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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

I am looking for an experienced mapper who has a lot of experience both in exterior and interior mapping.

Your mapping tasks will exist out of;
- Customizing several parts of Los Santos, which includes adding objects as well as removing objects
- Mapping a few interiors. At this time: a police station and two hospitals

- You must be able to carry the work out on your own, from the intake (me telling you what I need), providing screenshots with previews up to providing the code that is compatible with Incognito's streamer
- You must be familiar with adding textures/texts to object
- Have some creativity (for the customization of Los Santos)
- Preferably: Have experience with the concept of roleplay

This is a paid job. If you are able to receive money via Paypal, Western Union or bank transfer you will be paid.

Prices depend on the quality of the work being delivered, but per interior you should think of between $10 and $20. The customization of Los Santos depends on the amount of work being delivered but may be anywhere between $50 and $80.

If we are both happy with eachother you may be able to become my default mapper, which means more paid jobs.

If you are interested, please send me a PM on the SAMP forums. Please include past work (both interiors and exteriors), the name of the software you use, your geographical area, and how many hours you can spend mapping per week (average, estimation).

Next week I want to make a decision on who to hire.
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Big Clucker
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Exclamation Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Maps for SALE!

If you are interested in premium quality SA:MP maps, then I am your guy!
I have "re-branded" my workshop and now I am selling maps that I made, or make to anyone in the community.

The only payment method I accept is via PayPal. Every map will have a Face book post that contains its properties, price and maybe some special offers to each individual map.

If you want to check them out, just like my page and send me a message if you are interested about one or few maps.
However don't request me to map for your server, that service is currently unavailable. At this moment I map what I want and post them for sale to look for a one time buyer.
That's right. You will be the only person I will sell the map to, no scams, no reselling, just a friendly mapper with a great imagination, and a long time experience.

What makes it worth it for you? Well I have been mapping since 2012, lately using Crayder's and Pottus' Texture Studio tool to make quality, textured maps.
However since the 0.3.DL SA:MP update, I can add custom objects to my maps. These models have to be provided by you otherwise I'll charge extra cash.

Once again, if you are interested, visit my page, chose from the soon-to-be-available maps and send me a message if you want to purchase something.

My price rate is 2/hour for a map, but I'll always convert this rate to the map's price when posting them.

Face book Page & Contact URL:

PS.: Some of my old maps are available to be viewed on the page itself, but don't take them as a reference to my current level of mapping.

Click on the image above for details.
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