home

Fort Carson Roleplay is a server based on Bone Country and Fort Carson as a capital, it's made so you feel just like home, and enjoy playing our content, which we will improve by your feedback, we are a heavy roleplay server so we do not accept people that can't understand anything about Roleplay or english at all. You're supposed to have fun while playing the server, you can also share your personality with the community throughout the forums, make yourself at home.

Our server is built by both uniqueness and simplicity, we have self made maps, which will leave you a good impression and scene ideas, along with faction ideas you may come up with and if you're qualified enough you may have your very own faction along with it's uniqueness, we also have very simple but useful features that you don't see on most of the servers. For example, you may own your very own company, not business, but company to get rich fast, however for this there are certain standards which you need to achieve. We also have a Mapping Law which we go by, ALL The mapping in the server is under 1,000 objects, to avoid lag and to make players feel happy!

Our jobs contain many features to make sure that you don't get bored whilst doing them, as you will have to work a lot for what you have. As our server is heavy roleplay, we don't refund and have a very realistic economy, so jobs pay realistic salaries, meaning you will need to work for what you have!

We have a small but very professional and active staff team. We are here to help full-fill all of your needs, being in game needs or anything you would like to be added to the server - mapping or scripting - to make your roleplay'ing experience come to life!

We have a custom UCP from where you can change your skin, buy credits, get support, message people and a lot of other features! The UCP can also be used to manage your character/faction/company, from your web browser.

We have an amazing mapping technique, where we try to be super efficient.The whole of Fort Carson is customly mapped, and we've used under 1,000 objects to avoid players lagging and interrupting their roleplay'ing experience. We have 17 Exterior maps & 4 Interior Maps AT THE MOMENT, and A LOT more to come, no lag at all for gamers with decent computers!

If you're looking for an amazing heavy roleplay server, located in Fort Carson, with a experienced staff team, then look no more, you have found us, Fort Carson Roleplay. Hop onto our server and start enjoying yourself, stop wasting your time with all the other servers that just want you when they are new and then don't appreciate you when they've gotten to the top.

Join us today, and we'll make sure that you will enjoy yourself!

Fort Carson Roleplay - Strict Heavy Roleplay - Make yourself at home
[Coming Soon!]

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