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Post Change-log manager

Change-log manager

Version 0.1 - 1/2/2018

Its always nice to have a lightweight tool to help you out with your daily-development activities while working on different projects, I found myself stating the changes I make on my projects on different *.txt files, in plain format, and in time, those dozens of files will stack on each other, making it hard for me later to find and/or review them, I had this tool by my side for quite a while, served its purpose the way I wanted, and here I am sharing it here for anyone whos interested in either improving it or using it.

The application is still far from perfect, both in design and functionality, but with suggestions, it can be improved.
You can easily create, open or save your changelogs under a *.log file, you can also export the change-log under HTML, *.txt, markdown, BBCode or pawn syntax format.
[0.1 - 1/2/2018]
+ Initial release

Source code:
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Default Re: Change-log manager

wow this would be good for my project since Im working with another person so it would be good to track changes.
thank you.

by the way when exporting it says
* New feature
maybe if it's
* New features
that would be good since it's a grammatical issue if people add more than one feature.

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Default Re: Change-log manager

Ma' anti virus is picking this up as a virus, got no idea
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Default Re: Change-log manager

I haven't checked the code but this looks good. I'd never use something like this over git or SVN though, those will always be better source control tools.
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Default Re: Change-log manager

i cannot post a commit i've changed the design with flat colors
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Default Re: Change-log manager

Version 0.1 - 1/2/2018
> Released in Feb.

jk, I really liked that you can export bbcode with that.
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