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Big Clucker
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Default Easy status page for samp, teamspeak and forums

Hello Folks,
im going to release this decent but - maybe - usefuel php script.
For any further questions, just send me a pm.

Live preview of this script

I worked about 30 minutes and used stuff like flatui colors and an easy to change config file.
Please note that this was originally a little project to get back into variable coding for css and json decode. This means that it is a bit "mixed code" but still working fast without any problems.

Put all the files into a folder of your webpage and change the variables inside the "dist/config/".
PHP Code:
// Standard Config Variables
$CONFIG_SERVER_NAME =    "Your Server Name";
$CONFIG_SERVER_SLOG =    "Your Server Slogan";
$CONFIG_SERVER_WURL =    "Your Website link";

// Gameserver Config Variables
$GAMESERVER_CONF_GSIP =    "Gameserver IP";
$GAMESERVER_CONF_PORT =    "Gameserver Port";

$TEAMSPEAK_CONF_TSIP =    "Teamspeak IP";
$TEAMSPEAK_CONF_PORT =    "Teamspeak Port";

Download files

Info: please do not remove the "created by" link.

Credits: westie for samp api
Visit my Website
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Default Re: Easy status page for samp, teamspeak and forums

Interesting +rep could be useful.
I'm available to script stuff for cash PM me here or on discord @ Andy[RDZ]#0040
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Array index out of bounds

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Default Re: Easy status page for samp, teamspeak and forums

Very good, I'll use it
Discord: Marllun#6297
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