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Default American Dream Roleplay | ENG | Medium/Heavy | Fully Featured | Hiring

American Dream Roleplay is a Heavy/Medium Roleplay server, based on Rea life's United States, California, the city of Los Angeles.

We've spent over two years working on the script, making it what it is today.
__________________________________________________ _________

What is unique about American Dream Roleplay?

Win prizes as you play:
Players matter here, earn amazing prizes such as VIPs, Money, Custom toys, etc... by spending your time on our server and having fun!

Achievement system:
Upon finishing certain tasks you'll unlock achievements. You'll gain XP by unlocking achievements.

In-Game Marketplace system:
What is the best alternative for a web-based marketplace? an in-game one! you can use the XPs you earned by unlocking achievements to buy yourself marketplace items in-game.

Token system:
Out of cash? No problem! You can use tokens to buy yourself a property, you also will be gifted with tokens upon joining.

Crate system:
The best way to earn money as a criminal. Families receive weapon crates which they can use to distribute weaponry all over the city or stash em for a rainy day.

Dynamic weather system:
Our weather is synced with Real Life's Los Angeles, it means if it's raining in real life, it rains in-game, if it's sunny in real life, it will be sunny in-game too!

Uniquely made custom mappings:
More than 100 custom designed exteriors and interiors with custom textures as well as two big islands which will give you a better and modern feeling while playing.

Customize your character with many toys and objects available for you to use.

Astonishing forums:
Our forum is designed the best for users convenient, including more than 10 different themes to choose from!

Fully featured:
Our script brings so many awesome features including dynamic weather system, ferris wheel system, elevator system, crate system, token system, realistic economy, textdraw based cell phone system and basically everything else expected from a decent roleplay server!

Cheap Marketplace:
Every item on our marketplace comes with an affordable price, get yourself something unique to feel the dream right away!

Don't know where to get started? take a look at our map guideline which shows the location of everywhere you need to know to get started! (jobs, public services, dealerships, etc...)

Monthly Updates:
We update our script and services at least once a month, adding brand new features and implementing improvements to keep bringing better roleplay experiences.

In-Character social media system (Buzzard):

This is the first time you see anything like this, we have our unique social media system (web-based). It's a mix of Twitter and Facebook (maybe even more). See what is trending, share and like with your friends. Enjoy roleplay on a whole new level!

__________________________________________________ _________

Oh wait, you thought that's all? Sit tight...

We also have advanced event system, turf war system, portable stereo system, textdraw based cell phone system, fully functioning administration and anti-cheat system, headshot system, dynamic dealership system, CDL trucking system, faction managing system, business system, dynamic paycheck system, rental vehicles system, quick keys system, job level system and much more! Basically everything you expect from a fully-featured Roleplay server.

__________________________________________________ _________

So what are you waiting for? Join us!





BUZZARD (IC Social Media)

IRL Description:
  • Neal Andrew Peteros
  • 13 years old
  • Philippines
  • C, C++, Java, Javascript, PAWN, Python Programmer
Currently Working On:

World Wide Web System [PAUSED]

  • Different types of laptop containing different usage
  • World Wide Web added with dozens of websites
Progress: 0/100%

Special thanks to Slavica for the idea

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