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Little Clucker
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Smile SA-MP

«наю,что вопрос очень смешной,но мне интересно,откуда разработчик samp т.е Calcor берет деньги на хостинг? „тобы samp работал,из своего кармана или откуда то еще?
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Default Re: SA-MP

Wrong section. there are already Russian board you can post out there.
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Default Re: SA-MP
We've a community of 15 people who do crazy things, from mapping to playing. Join us and contribute, Here (Not currently working for anyone for anything, will work after april/may).

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Originally Posted by Infinity View Post
Why!? Why do people still use #pragma tabsize 0?! This should have been banned, burned and thrown into a deep pit.
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Huge Clucker
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Red face Re: SA-MP

"It's not what you expect from life; But what life expect from you!"
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Default Re: SA-MP

some things about me
  • my pc is fucked
  • i only play on a single rp server
  • i graduated in memes
  • /b/
  • best song ever
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SA-MP

Visit my Website
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Default Re: SA-MP

Originally Posted by RogueDrifter
-For fuck's sake people stop deleting your help threads you're just losing chances of ever getting help again...
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Originally Posted by RogueDrifter
-I'm now available to script small scripts for payments done through paypal.
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Default Re: SA-MP

I'm kinda curious, but that language is Russian right, although if we look at ****** translate, the letters are different. How is that? If you try to translate that, they are unable to do so, although if you translate some English words to Russian, I noticed the letters are completely different from what he typed above..... why is that?
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Default Re: SA-MP

Cyrillic... If you haven't got support for it installed, it doesn't show up right. Don't know why ****** translate can't handle it though...
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SA-MP

The ASCII characters are modified when you enter Russian language, so when he typed that there everything was fine, but then the server didn't knew how to procces that and modified the unknown letters with some random values so it can handle it more easily, and then ****** translate just uses the random letters not the right ones, because as I said, it's like a hash, you can't really crack it without the support of the language.
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