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Default ARCADIA ROLEPLAY: satisfaction guarantee - deep lore - San Fierro

[arcadia2k] is an online gaming community founded on the ideas of simplicity, diversity, and interactivity. Years of development work went into this project and Arcadia Roleplay is now open for public once again. We are looking for mature roleplay enthusiasts who are interested in a roleplay server where real life is tastefully parodized. We offer a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and fairly reward those who contribute. If you are looking for a fresh start in a fresh community, read on to learn more about our community and SA:MP server.

I'll skip common and insignificant script features and inform you about the subjects we focus on and take pride in.

Politics: We roleplay living in an autonomous U.S. microstate located in the Caribbean, ruled by benevolent despotism. This ridiculous concept often results in very entertaining RP scenarios. We spent a long time preparing a functional local government structure, composing a decent constitution and laws, and creating all the necessary systems for political roleplay. There will be frequent elections so everyone influential enough will get a chance to govern their province or the State itself. Wiki page of our fictional State of Arcadia can be found here in Arcapedia section of our forums.

Nature: Arcadia's nature is as alive as this game can get with crops and plants growing in real-time, fish and sea mammals that you can hunt visually wandering the seas, deer in the forests that are born, grow up in time and are eventually hunted. Certain fish are available only during certain hours and weathers. There are laws and regulations regarding nature and wildlife. There are natural resources oriented mines and businesses. Long story short, wildlife and nature is an important part of the Arcadian roleplay experience.

Money: Our gamemode offers a truly vibrant and connected economy. Money flows between organizations and players, every dollar you spend is shared by an importer/manufacturer, a supplier and a seller. We simulate a growing Caribbean island economy where primary sources of money inflow are farms and sweatshops. There are alternate economies such as gold and petroleum. Prices are frequently updated in accordance with real world market and events. You can find apartments that cost just 5 thousand dollars and mansions that cost tens of millions. A used vehicle may cost as low as $5,000 while a brand new infernus will cost you $2M.

State Jobs: We have a great selection of very enjoyable state jobs. While they may sound banal at first, you must come and check them out if you like civilian roleplay. Medics tend to injured players and NPCs, and do coroner work, firemen conduct fire safety patrols of stores apart from the usual firefighting, taxis have remarkably diverse NPC customers who are entertaining to listen to as you drive them. Trucking in Arcadia requires smarts and attention; you are always at the risk of losing your cargo to thieves but the rewards are worth the trouble. Farming is also another job that sounds unexciting at first; until you come in game and watch the plants you just sown grow before your eyes and use 3 different vehicles during that progress.

Business: There are more than 40 types of stores and 10 types of corporations. Gas Stations, tuning shops and Pay'n'Sprays are also buyable businesses. Stores require goods to operate and they produce garbage. They have their own interactive NPCs to look after the place while the owner is not available. Business world of Arcadia is enjoyably sophisticated.

Crime: There are various schemes to make crime in Arcadia an actually profitable activity. Criminal groups have unlimited scripting support, and even lone-wolves have tens of unheard of ways to make money that cannot be listed here. In Arcadia, you don't have to compensate from your roleplay character and grind fishing job to be able to afford criminal roleplay. Criminals get more lucrative missions and may use more rewarding mechanisms as their notoriety increases.

Drugs: Scripted drugs work in ways similar to their real-life counterparts. For instance, LSD will cause visual and auditory hallucinations. Cocaine will cause paranoid delusions and physical boost; increased weapon aim, temporary armor, unreal explosions and gunshot sounds. LSD will leave your character's body unharmed while repeated use of cocaine will turn your character into an addict. Because drugs have an actual use in game other than being just another trade item, there is an active local drug market too. There are also complex but well rewarding methods for drug manufacturing that you can learn if you make the right connections.

Vehicles: Different vehicle models have different rates of fuel consumption and fuel tank sizes. Players may have mechanics install upgrades on their vehicles such as GPS, convertible roofs, extended fuel tanks and spare tires. We introduced the 'condition' concept to the game; each time a player owned vehicle blows up, its condition will suffer. As condition decreases, vehicle's performance will also decrease and the repair cost will increase incrementally. Players will need to take good care of their vehicles and have them checked by mechanics regularly so that they do not face heavy repair costs in the future.

Items: Players may obtain wearable accessories and deployable objects from stores and other players. There are also rare items obtainable only through special means such as explorations, contests. Eyeglasses, hats, chairs, and laptops are some of the many types of items you may purchase from stores. What you do with your accessories and objects is up to your imagination.
Players may also purchase containers. Containers come in shapes of money bags, drug packs, briefcases, sports bags, boxes, chests and freight containers. Containers may be placed on the map, carried by the player or a vehicle. Depending on their capacity, they may contain; drugs, clothes, money, items, weapons or even cars.

Attire: A 'skin' with a fur coat and a golden watch will cost tens of thousands of dollars like it is supposed to while a trashy hobo outfit will not cost more than 50 bucks. Players can also trade skins; used clothing stalls in street markets are seen from time to time.

Mapping: We invested more time in mapping than we care to admit. Some locations have such beautiful mapping you should at least drop by and roleplay a tourist here to explore the architectural wonders of Arcadia. Most default interiors have also been delicately reworked. There are new parks, hangouts and neighborhoods all around San Fierro too.

Minigames & Events: There is a whole peninsula dedicated to hunting, there are race tracks, paintball zones and sports arenas such as boxing rings. There are also weekly sports tournaments and leagues. All our minigames and events are roleplayed to the fullest too; nothing outside realms of reality, and you will also have the chance to make some money while partaking in them.

NPCs: Arcadia makes great use of NPCs. Most stores and government buildings employ NPC clerks who are interactive, and responsive to your actions. There are criminal NPCs who will do business with you. NPC taxi and bus fares keep you busy while you wait for more lucrative real player fares. Criminals with high notoriety will also experience overseas missions where they'll fight NPC gangs to earn favors of international cartels.

Companions: High level players may spawn companion NPCs to aid them in roleplay scenarios. Companions will follow master and actively listen to master's commands such as wait, come, enter vehicle, aim, shoot, talk, /me and so on. Master may name, dress, and arm their companion as they like. Some interesting ways our players found use for companions is RP them as their; bodyguard, stalker, partner, parent, and babysitter.

Alt Accounts: Players may have up to 5 alt accounts tied to their main account to give them a chance to experience multiple aspects of our great server at the same time. You can switch between your accounts with a single command, without even having to relog.

Tidiness: A clean interface, decent color setups, simple web designs and correct use of punctuation. We did our best to save our players from visual garbage. Unless you do psychedelic drugs, you won't be seeing any epilepsy triggering textdraws in our server either, promise.

Interactivity: Interaction is the key to have fun in any multiplayer game. We did our best to encourage players to interact with each other instead of the script itself. A mechanic can repair your vehicle for much cheaper than Pay'n'Spray will, a food vendor or medic can heal you faster and cheaper than a food store can. Everything is more profitable if obtained from players instead of an automated script.

Stability: Early access games and public alpha game servers are equally annoying. You'll be relieved to know that this is neither alpha nor beta release. We created this gamemode in 2009 and are still working on it diligently to make sure there are no obstacles to smooth gameplay. There are no known bugs, and if one is reported, it is fixed in a matter of hours if not minutes. ARKAD also offers a strikingly advanced gameplay experience. We guarantee script satisfaction.

Just a few more notes before you visit;
- We are very interested in experienced or capable group leaders.
- Arcadia is a character-based roleplay server. Please pick a nick in Name_Surname format.
- Our community is age-restricted. You must be 15 or older to join Arcadia.
We still have a relatively generous starter pack for newcomers so don't miss the chance for a good head start in this promising server and join us today.

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