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Default Re: Problem with MYSQL

Originally Posted by Calisthenics View Post
They are completely different issues.
And yet you go on for the entire page on that different issue from what I am pointing out. Let me retort.

Copy pasting code can only get you so far, and many times it will leave you with a symptom fixed, and not the main cause.

When you read SQL queries back to yourself, it makes sense, but in that same token, if someone had actually thrown up a bad SQL query, would they have blindly run it, hoping for a sake of 'fixing' it?

I'd almost be certain, that a few currently would.

To add to this, you're discounting the damage that you could do, by using the wrong query through the script (It would be pretty hard to actually do) against the database.
Originally Posted by CodeStyle175 View Post
this gamemode is so out of date and it isn't even comparable with todays other servers.
just because brain tricks us thinking that old days gamemodes were better then its just wrong, because funcinality was so poor, building new systems was very time consuming, because scripters didn't understand how to make gamemode to parts and simplify their work.
That's load of crap...

Originally Posted by Crystallize
quote my big balls then
You must be looking at life through a microscope then, and not a tunnel as I had previously thought...

Originally Posted by AnotherRandom
I've seen threads where you make random brainstorms.
Pointing out larger issues with peoples code, and getting information about what is going on that could be causing issues elsewhere, is a sure way of actually getting the right information. Not just fixing the symptom, that will show up later as they try to expand.
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